Wide range of convenience products including healthy "bowls"

From farm to fruit & vegetable wholesaler with a huge convenience range: Ever since convenience products were first introduced, Kuttner has been processing its vegetable produce with KRONEN machines.
KRONEN customer Kuttner from Austria produces new healthy salad bowls

Kuttner GesmbH, Austria

Ever since convenience products were first introduced to its range, the family company Kuttner has been processing its vegetable produce with KRONEN machines. The company supplies its assortment of fresh, processed produce, especially salad mixes with cut and washed lettuce leaves, sliced vegetables and even pre-marinated salads such as potato salad, to restaurants, large-scale catering establishments, companies, and canteens in the local area. Kuttner has been working with the sales agency Führer, KRONEN’s representation in Austria, since Magdalena Köck and her husband Manuel took the helm of the business in 2012. The aim of the cooperation: to implement solutions for the efficient and gentle processing of Kuttner’s fresh vegetable products.

With the latest addition to its range, new bowls packaged as individual portions, Kuttner already has further plans to keep its KRONEN machines extremely busy: alongside sales in its factory shop, it now also wants to offer its bowls in retail outlets. The recipes with creative names such as “Bunte Betti” and “Rübert”, which were developed in house, offer healthy meals produced with a focus on nutritious vegetable products and are already very popular among customers.

In fact, the family company now generates half of its turnover with its wide range of convenience products, which is constantly welcoming new developments. The ingredients for these projects, which are sourced from local farms to the greatest possible extent, are processed with various KRONEN machines. These machines have been proving their worth at the factory in Lower Austria for many years, so much so that some were even purchased by Magdalena Köck’s father. As its assortment of processed products became increasingly successful, the company responded by expanding its range of machinery to meet the growing demand while guaranteeing the same high processing quality.

The production facility with 30 employees uses KRONEN solutions such as two spin-dryers for drying cut, washed vegetables and lettuce leaves, several cutting machines such as a KUJ V and Tona S for slicing a wide variety of products into cubes, slices or sticks, a PL 25 K potato peeling machine, and two belt cutting machines with a cleaning table for cutting vegetables into different shapes. The company also uses a GEWA 3800 V ECO for gently and thoroughly washing lettuce and vegetables and two K120 and K230 mixers for producing its salad mixes.