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Our customers' success is one of our maxims

KRONEN relies on a sustainable, holistic approach: We offer you a high level of consulting and planning expertise in close cooperation with partners from industry and research in Germany and abroad.

We see ourselves as an idea workshop delivering innovative, tailor-made solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Our goal is to support the business success of our customers and to ensure the production of fresh and healthy food.
Whether you need a stand-alone machine or an entire processing line – KRONEN is your reliable partner with 40 years of experience.

Besides the high quality standards one of our main strength is to answer the individual requirements of our customers flexibly and efficiently and to meet them with tailor-made solutions.
Virtual project engineering – including the integrated use of production drawings and 3D layouts as well as visualization – and the successful realization of individual vegetable, salad and fruit processing solutions you can take for granted.


Development of a system for vibration detection of the ripeness of fruit (VitERz.fruit)

Objective: Classification of fruit according to the degree of ripeness using a vibration analysis:

  • A prototype line is being developed with which the fruit is guided oriented and individually onto a flume, then the fruit is classified.
  • The vibration that the fruit applies to the flume is measured and evaluated using a self-learning system. 

Time to completion: May 2020-April 2022

Partner: German Institute for Food Technology (DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V.)

DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V.


Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy by decision of the German Bundestag

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affiars and Energy

Contact at KRONEN: Benjamin Keske, , Tel. +49 7854 9646435


Development of an innovative washing process for fresh-cut lettuce based on non-thermal plasma technology to increase product safety, quality and sustainability (SPLASH)

Objective: To examine the efficacy of the innovative disinfection technology using plasma-treated water (PTW) with regard to the disinfection efficiency in the washing water, resource conservation and the optimization of the transportability and shelf life of the products:

  • The procedure for the hygienic treatment of the salad is intended to reduce the risk of contaminated packaged salads with microorganisms.
  • A resource-saving washing process for cut salads is being developed, in which the product is gently hygienized using a non-thermal plasma process. 

Time to completion: November 2019-October 2022


ATB Potsdam INP Greifswald Gartenfrisch Jung

Promoter: Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture by decision of the German Bundestag

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Contact at KRONEN: Andreas Ell,, Tel. +49 7854 9646430


Combined strategies for the optimization of water use in the fresh-cut processing industry

Objective: Provide the fresh-cut industry with a comprehensive solution, the aqUAFRESH solution, which is anticipated to revolutionize a segment in constant growth as is the fresh-cut fruits and vegetables sector:

  • This new system will provide the fresh-cut industry with an alternative to traditional chlorine based disinfection systems whilst continuing to guarantee food safety.
  • Prototyping of a new industrial washing process designed to apply new innocuous treatments more efficiently, increasing the sustainability of water and energy use.

Time to completion: June 2017-June 2019


Sponsored by the:             Financed by: Eurostars Programme

More: and Flyer Aquafresh

Contact: Eric Lefebvre,, Tel:  +49 7854 96 46 431



Intelligently controlled thermal process in an apple washing line to reduce germ load at Fresh-cut products

Objective: Hygienize apples for Fresh-cut fruit salads to reduce food’s spoiling rate and to increase consumers’ safety:

  • Not just wash apples, but to also hygienize them in a gentle way and without using any additives or chemicals. It is planned to develop an innovative plant and process in order to do so. The system is supposed to be integrated into an existing processing line easily and flexibly.
  • By using temperature guided and controlled processes microbial pathogens which are spoiling food and pathogenic germs harming humans are reduced both by a maximum.
  • Due to the insulation of the new system it is optimized for the Fresh-cut industry, since it can be implemented in cold rooms without any disadvantages.

Time to completion: May 2016-November 2018

Funded by:
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy by decision of the German Bundestag 

More: Flyer DECONWA

Contact: Eric Lefebvre,, Tel:  +49 7854 96 46 431



Innovative process to increase the microbial safety of packaged Fresh-cut salads by monitoring and hygienization of process water

Objective: Hygienize process water in a salad washing machine for ready-to-eat and Fresh-cut salads without using additives such as sodium chloride:

  • Increase consumers‘ safety due to a new method of hygienization based on a high redox potential
  • Taking the real conditions on-site into account, pathogenic germs harming plants and humans are minimized in the process water 
  • Reducing potable water consumption and thus decreasing costs, which is due to an optimum water use during the washing process by deploying cycle management.

Time to completion: February 2017-January 2019

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture by decision of the German Bundestag 

More: Press Release, 19 June 2018

Contact: Eric Lefebvre,, Tel:  +49 7854 96 46 431

Our competence is comprehensive: The highly qualified KRONEN project team develops and plans purposefully with partners from industry and research.

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