Research project for the development of an intelligently controlled thermal process in an apple washing line to reduce germ load at Fresh-cut products

Objective: Hygienize apples for Fresh-cut fruit salads to reduce food’s spoiling rate and to increase consumers’ safety

Project contents:

  • Not just wash apples, but to also hygienize them in a gentle way and without using any additives or chemicals. It is planned to develop an innovative plant and process in order to do so. The system is supposed to be integrated into an existing processing line easily and flexibly.

  • By using temperature guided and controlled processes microbial pathogens which are spoiling food and pathogenic germs harming humans are reduced both by a maximum.

  • Due to the insulation of the new system it is optimized for the Fresh-cut industry, since it can be implemented in cold rooms without any disadvantages.


Project duration: February 2017 - January 2019

Funding: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture by decision of the German Bundestag



Eric Lefebvre, Managing Partner Technical Director - KRONEN