Peeling machine carborundum PL 40K (400 V)

Peeling machine carborundum PL 40K (400 V)


PL 40K Potato peeler: Washing and peeling in one step

Practical - clean - quick: Potatoes and other root vegetables are peeled paper-thin and washed at the same time with the PL 40K.

Potato peeling and washing with the KRONEN Compact-line and PL40

The COMPACT line washes and peels gently great quantities of root tuber vegetables such as potatoes, carrots or beetroots. For further details regarding peeling machines: PL40K, PL25K.

Washing, peeling, cutting potatoes with PL40K & GS10 processing line

The complete potato processing line for washing, peeling and cutting, also dicing of potatoes up to a capacity of 1,200 kg per hour.