High Capacity Vegetable Processing Line

The vegetable producer Ghisetti 1970 srl based in Badia Polesine in Northern Italy has purchased a new processing line handling potatoes up to 800 kg per hour.
Acceptance test for the processing line for Ghisetti at KRONEN

Vegetable and fruit producer Ghisetti 1870 srl, Italy

In the course of increased demands, Ghisetti decided to produce and process products on its own and on site. The company wants to be faster and closer in the market for precooked, vacuum-packed vegetable products. In addition, Ghisetti will expand its product range with various other kinds of vegetables.

The high capacity production line KRONEN has been projected in close cooperation with enterprises FORMIT and EKKO for destoning, peeling, washing potatoes and other vegetables. Then, after these processing steps the products are transferred to the suitable cutting machine, depending on whether dices or slices are required. This processing line is part of a complete KRONEN vegetable production line consisting of GEWA washing machines, cutting machines and suitable conveyor belts.

Ghisetti 1970 srl is a long-established and large fruit and vegetable trading company. Quality, freshness and service: These have been the cornerstones of the Ghisetti brand for 130 years. Their product portfolio includes cleaned, ready-cut and vacuum-packed vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, and corncobs as well as potatoes in different shapes and various packing sizes.