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MARCH PORTRAIT - We introduce: Mandy Knobel

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In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Mandy Knobel, Export Sales Assistant South America and Baltic States

KRONEN increased the export of its machinery and solutions in the last copule of years. In 2017 about 80 percent of the revenues came from the export business.
Thus, Germany remains the biggest market, but important are all other future markets around the world, too. Since 25 years KRONEN is doing business in South America for example, and since 20 years in Russia and the Baltic area, too. And since 2011 Mandy Knobel is the responsible Export Sales Assistant at KRONEN for these regions:

Who is Mandy Knobel?

Just as KRONEN Mandy Knobel has been active internationally for a long time. Actuallly, the job at KRONEN is her first employment in Germany at all. Before, she worked in France, Tunesia and Luxembourg, among others in the sales back office. Mandy Knobel studied "Transnational communication and cooperation", namely tri-national: in Saarbrucken, Metz and Luxembourg. Her focus: languages. Thus, Mandy Knobel can communicate in English, French, Spanish and Russian with customers and partners. It is obvious: intercultural exchange is a central theme in her career. And with her job as Export Sales Assistant at KRONEN she remains true to herself at this point.

What is Mandy Knobel's job?

Mandy Knobel is in continuous exchange with the customers, in their national language of course. She creates offers, takes care of shipping and customs clearance for the machines as well as of the billing. She works closely together with the Export Area Sales Managers and holds position in the office when they are travelling in their respective sales area. For this kind of work you require versatility: being cosmopolitan, persistent and customer-oriented, all this at the same time, is important. Mandy Knobel completes the order confirmation, coordiates the forwarding company and clears customs, so it is thanks to her that customers receive their shipment - after the machines are finalized in the production - as soon as possible.

This is what Mandy Knobel says about her work with KRONEN:

"I particularly appreciate the contact with people all over the world and the languages in which I cultivate these contacts. The family-friendly work climate is very pleasant and I think the company‘s health management is exemplary.

My work with KRONEN is very communicative and the point is to coordinate all steps in a way that things go smoothly. A special project for me was to re-create our system, therewith our offers can also be released in Russian, not just English - a real win-win for our customers and us.

Custom issues are daily business, though. Together with our representatives in the respective country or the import company it is my task to solve them as quickly as possible, in order that the customer receives its shipment in due time and in order to avoid warehousing costs.“

FEBRUARY PORTRAIT - We introduce: Philipp Wollenbaer

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In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Philipp Wollenbaer, Industrial Mechanic in Special Construction

KRONEN produces the larger part of the machinery and plants for the catering, specialty, freshcut and food industry at its own production site at the 5000 sqm sized area in Kehl-Goldscheuer.

Hence, the production is a central part within the company and this is also the reason why KRONEN offers professional education. Currently five apprentices are working with the company. And not long ago Philipp Wollenbaer was one of them:

Who is Philipp Wollenbaer?

Pretty much one year ago Philipp Wollenbaer finished his education. Technolohy has always been of interest to him. Thus, becoming an Industrial Mechanic was quite obvious to him. He is from the region and already knew KRONEN. In 2014 he applied at KRONEN – and started his education. So, Philipp Wollenbaer has started the profession up from the bottom at KRONEN.

What is Philipp Wollenbaer's job?

Philipp Wollenbaer installs special machines – entirely, from A to Z. He receives the blasted components form the glass bead plant and assembles them. This includes reparing and processing e.g. threads or shafts as well as gathering and implementing construction drawings and order plans. And this is really important, since Philipp Wollenbaer doesn't build one and the same machine twice. He is responsible for making the tailor-made, individual single or special models at KRONEN.

In the meanwhile it is him, the former apprentice, who has become the contact partner for the junior staff: He is the one asked if the apprentices need advice whether on theory or practice!

This is what Philipp Wollenbaer says about his work with KRONEN:

„What unites me with KRONEN is the fact that I am part of a very professional team. I am proud, because year-by-year we get bigger and better. What I like most is working with heavy machines or assemblie. I learn new things everyday.

I assemble salad washing machines of the GEWA type and the pineapple and melon peeling machine AMS 220 for example – in many different variations. It is a diverse job and I can work on my own responsibility.

For building one GEWA machine I need about two days in average – but sometimes things need to be quicker. Last year there was a series of orders and I have built at least 15 GEWA machines in a couple of months. It was a good feeling having accomplished this in the end!"

JANUARY PORTRAIT - We introduce: Azizah Schmeiser

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In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Azizah Schmeiser, Export Area Sales Manager for Far East

Who is Azizah Schmeiser?

It is hard to be more international: Azizah Schmeiser is born in Singapore and is able to speak five languages – English, German, Chinese, Malay and Indonesian. She went through some other positions before she approached the field of sales: After her business education she worked in the technical purchasing department of a Canadian company. Then, she moved to Germany and started working in the sales and export area. Heading international is a strong issue to her – this as well as her technical and sales know how she can fully apply at KRONEN, too.

What is Azizah Schmeiser's job?

KRONEN is a globally operating producer and supplier of machines and processing lines for the catering, specialty, fresh cut and food industry and delivers its products to more than 100 countries. Hence, the international sales becomes more and more important. KRONEN has a network of representatives in more than 60 countries by now.

Here, the Asian region is an important growth market – and this region Azizah Schmeiser takes care of at KRONEN since 2013.

Her area of activity is various: She guides and supports the representatives in the Asian region, she is on-site at the most important trade shows, visits and consults customers and continous learning about the requirements and needs of the respective countries. In short: She is the face and ear of KRONEN for the industry in this diverse part of the world!

This is what Azizah Schmeiser says about her work with KRONEN:

„The work in an international enterprise with its own highly-developed production is extremely varied, as individual customer requirements demand totally different solutions. I think it‘s exciting to develop new markets and communicate with other cultures. Moreover, I like working together with qualified, motivated colleagues, and I like the good team spirit.

The industrial processing of agricultural products is not that common in some parts of Asia by now – that is a special challenge, but makes my work especially interesting, too. Real premieres and thus highlights of my working experiences have been: The delivery of a cutting machine to Antesco in Vietnam in 2016 and the setup of an apple and a raisin processing line for our customer Agro Indus in Afghanistan in 2017."


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December 2017: Recipe preparation 'Apple Trilogy':

The 'Apple Triology' from the KRONEN Christmas Menu

Our short video shows you how simply and quickly you can create the 'Apple Triology' from the Christmas Menu in our KRONEN calender 2017 by using our machines for the preparation.

  • Caramelised apples

  • Apple-Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Apple Slices Flambés with Vanilla-Foam

The multifunctional apple peeling machine AS 4 (table top model) is perfectly suited for processing a wide size range of apples (55 – 85 mm Ø): Peeling, coring, wedging and / or slicing in one pass! A spring-loaded knife adjusts automatically to provide a consistent result on uneven surfaces. The peeling thickness can be adjusted. It is simple to operate. Also, the slicing, segmenting and coring tools can be changed easily and very quickly. Up to 3 apples can be held at one time, in an easy three step process.

Much success and fun when following this recipe!


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