DECONWA Prep with belt outfeed


  • Customizable retention time

    An additional control enables a batch-wise washing process with individually adjustable retention times. The products are filled into the wash tank and the program is started using the start button after the desired retention time has been set. After the set washing time has expired, the discharge belt starts automatically. If the belt comes to a standstill, the machine is ready for the next batch.
    The flexibly adjustable retention time ensures that the products in the wash tank have the desired contact time with the wash water. The air system optimally complements the control of the retention time, since the washing process is intensified.

  • Air system

    The air system generates air bubbles in the water by blowing air through pipes with multiple perforations which can easily be installed anytime into the wash tank. This increases the movement in the wash water and supports the complete wetting of the products.

  • Measuring and dosing system

    The measuring and dosing system continuously measures the water status and doses the required washing additives in the desired quantity so that the dosing and quality of the washing water is constant.

  • Mobile version

    The mobile version of the DECONWA Prep ensures easy mobility for use in different locations. As a solution for the transition from "low care" to "high care" production areas, the machine can easily be moved for cleaning purposes.