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JANUARY TIP: Cutting 5,2 mm sweet pepper rings with HGW and PGW

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Cutting 5,2 mm sweet pepper rings with HGW and PGW

Target: Cut sweet peppers of up to 90 mm diameter in 5,2 mm rings

Machine: Manual and pneumatic grid cutter HGW and PGW with the new 5,2 mm slicer with serrated blades

Result: excellent, perfect cut sweet pepper rings without breakage

Capacity: Two sweet peppers can be processed at once within 10 seconds. These are 720 sweet peppers per hour and 115 kg per hour (sweet peppers of 160 g in average).


  • Cut out the stalk and its base, which are too hard for the blades.
  • Do not clean the product further, as this would reduce significantly the resistence of the product to squeezing and would make the rings brake.
  • Product's temperature should be ambiant.

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