Research project for the development of an innovative process to increase the microbial safety of packaged Fresh-cut salads by monitoring and hygienization of process water

Objective: Hygienize process water in a salad washing machine for ready-to-eat and fresh-cut salads without using additives such as sodium chloride

Project contents:

  • Increase consumers‘ safety due to a new method of hygienization based on a high redox potential

  • Taking the real conditions on-site into account, pathogenic germs harming plants and humans are minimized in the process water 

  • Reducing potable water consumption and thus decreasing costs, which is due to an optimum water use during the washing process by deploying cycle management.


Project duration: February 2017 - January 2019

Funding: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture by decision of the German Bundestag



Eric Lefebvre, Managing Partner Technical Director - KRONEN