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aqUAFRESH Final project meeting in Spain

Final project meeting aqUAFRESH | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Recently, the research project aqUAFRESH was completed successfully at the final project meeting in Spain. The three project partners, KRONEN GmbH from Germany as well as CITROSOL S.A. and CNTA (National Centre for Food Technology and Safety) from Spain have developed an innovative solution for the prevention of cross-contamination and reduction of water and energy consumption in the washing process of fruit and vegetables.

The aim of the project was to develop a solution for an industrial washing process with optimized water and energy use which complies with food safety directives, but without using chlorine-based additives. Together, a solution for chlorine-free disinfection and a resource-saving industrial washing process was developed within the project duration of 2 years, during which the project was funded by the Eurostars program and by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

This project result takes up current trends in resource conservation and consumer awareness of healthy eating. Cross-contamination through the wash water is prevented by adding Citrocide PLUS - a Peracetic Acid (PAA) based formulation. When using Citrocide PLUS, no residues of the additive remain on the product after the washing process and no critical substances result from a chemical reaction of the additive with other substances in the water.

The GEWA AF washing machine developed by KRONEN, in combination with the Citrorocide PLUS measuring and dosage system, has a significantly lower water and associated energy consumption. With the GEWA AF, KRONEN offers a sustainable alternative to the conventional washing process (with or without chlorine-based additives) which contributes to the competitiveness of businesses in the fresh-cut industry and at the same time increases consumer safety.

At the final project meeting, all partners were highly satisfied with the project results. The three partners cooperated very closely in the project and each of them contributed to the project success by sharing their respective expertise – CITROSOL contributing their specialized knowledge of postharvest solutions for prolongation of shelf-life and hygienic washing of fruit and vegetables, CNTA adding their comprehensive knowhow in biotechnology, chemistry and food processing technologies and KRONEN GmbH completing the expertise with many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of machinery for processing fruit and vegetables. All partners will continue their cooperation in the future to improve processes in the food industry.

Learn more.

Contact: Team Projects & Development

Visit to Finland on the occasion of 25th jubilee

Jubilaeum_Faitech_Sept2019_I_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In September, the official KRONEN representation in Finland Faitech Oy celebrated its 25th year of existence with a jubilee celebration whose guests also included KRONEN sales and service employees as well as a member of the management. The Finnish company based in Vihiti, approximately 50km away from Helsinki, sells high quality machines for the food processing industry since 1994 and has always been led by a female team. The KRONEN delegation handed over a Black Forest cuckoo clock as a present to Faitech Oy managing director and founder Anne Liusvaara to congratulate on the jubilee and to give thanks for the long-standing, trustfully partnership. Focusing on optimal solutions for the customers, high quality standards and long-term business relationships is what links the two companies – which is why they can already look back at 25 years of cooperation.

Following the jubilee celebration, which was attended by customers and business partners from Finland and abroad, Faitech Oy organized customer days with live demonstrations of the machine program giving customers the opportunity to get informed.

We are looking forward to many more years of successful cooperation!

Award travels to Switzerland

GKS_Award_Schweiz_August2019 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In the Swiss village of Eggenwil, fresh fruits and vegetables are packed by an extraordinary packaging machine - a GKS CP 350 with the serial number 1000. This milestone already has been the occasion at Fruit Logistica for Ivo Geukes, managing director and owner of GKS Packaging, to honor this achievement with an award given to Stephan Zillgith, managing director at KRONEN, after the order for the packaging machine with the four-digit serial number had been placed.

After the successful commissioning of the machine at the Guggisberg AGRO AG, a family-owned provider of ready to cook fresh produce whose product range includes regional salads and vegetables as well as (exotic) fruits, managing director of KRONEN Stephan Zillgith handed over the award to Paul Guggisberg, managing director of the cultivation and processing company, and David Freund of SEDA-FREUND AG, the official KRONEN representation in Switzerland.

The GKS CP 350 complements the large range of KRONEN processing machines and two already existing GKS packaging machines which are used for processing and packing of ready to cook salad, vegetable and fruit products. Already since more than 10 years, the family business is a quality-conscious customer of SEDA-FREUND AG and collaboratively works together with the Swiss representation of KRONEN.

In order to offer customers complete processing solutions including cutting, washing, dewatering, peeling, disinfection up to packaging, KRONEN and GKS packaging cooperate in the field of packaging solutions already since 15 years – thus the two companies with the support of the SEDA-FREUND AG reached this milestone together.

Focus application: washing

GEWA 3800V PLUS Vibrationsaustrag Salat-Kohl Mix | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Washing is a fundamental step in the processing of fruit and vegetables that is essential for consumer safety and a prolonged shelf life of fresh-cut products. A thorough cleaning of the raw or processed products guarantees a reduction of microbial load* and dirt on the product surface and ensures that the final products comply with food safety regulations.

Processing of a wide range of products, from robust fruit and vegetables like apples, carrots or cucumbers to strips of pepper up to delicate products like salad leaves or spinach but also special applications like washing sesame or raisins each impose different requirements on the washing process. The GEWA product range extensively covers this multitude of requirements through a wide variety of washing machines with flexible settings and various options as well as possible customer-specific adaptations.

The versatile GEWA washing machines, available in different sizes depending on the required capacities, are available as ECO versions including a basic equipment or as PLUS versions with extended functions and setting options. Furthermore, the washing machines can be differentiated into the V series including a vibration outfeed, which serves for dewatering, and the B series with a belt outfeed which is especially suited for more delicate products. Thus, the machines are adapted to different product requirements. Several of the available options are retrofittable. For individual use cases, also customer-specific solutions can be developed.

Due to their diverse options and settings, GEWA washing machines are also suitable for companies who process a wide variety of products. Since the machines have a modular design, e.g. the outfeed area can be retooled as belt or vibration outfeed. Through an adaptation of the water flow, direction and pressure using the valve control as well as the optional air system a thorough cleaning of products with different textures, while avoiding damage, is possible. The air system is especially suitable for delicate products as e.g. large salad leaves. Thanks to the HELICAL wash system, short, space-saving wash tanks still ensure a sufficient dwell time during which sand and dirt particles can settle, as the products travel helical a longer distance of approximately four times the length of the wash tank. Further benefits of the GEWA washing machines include a reduction of water consumption using filtration systems (sand trap, optional insect and fines removal system or lateral fines removal drum) as well as the hygienic design which enables easy and efficient cleaning and maintenance.

The different types of GEWA washing machines are suitable for integration in different processing lines as e.g. salad processing lines including cutting, washing, dewatering up to packaging. Besides, two washing machines can also be combined in a processing line to achieve a thorough and gentle cleaning.

Read more about the broad product range of washing machines and their versatility:

*The microbial load can in particular be reduced by addition of additives in the washing water

The KRONEN calendar 2020 'making of'

Making_of_Kronen_Kalender_2020_Gespräch_I_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Inspired by the big variety of products that are processed with KRONEN machines by our international customers worldwide, we are creating a KRONEN calendar for the year 2020. Therefore fruits, vegetables and other ingredients from many different countries arrived at KRONEN in Kehl, so that the cold store was well filled with colorful foods.

Look forward to the varied creations of our cooks Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner, well known from our booth at Fruit Logistica, who developed 12 tasty recipes as culinary accompaniment for the year 2020 for whose sophisticated preparation KRONEN machines are perfectly suited.

On several days, the experienced team for the KRONEN calendar, which besides the cooks consisted of photographer Jörg Wilhelm and stylist Nicole Meier, gathered around the camera in the showroom and transformed the creative ideas into stunning photos.

The ingredients of the dishes were prepared using the respectively suitable KRONEN machines with the professional support and expert knowledge of export area manager Stefan Köbel and managing director Stephan Zillgith.

User report: Preparation of tens of thousands of fresh meals per day at Bortar in Turkey

Bortar team | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Since 1993, Bortar Group located in Izmir has grown to be Turkey´s leading brand in catering which offers mass catering, convenience food, restaurant services and event organization as well as tourism services and safety equipment.

As quality of the prepared meals plays the most important role, the company established their own cattle farm for the production of meat and dairy products as well as their own olive grove to ensure the availability of high quality ingredients. The crucial role of quality is also reflected in the company´s values and mission emphasizing in particular customer satisfaction, reliability, hygiene standards and tradition in combination with the use of modern technologies.

KRONEN machines have been part of Bortar´s equipment already since 2005. With KRONEN, the company has found a partner that emphasizes quality just as much as they do. The machines have been operating at the Bortar Group factory for several years now and the company is satisfied with their performance and the support by the KRONEN sales and service team. “Since 2005, we have achieved excellent results due to our business partnership with KRONEN regarding food processing technologies. We successfully transferred technological developments to our growing scale of business.” summarizes Hasan Küçükkurt, chairman at Bortar Group, the long-term cooperation of the two companies.

With a capacity to deliver up to 100.000 meals a day to 350 different locations including factories, businesses and event locations in the region of Izmir, preparation of the food is done at the 5600 m2 “Bortar Collective Cooking Factory” by 1.400 employees. To be able to prepare such large quantities of food every day, the machines need to work reliably in continuous operation– otherwise, there would be delays in the delivery of the meals.

Currently, the KRONEN equipment at Bortar Group consists of two washing machines GEWA 3800V, two belt cutters GS10-2 and a spin-dryer K50-7 ECO as well as a peeling machine PL 40K. The washing machines GEWA 3800V are used to wash various kinds of products as e.g. salad or peppers, which are then dewatered using the spin-dryer K50-7 ECO. After being washed, many products are further processed using the belt cutters GS 10, for example to cut slices of cucumbers, eggplant or onion as well as cutting lettuce or herbs. The constant processing quality of the KRONEN machines, in addition to the use of high quality ingredients, helps Bortar Group to ensure a consistently high quality standard for the prepared meals. Using their own vehicle fleet for efficient distribution, the customers of Bortar Group can enjoy freshly prepared meals every day.

Review EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2019: Live demonstration of KRONEN machines with local products illustrates wide-ranging applicabilities

Exhibition of GS 10-2 at Expo Pack | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


From 11th to 13th June, KRONEN together with the local representation ISP participated in Mexico´s biggest fair for the packaging and processing industry EXPO PACK in Guadalajara. This year, the fair attracted more than 17.000 visitors from 40 countries. The three days of the exhibition have been very busy and the international expert audience had strong interest in the solutions presented by KRONEN, thus Juan Lindmayer, Export Area Sales Manager Latin America & Caribbean for KRONEN, was very pleased with the results of the fair.

Potential customers got information about different solutions for fruit and vegetable processing and could experience live demonstrations of all the machines at the booth. Processing options were shown using in particular local products like jicama, nopal cactus and Jalapeño to highlight the various applicabilities of the machines.

At the booth, the belt cutting machine GS 10-2, the cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V, the vegetable cutter KSM 100 as well as a solution for washing and dewatering consisting of a GEWA 2600V ECO washing machine and a newly designed spin-dryer KS 100 PLUS.

Mexico is a big market for fresh-cut products and has a large agricultural sector, exporting fresh or deep frozen products to the US, Europe and other countries. For companies in this branch, KRONEN is selling among others solutions for processing mango, avocado and broccoli – from washing and peeling to cutting and packaging of different products.

Review IFFA 2019: KRONEN shows competence in food safety and meat processing

Kundengespräch auf der IFFA 2019 bei KRONEN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


At the 70th edition of of IFFA, KRONEN together with its partner sterilAir® took up one of the predominant topics at the fair, food safety, by presenting a UVC-based technology for disinfection. The UVC-Lock, jointly developed by the two companies, serves as surface disinfection for transport containers or packaging made of different materials.

The modern UVC technique disinfects without heat exposure, undesirable additives or residuals. Interest with the international visitors was big, as hygiene and safety for end consumers is improved and shelf-life of products is increased.

Additionally, KRONEN exhibited at the booth of sterilAir® the belt cutting machine GS 10-2, which is in use at various customers for meat and vegetable processing. Visitors especially informed themselves about the tearing blade used for the production ofpulled meat.

Besides of the application for the production of this trend product, the GS 10-2 has proven successful with meat processors, slaughterhouses, large butcheries and convenience food producers for cutting of different meat products as well as for processing complementary ingredients as vegetables and herbs. Further, the KRONEN team consulted interested parties on machines for additional processing steps for ingredients, as vegetable and salad spin-dryers, the cube, strip and slice cutting machine or washing machines.

More about KRONEN machines for meat processing

More information about KRONEN at the IFFA

User report: VerdeAgua puts into operation new salad processing line

Verdeagua Salatsortieren | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


A successful cooperation follows on a plant visit to a reference customer in Germany

Continuation of a success story: After a visit tot he KRONEN booth at the Fruit Logistica in 2018, the exchange between VerdeAgua, producer of fresh-cut salads from Uruguay, and the KRONEN sales team intensified on the topic of KRONEN salad processing machines.

Consequently, Heiko Schönbroich (Area Sales Manager Germany South at KRONEN) and Juan Lindmayer (Export Area Sales Manager Latin America & Caribbean for KRONEN) organized a visit for the VerdeAgua team to the plant of KRONEN customer légumes Rapp in Germany, which gave both producers the opportunity for knowledge and experience exchange (read the report of the visit). The visit served as inspiration to VerdeAgua, a Salanova® producer located in Montevideo in Uruguay, on how a professional salad processing could be implemented in their plant.

Thereupon VerdeAgua decided to buy a washing and spin-drying line composed of a trim table, an elevator conveyor, a washing machine GEWA 3800V Eco with insect removal drum, a basket caroussel and a newly designed KS-100 PLUS spin-dryer.

After the successful installation of the salad processing line, the commissioning was celebrated with a typical Uruguayan “asado“. During this collective barbecue of VerdeAgua and KRONEN employees, different sorts of meat as well as chorizo and “morcilla“ were grilled that were of course accompanied by freshly washed salad!

Sebastian Figueron, Diego Giay and all VerdeAgua employees are very satisfied with the newly installed processing line and look forward to increase their market penetration in the supermarket and gourmet kitchen sectors with freshly washed salads.

Focus: Processing Machines for the Meat Industry

Cornedbeef_Sandwich_gerupft_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN offers a variety of solutions for usage in meat processing businesses, slaughterhouses, large butcher shops as well as producers of ready meals and convenience products.

Whether for retail, HORECA or end consumers – meat products and components for ready meals can be processed with our machines. For example:

  • Pulling precooked meat
  • Slicing sausage, e.g. curried sausage
  • Washing, spin-drying and cutting various different products

Food Trend "Pulled Meat"

With the GS 10-2 belt cutting machine up to 500 kg cooked meat can be pulled in a “hand-made“ look. Cooked beef, pork, chicken, lamb or duck meat can be pulled into fibres of different width and length with the tearing knife.

More about the production of pulled meat with the GS 10-2

Benefits for the Meat Industry

  • Best quality: Our solutions are optimized for the production of pulled and cut meat and a large variety of cuts, as for example curried sausage, as well as for processing vegetables, herbs and salad.
  • Efficient production: The processing is realized in a continuous process – and therefore 100% efficient without any loss of time.
  • Hygienic design: The machines can be cleaned quickly and easily – KRONEN is your partner for the production of healthy food.

KRONEN Solutions for the Meat Industry

For meat processing:

  • Belt cutting machine GS 10-2: Tried and tested a thousand times, the reliable GS 10-2 belt cutting machine convinces with innovative functionalities and perfect cutting quality. The GS 10-2 is a multifunctional belt cutting machine, different knives allow for various applications: e.g. the cutting of meat, sausage, fish as well as different sorts of vegetables or fruit and the grating and shredding of bread, cheese and nuts.
  • Watch the video: Cutting and pulling meat with the GS 10-2

  • Belt cutting machine GS 20: Also a bestseller KRONEN machine – optimized for very high capacities.

For processing vegetables, herbs, salad etc.:

Flyer Meat Processing:

User report: Vegetable processing at Postuma

Postuma_Niederlande_Team_Verarbeitungslösung_I_o_rgb. | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The Dutch fruit and vegetable wholesaler Postuma AGF has newly opened a modern company building together with an entire processing kitchen for vegetables in the beginning of this year. With this, the family business can provide a diversity of high quality fresh produce in-house, which opens many opportunities for the future.

The equipment was delivered by KRONEN and Synergy Systems, the official representative in the Netherlands. Synergy Systems carried out the complete project management, too.

The processing kitchen is mainly used to deliver high-quality sliced vegetables. With the new machines in the kitchen, the range has already been expanded considerably. Hutspot, which is a traditional Dutch stew made of potatoes, carrots and onions, as well as endive, soup vegetables and baby leaf make the basis of the cutting plant.

The wholesaler also provides the customers with more exceptional products, for example a Catalan and a Japanese stir-fry mix. Spiral vegetables from carrot, beetroot, zucchini or pumpkin are going to be added to the portfolio, too. The majority of the production consists of consumer packaging. In addition, there is a smaller volume of bulk.

Distinctive by modern assortment and high quality

Postuma AGF, located in IJsselmuiden in the Netherlands, is a family business with more than 100 years of experience in fruit and vegetables. The company offers a wide spectrum of fresh products. The customers are fruit and vegetable specialists such as specialized shops and market traders as well as food service organizations, for example commercial kitchens.

The wholesaler’s goal is to develop long-term relationships with the customers. One main issue for reaching this target is quality. Besides, Postuma AGF wants to offer added-value to customer: helping them to differentiate on the market. This also includes a portfolio, which is continuously adapted to consumer trends and which offers diversity.

Frans Bolder, Project Manager, Postuma:
“We did not want to make any concessions to the quality of our product. The wish was also to be able to work in a more varied way in the future with more modern cut products and to be able to offer a more extensive range. It was also important that we were guided through the transition process and that has been done satisfactorily to this day".

Specifications of the vegetable processing solution

The new processing kitchen at Postuma consists of a processing line for cutting, washing and drying vegetables as well as of several single machines by KRONEN.

In the vegetable line the produce is cut by belt-cutting machine GS 10-2 in the first step. The conveyor belt leads it to the washing machine GEWA 3800 V ECO automatically. Afterwards, the produce is dried by a K50-ECO spin-dryer.

Besides, the following single machines are used for different sorts of vegetables and diverse processing steps:
  • Cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V
  • Potato peeling machine PL 25 K
  • Potato peeling machine PL 25 S
  • Form, fill and seal machine CP350 PLUS

We do better: KRONEN ideas!

KRONEN_Gruppenbild_Krone-mit-Luftballons_Gebaeude_o_rgb_klein | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN Idea Management

KRONEN strives for maximum quality and thus invests in permanent optimiziation and development of the KRONEN offers and internal processes. And this is only possible jointly as a team - that is why KRONEN has implemented the improvement management several years ago:

Employees who have ideas and suggestions of any kinds can hand them in. In the next step, they are reviewed and most of them will be approved and implemented by the concerned departments. Thus, with each idea KRONEN is getting better and better!

KRONEN awards a prize to the top 3 departments submitting the most ideas. In the anniversary year 2018 more than 150 ideas were handed in by the KRONEN employees. This time, the three winners are: the construction, sheet-metal construction and stock department.

Investments in innovation, quality and sustainability

KRONEN achieved a turnover of 17 million Euro in 2018, which is again a slight increase. This growth is mainly generated by the export of the machines and lines to Europe and overseas. Thus, internationalization is one central aspect of the company's business alignment.

KRONEN also continuously optimizes the production venue in Kehl at the Rhine. Last year KRONEN rebuilt the special assembling area and with that invested in the expansion of the processing line construction.

Beyond, the research and development department is of high relevance to KRONEN having close cooperations with university and research institutions from around the world.

Also, KRONEN now installed a charging station, where employees can refuel their e-cars, and the company's first e-vehicle has been acquired. In addition to the already existing solar plant, this is another step towards sustainable energies.

Record number: GKS awards KRONEN for the 1000th packaging machine

KRONEN_GKS_1000_FruLo2019_P_o_rgb_022019 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN offers a comprehensive product portfolio covering the entire production chain: for preparing, cutting, washing, de-watering, drying, peeling, disinfecting and packaging fruit, vegetable and salad. The KRONEN machinery products are completed by the solutions of its specialized technology partners. Thus, at KRONEN the customer receives all from one source.

GKS Packaging from the Netherlands has been KRONEN's partner for packaging machines since 15 years. The machinery producer built the first packaging machine in 2000. This year the 1000th GKS packaging machine has been ordered at KRONEN.

This is why Ivo Geukes, the owner and CEO of GKS, presented an award to KRONEN, namely Stephan Zillgith at Fruit Logistica 2019.

The UP 350 vertical form-, fill- and sealing machine was sold by SEDA Freund AG, offical KRONEN representative in Switzerland. It was ordered by the salad, vegetable and fruit processing company Guggisberg AGRO AG.

Both partners, KRONEN and GKS, are proud of the joint success and are looking forward to their future cooperation.

Review Fruit Logistica 2019: “SMART Machines” convince the Fresh-cut sector

KRONEN_FruLo2019_Eroeffnung_P_o_rgb_06022019 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN premiered its new "SMART Machines” at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin from 6 to 8 February 2019. They were shown live and in function and KRONEN visitors experienced how “Industry 4.0” applications can work in Fresh-cut production.

Further world premieres were on show as well: The thermal washing process DECONWA, which is the result of a research project, and the newly developed apple peeling and slicing machine AS 6.

Numerous visitors from more than 50 countries visited the KRONEN stand for experiencing the innovations and proven solutions. The international KRONEN team, represented with about 20 countries at the trade show, was pleased by the big interest of the visitors.

Completed was the offer by the KRONEN partners who were present at the stand, too: GKS Packaging, zti smart machines and Synergy Systems from the Netherlands, and sterilAir® from Switzerland.

At the "Live Cooking" the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner created delicious Fresh-cut specialties and fresh smoothies.

And at the KRONEN evening, the gathering of the international KRONEN representatives, Ivo Geukes, CEO of GKS, presented an award for the 1000th GKS packaging machine, which has been sold recently, to Stephan Zillgith.

Video: SMART Machines - Industry 4.0 in Fresh-cut

KRONEN_SMART-Icon_Cloud_komplett_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


SMART Machines - Industry 4.0 for the Fresh-cut sector:

Industry 4.0 is a topic in all different kind of industries and it is actually reality in many areas already. It is all about networking of machines in production.

Therefore, you need machines which are able to communicate over the internet. By using the internet connection the machines are able to transfer information and they can also receive instructions. They collect data which are stored in a cloud.

KRONEN offers SMART Machines for the Fresh-cut industry as of now.

More about KRONEN SMART Machines

Research result: thermal washing system DECONWA

DECONWA_vorne_schraeglinks_M_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


DECONWA is a completely new washing process offered to the Fresh-cut sector.

The washing system DECONWA disinfects apples for Fresh-cut fruit salads, reducing the food’s spoiling rate and increasing shelf-life as well as consumers’ safety – in a gentle way and without using any additives or chemicals.

It can be integrated into an existing processing line easily and flexibly and it can be transferred to similar products.

By using temperature guided and controlled processes (temperature: around 50 °C) bacterial load is reduced. Due to its insulation the new system is optimized for application in cold rooms.

The system was developed by KRONEN in the context of a research project together with its partners ATB Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy and Mirontell Fein und Frisch AG.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy by a decision of the German Bundestag.

Flyer - DECONWA:

Insight: Reconstruction of KRONEN's special assembling area

KRONEN-Produktionshalle_Linienaufbau_ohneAF_S_o_rgb_bearbeitet_2018-12-20_08 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


We continuously improve and optimize our KRONEN production. Since KRONEN attaches great value to quality. Now, KRONEN has rebuilt the manufacturing area for processing lines.

By renconstructing the area of special assembling optimum conditions have been created for setting up and testing entire processing lines.

There is enough space to bulid up two lines parallely. Due to the new flooring the area can be cleaned quickly and efficiently after the tests are done.

In December the potato, salad and vegetable processing line for the customer Coto, a supermarket chain from Argentina, was set up in the new area. Only if the internal test is completed successfully, the KRONEN lines and machines will be delivered to the customer - just in line with the motto: 100% quality at delivery.

Novelty: Apple peeling and cutting machine AS 6

AS6_Apfelschaelmaschine_rechts_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN premieres the newly developed apple peeling machine AS 6 for peeling, coring, wedging and slicing apples at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin.

The apples only have to be placed on the machine manually and will be automatically loaded then. By this means the potential risk of injury is prevented and the handling is much more efficient.

AS 6 is optimized for capacities of up to 900 apples per hour and thus, it offers an increase of about 50 percent in capacity compared to the well-established apple peeling machine AS 4. Besides, AS 6 was developed with a special focus on ergonomic design.

Visit us: Stand B-05, Hall 3.1!

All machinery highlights at a glance - see the invitation

Fruit Logistica 2019: Live Cooking - Fresh-cut Delicacies freshly prepared

MenuFL2019_Titel_DE-EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Besides the world premieres KRONEN will have on show at Fruit Logistica 2019, visitors can again enjoy the KRONEN Live Cooking with special Fresh-cut delicacies:
  • Avocado and Salmon Tatar with Potato Crisps and Wasabi Mousse
  • Roasted Duck Breast with a Gin and Tonic Cucumber Salad
  • Vegetable Spaghetti with purple Pesto and Tamarin Almonds
  • We also offer: Daily Smoothie Variations – you can also choose your own special flavors!

This is only a selection from the delicacies from the house of KRONEN, which you can taste at our stand B-05 in hall 3.1 from 6 to 8. February.

Our KRONEN chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner as well as the international KRONEN team are looking forward to your visit!

KRONEN Menu – Fruit Logistica 2019:

Bienvenue chez KRONEN : Premières mondiales présentées sur le salon Fruit Logistica 2019 à Berlin

EinladungFL2019_Titel_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN SMART Machines - Industrie 4.0 pour la branche Freshcut

KRONEN présente une série de machines connectées à internet. Les SMART machines transmettent les états de la machine en temps réel.

Où qu’ils soient, les responsables de production, les techniciens ou les préparateurs pourront désormais contrôler à tout moment l’avancement de la production de la machine sur l’ordinateur portable ou sur mobile.

Avec les données collectées, on peut optimiser la production encore plus efficacement et éviter ainsi les pannes grâce à des opérations d’entretien préventives grâce à des opérations d’entretien préventives.

Procédé innovant de lavage thermique : Amélioration de la durée de conservation des produits Freshcut

Le système de lavage KRONEN DECONWA hygiénise les pommes destinées aux salades de fruits frais, réduit le taux de produits impropres à la consommation et augmente ainsi la durée de conservation et améliore la sécurité du consommateur – et ce sans aucun additif chimique et en préservant parfaitement les produits.

Il peut être intégré avec une grande flexibilité dans des lignes de process existantes et même être utilisés pour des produits similaires.


Nous serons heureux de vous accueillir sur notre stand B-05, hall 3.1

Points phares des machines : cf. notre invitation:

KRONEN Invitation - Fruit Logistica 2019:

KRONEN wishes a Happy New Year

40Jubilaeum_Weihnachtsmotiv_2018 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN wishes you and your colleagues a successful, healthy and Happy New Year 2019!

We would like to thank you for the faithful and pleasant cooperation in the KRONEN anniversary year 2018 and hope you had some placid holidays and a good start into the new year.

We are looking forward to supporting you as a dedicated long-term partner in 2019!

KRONEN Ideas: 'How to do'?

Icon_HowToDo_600px | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


"How to do": Monthly tips for KRONEN customers

KRONEN offers many ideas and tips about how customers can optimze the use of KRONEN machines in their production. A "How to do" database with numerous entries is recorded by the Customer Service department.

Besides, the KRONEN Sales Team is an important source of ideas for the customers. In the new section of our KRONEN newsletter - "How to do" - Tip of the Month - we will present some of these ideas in 2019! And we will for example report about "Best Practice" cases or our KRONEN idea management.

Subscribe for the newsletter

New Features for GS 10-2: control of segment sizes and weighing unit

GS10-2_TTS_M_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN presents two new features for the well-proven KRONEN GS 10-2, which both increase productivity in production:

Less waste, more exact segments

Well-proven belt cutting machine GS 10-2 is now available as TTS version. Besides the regular GS 10-2 functionalities, it controls the cut size and minimize the waste on product cut in combination with the horizontal outfeed belt.
By a PLC and servo motors the knife can make every cut exactly where we need it to be, following customer's specifications and according to product sizes. The TTS version allows to top and tail the product (cut both ends) as well as the combination of top and tail and cutting in slices or pieces.


Cutting with weight based filling level control

Another feature is the newly developed weighing unit. By means of an input field the requested weight is defined. The weighing unit allows a weight based control of filling levels. For example, if you cut in boxes or baskets it is guaranteed that the they will not be overfilled.

Watch Video

Video: Anniversary Gala and Customer Day 2018

40-Jahre-KRONEN-Emblem_EN_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN Anniversary - Gala and Customer Day 2018:

More than 240 participants from 45 countries attended the KRONEN Anniversary Event 2018 on 27 + 28 September.
Experience what was on show and what participants say about the event!

About 70 KRONEN representatives had come together for the Sales Meeting 2018 at the two days before the event already.

Positive customer response:

The results from the online survey on-site have shown that

  • 95 % of the customers gave the event an overall rating of "very good",
  • 95 % would recommend the event to others and
  • 100 % plan to attend the next event again.

Many thanks for the positive response - we are looking forwad to the next KRONEN Customer Day in 2020!

KRONEN extends its Management Board

Kronen_40_Jahre_2018_Geschaeftsleitung_I_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The year of 2018 is an anniversary year for KRONEN, but it is also a year of changes in the Management Board. Rudolf Hans Zillgith, Senior Manager of the family business, announced the extension of the Board at the Anniversary Gala on 27 September:

In 1998 Rudolf Hans Zillgith took over KRONEN and in 1999 Stephan Zillgith joined the company. Since 2003 he has been Associate and Managing Director. Now, younger executives are incorporated in the Management Board of KRONEN. Eric Lefebvre and Johannes Günther are the new Managing Directors and KRONEN Associates.

Graduate industrial engineer Stephan Zillgith will be the spokesman of the Board of Management and remains responsible for the company’s commercial general management. Besides, he focuses on the marketing as well as on the care and development of global contacts, which is a crucial issue for the export-oriented KRONEN company.

As before, Robert Lankhart completes the Management in his function as authorized officer. As controller and Head of HR he is taking care of the essential company analysis.

As a family business it is self-evident for KRONEN, that the new Managing Directors and Associates are two long-term KRONEN employees, who have made a name for themselves in the sector.
Each of the four Managing Directors is responsible for a specific realm in the company. By concentrating the competence and experience of the four members of the Board the company is optimally positioned for the future and all the diverse subjects. Thus, the successful development of KRONEN is assured for the long-term.

Person Details:

Johannes Günther started his career with KRONEN in 2009. After his graduation as an engineer in food technology at University of Hohenheim, he worked with renowned companies from the food sector.
Since 2008 he has been the head of the sales department and since 2010 also authorized officer of KRONEN. Over the years he has become a demanded expert in the food industry in Germany and worldwide. In his function as a Managing Director he keeps responsibility for the national and international sales of KRONEN.

Eric Lefebvre has been working with KRONEN since 2009. After graduating as an industrial engineer at University ESCOM in Paris, he worked with PSA, the largest French automotive manufacturer, in the area of development and industrialization.
At KRONEN he has been Technical Director and since 2010 also authorized officer. He has been responsible for product development, for improving working processes and for safety and hygiene. He is perfectly connected within the international sector and especially with institutions for research and development. As a Managing Director he will keep his previous area of responsibility.


Visitor Statements about the KRONEN Anniversary 2018

Kronen_40Jahre_Kundentag-28_2018_I_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


More than 240 participants from 45 countries accepted the invitation and attended the KRONEN Anniversary Event 2018. Here you can see what visitors say:

Sergej Belov, Fruchtmanufaktur Luebbecke, Germany: “KRONEN is a great company. We have been working together since several years. The Customer Day was an ideal event to see new developments and the entire portfolio. KRONEN offers many solutions for many products. It is good to know that the company thinks and acts sustainably. Because we want to grow further and therefore need machinery in good quality. At the Customer Day we could see the right solutions for our application. The event was even better than last time. The professional lectures in the Forum were very good, too. Furthermore, I can meet the KRONEN team here, whom we have a long-term and friendly cooperation with. I am glad to be here and would like to attend again.”

Alvaro Figueroa, Fruta Internacional, Costa Rica: “It is my first experience of the KRONEN Customer Day. It is very interesting to see the facilities, how everything is made, and the new technologies and machinery which can help us. We already have a KRONEN processing line in use and it means a big improvement in productivity. The KRONEN representatives have been very supportive in guiding us around. They have done a great job! And in the next few days, we will do a plant tour with them visiting Fresh-cut companies and learning from our European colleagues. So, it was definitely worth the visit!”

C. G. Foo, Standout Marketing, Malaysia: “It was a very good event. We could look at solutions that you can potentially use in future, we gathered more ideas and knowledge. KRONEN machines are well-known and of good quality that is why we invest in them. The Gala Evening with the entertainment such as the magical show was also a great experience. It is nice to see that an industry event not just offers a professional, serious side, but that it can be a happy event at the same time. It was worth the journey and we hope that we will be able to celebrate the 50th anniversary together with KRONEN, too, and that we grow further together.”

Georg Funken, Bauer Funken, Germany: “All of what I have experienced was fantastic. The Gala Dinner on Thursday was really great. Also, it was very good to meet companions from the industry who had realized the Fresh-cut trend 20 or 25 years ago, just as we did. We have a long-term partnership with KRONEN starting in the 1980ies. KRONEN is an ideas provider and you know that you get a machine which fits. Know-how, network and quality – that is what KRONEN stands for in my opinion. We had started small many years ago – and what we have reached now is worlds above.”

Patrick Milne, Milne Foods Ltd, Ireland: “It is my first time at KRONEN. It is a very well organized and structured company. I am impressed by the way they are looking after the customers, and also by their philosophy and ideas behind the machines. It is an ethic, family orientated company and on the same time employees have a forward thinking. Manufacturing companies have to adapt to rapid changes which are taking place in the food business. My impression is that KRONEN is very well prepared for these market changes. I also like the research and developments activities of KRONEN as well as the co-operations with the universities which go into the products. Thank you for a great time I have had for my first visit to KRONEN and for all the kindness shown by all your staff.”

Tom Willy Olsen, Kjøkkenservice Industrier, Norway: „It was useful to see the machines and technical news and to profit from the knowledge of the KRONEN representatives. I have learned that they have been trained for two days just before the Customer Day at KRONEN, which is done on a regular basis. It is good to know that I can trust in the representative’s knowledge. As a manager of my own company I have to be sure that everything is working. It is impressive to see the quality of the KRONEN production and products and I am very confident that we can trust KRONEN.”

Marco Romero, Cece’s Veggie Co, USA: “It was a great event. We were able to see the KRONEN facilities and to interact and network with other people from the industry. The Customer Day is a good platform to find out what works well, what are the challenges and how to do better. We already have a GS 10 in use and it has simplified our previous processing method which has resulted in an outstanding outcome. Being here gave us the chance for an efficient exchange with KRONEN, we could provide them with direct feedback and discuss adjustments.”

Yoram Vooijs, Rungis, The Netherlands: “We are here for the first time. It was a professional event, very well organized and perfect to see the developments of KRONEN and which machines, products and innovations are in the market. We could speak with supplying partners such as Hitec and GKS. And the event offered also more informal situations such as the Gala Evening to work on the partnership. We deliver to high-class hotel and restaurant customers by 24/7, that is why we need reliable machines and that is why we have worked with KRONEN for many years.”

Photo Gallery & Review: Anniversary Gala and Customer Day 2018

Kronen_40_Jahre_2018_Gala-03_I_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


On Friday, 28 September the KRONEN Anniversary Event ended successfully:

The comprehensive offer was very well anticipated shown by a record participation of more than 240 participants from 45 countries. And they were very satisfied with the program, too.

Many news and many proven solutions you could find at the in-house exhibition. At about 3.200 sqm of space e.g. newly launched drying systems K650 and BDS 3000/800 and the latest version of the salad spin-dryer: KS 100 PLUS were presented. Besides, expert speeches, insights into the production and new findings on the topic of "Hygiene + Technology" were on display.

Furthermore, KRONEN presented its “Internet of Things” concept:

The SMART version of belt cutting machine GS 10-2 was on show. Also, a SMART version of a washing machine, which hygienizes products by a new thermic process, was introduced to the audience.

The machines are connected to the internet and can transfer the machines’ states in real time to an internet portal. Whereever the user, technician or forman is located, he can monitor the production status at any time on her/his mobile device and collect data for creating even more efficient production processes and for avoiding downtimes thanks to predictional maintenance in future. The SMART maschines can be individually adapted to the needs of the respective user.

The "40 Years of KRONEN" annviersary was celebrated with a great evening event: About 280 guests and employees of KRONEN attended the Anniversary Gala in Reithalle Offenburg on the eve of the Customer Day and they experienced a special entertainment program and culinary delights. Furthermore, the winners of the KRONEN Award 2018 were honored. Four prize categories were awarded, this year’s winners are:

  • Special Long-term Customer: Toepfer GmbH, Germany
  • Highest Market Share in Representative’s Region: Mushkat Technologies, Israel
  • Long-term Supplier: SEDA-FREUND, Switzerland
  • Most Constant Market Growth: DanMix, Spain

Watch impressions of the event in our Photo Gallery

Watch the video

Read what visitors say about the event

New Video: Potato peeling machine PL 40K

PL_40K_Dynamik_05_bearbeitet_D_o_rgb_600x600px | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The peeling machine PL 40K does the washing and peeling process in one step. Thanks to the aluminium oxide abrasive potatoes, carrots, beetroots and other root vegetables can be peeled gently and their skin is removed in an utra-thin way.

Up to 600 kg potatoes per hour can be processed with PL 40K.

The new short video shows in detail, how the machines works. Have a look:

Watch Video

The large inner diametre allows gentle peeling and low pressure on the product.

Peeling basket and peeling disc can be exchanged in less than 3 minutes. There are no dirt traps in the area. All this allows an easy and safe cleaning.

KRONEN Film: Look behind the scenes

KRONEN_Screen-Film_2018 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In our new KRONEN movie you have the chance to look behind the scenes: Come and join us for a short, virtual company tour. Thus, you can get an idea of what happens at KRONEN in Kehl at the Rhine day-to-day:

Watch Film

40 years of experience and competence in food processing technology

This is what KRONEN stands for and what customers from around the world trust on. Best quality, customer satisfaction and innovation - these are values the KRONEN team works for with a strong commitment every day.

In 1978 KRONEN was founded as a merchandising company for hotel- and restaurant equipment and accessories. Today, KRONEN employs 100 people and our products are delivered to more than 100 countries around the world.

Close partnership and cooperation with our customers is an important factor for the family company KRONEN.

Expert speeches for Fresh-cut producers: at the KRONEN Customer Day on 28 September

GS10-2_Schnittergebnisse_Gemuese_oL_P_h_rgb_600x600 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Participants of the KRONEN Customer Day on 28 September will learn more about future topics for the Fresh-cut sector by short speeches of international experts at the KRONEN Forum. All speeches are held in English

Topics and speakers:

  • Establishment of operating standards for fresh produce wash systems
    Speaker: Ana Allende, CEBAS-CSIS
  • How to tackle biofilm?
    Speaker: Imca Sempers, Ghent University – VEG-i-TEC & Thierry Benezech, INRA
  • Autonomous, humanoid robot Sweaty – How does it work?
    Speaker: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Hochberg, University of Applied Sciences Offenburg
  • Food Washing Concentrates in Preprocessed Herbs and Salads Manufacturing
    Speaker: Dr. Dietmar Schmalz, Lysoform Imunell

KRONEN celebrates its 40th company anniversary and therefore invites customers and partners to join the KRONEN Anniversary Event on 27 + 28 September 2018.

The machinery highlights and latest solutions of KRONEN will be on display. But the participants can also expect a special supporting program.

Learn more

Novelty: FDS 5000 system dewaters extra gently

FDS5000_02_M_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN introduces the new Flow Dewatering System FDS 5000, which products can be dried in a very gently with.

FDS 5000 is optimized for removing excessive surface moisture from products such as fruit (cut or whole), hard vegetables (cut or whole), cut lettuce and baby leaf etc. while keeping the product in perfect condition.

With the possible adjustments the machine can be optimised on capacity, product quality and residual moisture. Between 1000 and 3000 kg - depending on the product - can be treated per hour.

This is how FDS 5000 works:
The product is transported on a mesh belt with meshes of 1000, 2000 or 3000 μm opening, depending on the product. Four special air knifes and four suction blowers are dewatering the product whereas four knocking motors are distributing it over the whole width of the conveyor before each air knife and suction section

There are different sizes of FDS systems available to suit the customers‘ specific needs.

All benefits of FDS 5000 Flow Dewatering System

New UVC Lock: Highly efficient disinfection of salads, vegetables and packaging materials

UVC_Lock_16_Roehren-Tunnel_D_600x600_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN has further developed its UVC disinfection lock adapting it to the needs of the users.

The KRONEN UVC Lock has been developed in close cooperation with sterilAir® from Weinfelden in Switzerland. Therefore, the UVC Lock is equipped with the latest UVC technology and is optimized in regards to hygiene, usability and easy maintenance.

By means of Ultraviolet-C radiation technology the surface of vegetable and fruit products as well as of packaging materials and tools passed through the lock is disinfected efficiently and without using heat or additives.

The UVC disinfection technology is based on the production of UV radiation with a wavelength from 280 to 100 nanometers. Light of this wavelength is germicidal, since it destroys the germs’ DNA.
By implementing so-called low pressure tubes or more powerful hybrid tubes the UVC light is created in the completely sealed casing of the disinfection lock.

Depending on the number and type of tubes and depending on the speed, which the lock is passed through with, the KRONEN UVC Lock can kill up to 99,9999 % per cent of the germs (based on Listeria monocytogenes germs).

Short contact times within the UVC Lock allow deployment with heat-sensitive products, too.

All benefits of the UVC Disinfection Lock

Video of new salads and vegetables spin-dryer KS-100 PLUS

VeggieMarkt_KS100PLUS_I_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The K-series is the most widely used model beyond the KRONEN vegetable and salad spin-dryers and is in action hundredfold around the world. Now, it has been redesigned.

One of the first models of the new KS-100 PLUS was delivered to Veggie Markt in Vienna, Austria, in May. The Fresh-cut producer processes salads and vegetables for catering and gastronomy companies and deals with organic products only.

KS-100 PLUS has a new look, and especially the technological aspects were on focus when further developing the machine - such as these three features:

  • easy cleaning,
  • simple and flexible operability and
  • optimum, efficient spinning results whilst guaranteeing minimum machine movement

KS 100 PLUS is construed for drying and spinning of Fresh-cut salads, vegetables, herbs, fruit and more. Individual adjustment options for spin speed and spin duration on 99 freely programmable memory locations ensures maximum comfort and optimal adaptation to the product processed.

A mode with spinning in both directions during the program is also available. The counter-rotating centrifuge cycle changes the direction of rotation automatically after half a spin period. The product is additionally loosened up and dried more efficiently. This results in high drying and product quality.

The short video shows spinning and drying of Fresh-cut salad, white cabbage and carrot strips:

Watch Video.

Project SiMoHyP: Hygienize the process water for ready-to-eat salads

Schnittsalat_Salatlinie_22_Waschen_D_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Washing vegetables with potable water leads to a reduction of microorganisms from tenfold to hundredfold only. Since, depending on the kind of product, it must be assumed that the number of germs is up to 10 to the power of 7 KbE/gFM at the beginning, the washing result has to be evaluated as critical considering these high germ numbers at the beginning. Adding chemicals is one way to meet this problem, but this is sometimes rejected.

The project KRONEN is working on together with its partners ATB Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy, aquagroup AG und Havita Berlin Frischgemüse GmbH is answering this fact.

For that reason, the partners want to make use of the fact that bacteria are killed within seconds, when the redox potential is higher than 650 or 700 mV. Using the ingredients of the potable water only, a redox potential is realized in the process water which is high enough to decontaminate it. Besides, the water can be returned to the washing cycle without any risk of cross-contamination.

Hence, several benefits for the producers of Fresh-cut products are to derive:

  • Increase consumers’ safety due to a new method of hygienization without additives
  • Reducing potable water consumption and thus decreasing costs, which is due to an optimized water use during the washing process by deploying cycle management.
  • Improvement of hygiene and reducing the danger of cross-contamination during washing process


Contact: Team Projects & Development

Les 27 et 28 septembre: Journées portes ouvertes et anniversaire de KRONEN - Soyez les bienvenus !

KRONEN_EinladungKundentag2018_01_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Cette année, KRONEN fête ses 40 ans ; une occasion unique de remercier clients et partenaires commerciaux de leur précieuse collaboration.

Vous êtes cordialement invités à notre journée portes ouvertes vendredi 28 septembre.

Sur environ 3.200 m2 - dans nos hall de production et showroom à Kehl am Rhein - vous découvrirez les solutions innovantes de KRONEN et de ses partenaires ainsi que les machines qui font le succès de la société depuis des années!

Nous vous proposerons également un forum : un lieu d´échanges dans une ambiance conviviale et l´occasion de participer à de micro-conférences sur des sujets d´avenir.

Nous fêterons les 40 ans de KRONEN la veille, jeudi 27 septembre à la Reithalle, salle des fêtes emblématique d´Offenburg.

Toute l´équipe KRONEN se réjouit de vous accueillir en Forêt Noire.

Vous souhaitez vous joindre à nous ? Merci de nous écrire à


European Convenience Forum: KRONEN lecture on June 7, 2018

Logo_ECF2018_KRONEN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The lecture with the subject "Hygiene + Technology: Thermic Processes" is held by Eric Lefebvre, Technical Director at KRONEN on 7 June at the European Convenience Forum in Hamburg.

New process to increase the microbiological safety of packaged fresh-cut products

The production of ready-to-eat, packaged fresh products has increased in the last couple of years. A trend which has come up more recently is the production of packaged, fresh fruit salad. One important main element in fruit salads is apples. They are washed and cubed – while remaining unpeeled. Thus, removing the adherent micro-organisms from the skin accurately is a basic requirement.

This aspect is addressed by a project named DEKONWA, which KRONEN GmbH is working on together with its partner, the ATB Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy. Goal of the project is to not just wash apples, but to also hygienize them in a gentle way and without using any additives or chemicals. The partners want to develop an innovative plant and process in order to do so.

By using temperature guided and controlled processes microbial pathogens which are spoiling food and pathogenic germs are reduced both by a maximum. Thus, the rate of spoiled food is decreased and the consumers’ safety is increased. Due to the insulation of the new system it is optimized for the Fresh-cut industry, since it can be implemented in cold rooms without any disadvantages.

Learn more:

Lecture: „Hygiene + Technology: Thermic processes“
Speaker: Eric Lefebvre, Technischer Leiter KRONEN
Language: German
Time: on 7 June from 14:45 to 15:15 h
Venue: European Convenience Forum 2018, Mövenpick Hotel, Sternschanze 6 in Hamburg

User Report: Salad and Vegetable Processing Line at Gronsakshallen

Grönsachshhallen_Schweden_Linie_I_o_rgb_web. | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Gronsakshallen was founded in Sorunda in 1985. Back then the general manager Gunnar Netz went from door to door and offered his products – potatoes and eggs – to the city’s restaurants.

Today, Gronsakshallen is one of the biggest fruit and vegetable wholesaler and fresh-cut producer in Sweden distributing numerous products nationwide: fresh fruit, berries, vegetable and salad, but also fresh-cut products as well as frozen fruit, flowers, herbs and eggs are part of the product line.

About 300 employees work with the company by today, thereof 35 employees in the production site in Hagersten. No less than 465 different articles are produced per day. With about 50 own and further external refrigerated trucks the goods are delivered to customers all over the country freshly day by day

This year, Gronsakshallen invested in a new salad and vegetable processing line of KRONEN to expand its own production. The producer already has several stand-alone KRONEN machines in use, like vegetable and cutting machine KSM 100 or salad spin-dryer K50.

However, the goal of the new acquisition is to automatize production and save resources. Since one important challenge is: Staff is not just cost-intensive in Sweden, but it is especially hard to find. Due to the automatized line having all machines interlinked, the staff deployment is reduced from seven to five people. On the same time efficiency and thus productivity has been increased.

Gronsakshallen processes mainly different salads, such as iceberg and mixed salad, but also white cabbage, carrots and other vegetable with the line. Depending on products, between 1000 and 3000 kg are processed per day on seven days per week. This is already an obvious increase of output, even though capacity of the line has not yet been exhausted.

The processing line also adds benefit when it comes to resource management. It has not only minimum space requirements for covering as little of the production space as possible. It also guarantees an efficient us of water.

Magnus Agneborn, Head of Production at Gronsakshallen:
“We are very happy with the line and the resulting product quality. We will also be able to reduce our water consumption, even though we cannot give an exact number at this point of time"

User Report: Salad and Vegetable Processing Line at Gronsakshallen

VIDEO: Watch the processing line live and in function

Record number: KRONEN delivers 1000th KUJ V

1000.KUJV_Russland_Feb2018_I_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V with serial number 1000 goes to Russia, to the renowned supermarket chain Azbuka Vkusa. It is the third machine of this type which is set-up at their own plant in Moscow. The reason is that the company wants to expand its production. Besides the KUJ V, it has two processing lines and several other stand-alone machines of KRONEN in use.

The company covers several retail locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg and is well-known for its high-quality product offer. It produces Fresh-cut vegetable at the own plant, mainly carrots, potatoes and beetroot.

However, the company also processes the freshly cut products further fabricating delicacies such as “carrots Korean-style” which is very popular in Russia. This is a salad made of carrot strips, oil, vinegar and herbs, tasting sweet-sour and spicy.

KUJ V is best seller in Russia

In place of Azbuka Vkusa the official KRONEN sales representative Intermik takes delivery of the 1000th piece of KUJ series from KRONEN in Moscow. With this more than 100 cube, strip and slice cutting machines have been delivered to Russia by today. There is no other country in which as many KUJ machines are installed as here.

One in ten of this type of machine KRONEN ships to Russia. By that it is also the best seller and most used KRONEN machine in the country.


Project Aquafresh: Optimization of water use in the Fresh-cut sector

AquafreshKRONEN_Logo | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The horticultural and Fresh-cut industry needs to react to the growing demands for food safety, competitiveness and its environmental impact. Washing with fresh water is the main post-harvest process carried out by this industry to eliminate dirt and reduce the microbial load of fruit and vegetables.

KRONEN and the Spanish company CITROSOL are collaborating with the Spanish technological centre CNTA in the prototyping of a new industrial washing process. The ambitious goal of the so-called aqUAFRESH project is destined to be a watershed in the operation of the Fresh-cut industry: cutting, washing and packaging of ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables. The aim of which is to reformulate the current working system of the industry reducing both water and energy use during washing and disinfection, mitigating the environmental impact, and improving the food safety for the end consumer.

The new washing system is supposed to provide the Fresh-cut industry with an alternative to traditional chlorine-based disinfection systems whilst continuing to guarantee food safety.

The aqUAFRESH project follows a holistic approach studying the integration of all the essential parameters in the process chain, such as the effectiveness of the wash, the microorganisms load, the use of chemical agents, the water use and its reuse with the consequent reduction in water consumption, the monitoring of the disinfection process plus the preservation of the quality of freshly cut produce.

Learn more.

Contact: Team Projects & Development

Review ANUGA FoodTec 2018: Watch the KRONEN photo gallery

AnugaFtec_2018_1 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


With this year's Anuga FoodTec in Cologne from 20 to 23 March the second important international trade show took place, after Fruit Logistica in February..

At Anuga FoodTec KRONEN met the international industry and showed its competences once more. Live machinery presentations, a lecture on a highly innovative topic and not to forget: our "Live Cooking". All this made the participation a real success!
You can read more about the trade fair information and the presentation 'New process for the safety of packaged fresh products' here.

We have summarized all important news from the last weeks for you. The world premiere Convenience Avocado Line, the intergrated UVC water disinfection of GEWA 3800B PLUS, or the new de-watering system FDS 5000 - these are just some of the current top themes at KRONEN.
For all up-to-date highlights at a glance see our new flyer.

40 Years of KRONEN and our current machine novelties:

KRONEN Novelties: Salad and vegetable spin-dryers

KSPLUS_offen_M_R_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN expands its portfolio of salad and vegetable spin-dryers and drying systems by several novelties:

Trade Fair Premiere: K650 Drying System

K650 was presented at Fruit Logistica and Anuga FoodTec 2018 for the first time. Is is an ideal system for the industrial application for drying a wide variety of lettuce and vegetable products as well as sliced fruit in a continuous treatment process.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Depending on consistency, shape and size of the product and the desired degree of drying, spinning times and speeds can be adjusted via a touch screen. This enables an effective, gentle and short drying cycle.
  • Some parameters are automated, e.g. the speed of the buffer and outfeed conveyors. Thus, the program is clearly organized and easy to operate.
  • With an optional volume control the product feed quantity can be optimized.
  • Without product the machine switches to energy saving mode automatically
  • The capacity spans 400-2800 kg/h, depending on the product.

Watch the VIDEO of K650

New version: KS-100 PLUS and KS-7 PLUS

The top-seller of KRONEN spin-dryers for vegetables and salads, field-tested and in action hundredfold world-wide. Now, KS-100 PLUS has a new look: Besides a new design especially the further technological development is on focus.

Benefits at a glance:

  • The robust construction, safety and function are based on the requirements of the centrifuge DIN EN 12547 standard and the salad spin-drying DIN EN 13621 standard.
  • KS-100 PLUS is also particularly easy to clean. There are no dirt traps in the spin area.
  • Maximum comfort and an optimum adaptation to the product to be processed.

All benefits of KS-100 PLUS

Alternatively, you can obtain the model KS-7 PLUS. KS-7 PLUS is equipped with seven settings of individually adjustable spin speeds and freely adjustable spin times.

All benefits of KS-7 PLUS

Salanova® Producer from Uruguay meets Swabian Processing Specialist

Rapp_Verdeagua_I_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Salanova® Producer from Uruguay meets Swabian Processing Specialist

The KRONEN representatives located in more than 80 countries around the world, including Germany, are closely connected to the industry and they are in continuous exchange with their customers. On their request they often organize company tours and thus realize an exchange between producers from different countries.

This was also the case here, when Heiko Schoenbroich, Area Sales Manager Germany South at KRONEN, and Juan Lindmayer, Export Area Sales Manager Latin America & Caribbean for KRONEN, made this encounter possible:

In Feburary 2018, VerdeAgua – a producer of Fresh-cut salads from Uruguay – visited légumes Rapp GmbH in Esslingen, close to Stuttgart in Germany. VerdeAgua plans to renew its machinery park and wants to invest in KRONEN equipment. In this respect, the visit was a perfect opportunity to experience the use of the machinery directly on-site at the plant of a real Fresh-cut specialist.

Since the family company légumes Rapp is a long-term customer of KRONEN and deploys the belt cutting machines GS 10-2 and GS 20, diverse washing machines – among other GEWA 3800 PLUS with UVC water disinfection – as well as spin-dryers in its production.

In 1995, the former vegetable and wine growing business developed into légumes Rapp GmbH, specializing on processing of salads and vegetable and offering ready-to-eat products for system catering. légumes Rapp is certified with the label „International Food Standard – Higher Niveau“. The company produces large amounts and a wide range of high-quality Fresh-cut products, for example for the commercial kitchen of Mercedes Benz.

VerdeAgua is a producing and processing company of Salanova® and other leaf salads. Salanova® is a special type of salad: It is trade-marked and may only be cultivated when you hold the respective license. Remarkable about this salad is the fact that its leafs are very soft and delicate – and not only in an early stage of growing, but they remain it even later.

The producer applies hydroponics agriculture and he washes, spins and packages the salads for its customers. Thus, the company delivers high-class salads and Salanova® specialties to Tiende Inglesa, the gourmet supermarket chain in Uruguay, for example.

With high interest in the equipment, the new building and the entire process VerdeAgua visited the plant of légumes Rapp. As different as both countries and producers are – on the one hand the Salanova® producer from Uruguay, on the other hand the Swabian processing specialist – as worthwhile the know-how transfer has been for both sides.

1) from left to right: Diego Giay (VerdeAgua), Paul Rapp (légumes Rapp), Sebastián Figuerón (VerdeAgua), Juan Lindmayer (KRONEN)
2) légumes Managing director Sandra Rapp-Ulrich (right) and eymployee Ms Sorg (left) in the newly built production hall of légumes Rapp

KRONEN Live Cooking at Anuga FoodTec 2018

FruitLog2018_KRONENStand_19_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


  • Vegetable Rice Variations with Spit-Roasted Tandoori Turkey
  • Summer Rolls with Vegetables on a Cucumber Salad with Tonic and Aloe Vera Dressing
  • Mini KRONEN Burger with Chicken „Big Rib“, Coleslaw and Avocado Creme
  • ….

…this is only a selection from the delicacies from the house of KRONEN, which you can taste this year at our stand A-04 in hall 3 at Fruit Logistica.

At our Live Cooking products are prepared “from the field to the table” – a special culinary delights on each day oft he show. For all dishes a vegetarian or vegan alternative can be offered.

Be inspired by the delicious dishes of the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner!

Celebrate with us! We cordially invite you to touch glasses with us on the occasion of 40 years of KRONEN. You may also expect a little anniversary present at the stand.

Which new machinery and solutions – live and in function – can be experienced at the stand? See our invitation for all information.

The international KRONEN team is looking forward to your visit!

KRONEN Menu – Anuga FoodTec 2018:

Save the date: KRONEN Anniversary Customer Days, Sept. 27 to 28

OKTOBERFEST_109_I_o_rgb_20160923_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN invites the industry to Kehl on the Rhine from 27 to 28 September

In 2018 KRONEN celebrates 40th anniversary - celebrate with us!

We cordially invite you: The newest KRONEN solutions will be presented at this in-house trade show and customer days exclusively. Beyond, lectures on future-oriented topics will complete the machinery presentations: Robotics, Biofilm, Internet of Things and Hydroponics – these are some key words, which will be covered.

Again in 2018 we are preparing special culinary highlights and accompanying events: Among others we are looking forward to welcoming you at the Gala Dinner in Offenburg's Reithalle on 27 September. After the champagne reception with live music you can expect a "magical" entertainment program, the KRONEN award ceremony and afterwards "DJ Crazy Pee" attracts all dancers to the dance floor.

Save the date already today! Further details you will receive with our invitation in summer.

We are looking forward to your visit at KRONEN in Kehl on the Rhine!

Photo: The entertainment program is another highlight next to the professional program: At the Customer Days 2016 KRONEN invited to the Oktoberfest at the Renchtalhuette.

Welcome to KRONEN: at Anuga FoodTec 2018

Titel_Einladung_AF2018_EN | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


You may expect innovative topics and solutions

KRONEN will be present at Anuga FoodTec 2018 in Cologne from 20 to 23 March. Visit us at our stand F-8 in hall 10.1!

Furthermore, KRONEN informs about the development of a new, thermal process to increase the microbiological safety of packaged fresh-cut products – without using additives – in a lecture on 22 March from 14:00 to 16:00.

More about the new process you can read here.

Live machinery presentations at Anuga FoodTec

As expected, you will see machinery live and function at the KRONEN stand. Among others:

Integrated UVC water disinfection: Washing machine GEWA 3800 B for salad, vegetables, fruit and more

This exhibit has an extra focus on the issue of decontamination without any additives: By the means of the new, integrated UVC water disinfection the wash water is permanently disinfected and returned to the water cycle as germ-free process water. For this purpose, the market-proven UV components of company sterilAir® are in use.

The UVC reactor serves in particular the prevention of crosscontamination, ensures higher process reliability and allows a reduction in the amount of water used.

Drying system K650 for salad, vegetable, fruit, mushrooms and herbs in large quantities

KRONEN GmbH expands its portfolio and presents an effective, user-friendly system for the industrial application for drying a wide variety of lettuce and vegetable products as well as sliced fruit in a continuous treatment process.

Depending on consistency, shape and size of the product and the desired degree of drying, spinning times and speeds can be adjusted via a touch screen. This enables an effective, gentle and short drying cycle.

KRONEN Invitation - Anuga FoodTec 2018:

Lecture at Anuga FoodTec 2018: New process for the safety of packaged fresh-cut products

Logo_AF2018_KRONEN_ATBPotsdam | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Besides its stand at Anuga FoodTec 2018, KRONEN informs about the development of a new process to increase the microbiological safety of packaged fresh-cut products in a lecture at the Forum in the Congress Center East:

The production of ready-to-eat, packaged fresh products such as cut fresh-cut salads has increased in the last couple of years. A trend which has come up more recently is the production of packaged, fresh fruit salad. Consumers of these products are private households supllied by retail as well as large customers such as cafeterias, hospitals and restaurants. But also schools offer apple wedges during school breaks for example.

However, the processed fruit have a shorter shelf-life than fruit which are not cut, since they are much more sensitive to microbial attacks. And the crucial quality criterion for fresh-cut products from the view of consumer safety is the microbial harmlessness.

As an example: One important main element in fruit salads is apples. They are washed and cubed – while remaining unpeeled. Thus, removing the adherent micro-organisms from the skin accurately is a basic requirement.

This aspect is addressed by a project named DEKONWA, which KRONEN GmbH is working on together with its partner, the ATB Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy. Goal of the project is to not just wash apples, but to also hygienize them in a gentle way and without using any additives or chemicals.

The partners want to develop an innovative plant and process in order to do so. By using temperature guided and controlled processes microbial pathogens which are spoiling food and pathogenic germs harming humans are reduced both by a maximum.

Thus, the rate of spoiled food is decreased and the consumers’ safety is increased. Due to the insulation of the new system it is optimated for the Fresh-cut industry, since it can be implemented in cold rooms without any disadvantages.

Fresh fruits which were treated with hot water in the laboratory, showed a high impact against most of the relevant germs. A water temperature of 50 to 55 °C seems to be the optimum conition for longer exposure times. Shorter exposure times at a temperature of 55 to 60 °C were successful, too.

At this point the main impact of the treatment with hot water is supposed to be due to the microbial reaction induced by the heat shock. Since the thermal procedure works without any chemical additives, it can be used for organic fruit salads.

The system is supposed to be integrated into a existing processing line easily and flexibly. Eventually, it is planned to transfer the process to other products, such as fresh-cut salads, too.

Learn more:

Lecture: “Fresh fruit and vegetable decontamination by an innovative moderate heat treatment”
Speakers: Eric Lefebvre, Technical Director KRONEN, and Bertram Schmidt, Research Scientist for Horticultural Engineering at ATB Potsdam
Language: English
Time: on 22 March from 14:00 to 16:00 pm
Venue: at the Forum „Technology of Fresh-cut products“, organized by the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) in the Congress Center East, Room 1+2

Review Fruit Logistica 2018: Watch the KRONEN photo gallery

FruitLog2018_KRONENTeam_I_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The participation of KRONEN at this year's Fruit Logistica in Berlin from 7 to 9 February was again a real success.

KRONEN presented new machinery and solutions - live and in function and was again crowd puller attracting producers of Fresh-cut and convenience food from Germany and around the world.

Many visitors from Germany came to the stand, but also from other Western European countries - such as France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy - as well as from Eastern Europe and South America. Also Middle East and Africa was very well represented.

Completed was the offer by the KRONEN partners who were present at the stand, too: GKS Packaging, zti smart machines and Synergy Systems from the Netherlands, and sterilAir® from Switzerland.

Read more about the Fruit Logistica trade show highlights of KRONEN.

The 40th company anniversary celebrated by KRONEN in 2018 was also displayed on the stand. On this occasion visitors could let themselves inspire by special culinary delights: At the "Live Cooking" the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner created delicious dishes made of vegetable spaghetti and colorful vegetable rice.

From 27 to 28 September KRONEN cordially invites the industry to celebrate the anniversary at the KRONEN venue in Kehl: The newest KRONEN solutions will be exclusively presented at this in-house trade show and customers days, which will be accompanied by an attractive programm of lectures on future-oriented topics and a special gala evening.

WORLD PREMIERE: Convenience Avocado Line of KRONEN

AVOCADO_ganz_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Perfect avocados in large quantities

With the unique, partly automated avocado processing line up to 1.200 fruit – which equivalents to about 300 kg – can be peeled and cored per hour. The capacity can even be quadrupled if needed: to up to 4.800 pieces per hour.

The line is designed in a way that the sensitive fruit are processed very gently to guarantee a visually attractive product equivalent to manual treatment.

Successful application of the avocado line

The innovative Convenience Avocado Line was created in close cooperation with a KRONEN customer and convenience food producer from Western Europe. The company produces sliced avocados on a large scale.

It needed a solution which could support the staff. Since the producer had to fight with a loss of production due to illness – which resulted from the uniform movement of the hand when coring the fruit and lead to health-problems at the wrist in a short length of time.

This was completely remedied with the new processing line. But also productivity has massively increased, namely by 25 percent at the place of installation. And the yield from the fruit pulp rises, depending on the consistence of the fruit, by up to 11 percent. Thus, other production sites of the company can be relieved and supplied by this production output. Furthermore, two workers have become available and are deployed for other production steps now. Respectively, ten persons are currently working at the line.

The entire processing line, including the KRONEN cutting machine GS 10-2 which has also been integrated in the line, amortizes within 120 workings days. A result highly exceeding the expectations of the convenience producer.

„Convenience” avocado is advancing

Avocado fruit are gaining ground currently. The “butter fruit” is supposed to be healthy, nutritious and versatile. Fat content is about 23 percent, however these are highly demanded unsaturated fatty acids.

Consumers who eat health-consciously are delighted by avocados. The fruit especially convinces vegetarians and vegans due to the proportion of essential amino acids.

And also because of the subtle taste and creamy texture it is a trend product for “fast casual” food and is used as salad topping, as ingredient in wraps or sandwiches and last but not least in Sushi rolls.

Details on the KRONEN Convenience Avocado Line you can find here.

The avocado line won't be on show at Fruit Logistica, but our on-site international sales team will be happy to consult you:
Read more about our trade show highlights.

KRONEN Live Cooking at Fruit Logistica 2018

FL2018_KRONEN_Menu_DE_EN_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


  • Vegetable Rice Variations with Spit-Roasted Tandoori Turkey
  • Summer Rolls with Vegetables on a Cucumber Salad with Tonic and Aloe Vera Dressing
  • Mini KRONEN Burger with Chicken „Big Rib“, Coleslaw and Avocado Creme
  • ….

…this is only a selection from the delicacies from the house of KRONEN, which you can taste this year at our stand A-04 in hall 3 at Fruit Logistica.

At our Live Cooking products are prepared “from the field to the table” – a special culinary delights on each day oft he show. For all dishes a vegetarian or vegan alternative can be offered.

Be inspired by the delicious dishes of the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner!

Celebrate with us! We cordially invite you to touch glasses with us on the occasion of 40 years of KRONEN. You may also expect a little anniversary present at the stand.

Which new machinery and solutions – live and in function – can be experienced at the stand? See our invitation for all information.

The international KRONEN team is looking forward to your visit!

KRONEN Menu – Fruit Logistica 2018:

Welcome to KRONEN: at Fruit Logistica 2018

Titel_Einladung_FL2018_EN_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The new year is coming closer and so is the first highlight in 2018: KRONEN will be present with its stand at Fruit Logistica in Berlin from 7-9 February. Take the chance and experience our comprehensive portfolio of new machinery and solutions - live and in function. Besides, there is another good reasing for visiting the KRONEN stand:

In 2018 we celebrate our 40th company anniversary. Celebrate with us! We cordially invite you to touch glasses with us on the occasion of 40 years of KRONEN. You may also expect a little anniversary present at the stand. And you can enjoy special culinary delights on each day of the show: At the Live Cooking products are prepared “from the field to the table” - be inspired by the delicious dishes of the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner.

Visit us at the KRONEN stand A-04 in hall 3.1 - the international KRONEN team is looking forward to meeting you!

Machinery we present live and in function:

Completed by the offer of our partners ZTI smart machines and GKS Packaging we display innovative technology for the processing and packaging of vegetable, salad, fruit and more.

Our invitation shows all the presented machinery at a glance:

KRONEN Invitation - Fruit Logistica 2018:

Anniversary 2018: 40 years of KRONEN - 40 years of experience and innovation for the food industry

40-Jahre-KRONEN-Emblem_EN_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/Portrait_GL_2017_001 1_42402.jpg&w=220&h=2200inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/KRONEN_Gruppenbild_Krone-mit-Luftballons_Gebaeude_o_rgb_klein_42407.jpg&w=220&h=2200


A glance at 2017…

The KRONEN GmbH closes the business year successfully by expecting a growth in revenues of about 9 percent, by increasing the staff to 100 employees and by recording even several innovations and highlights.

To name just some of them: the first GEWA washing machine with self-cleaning water filter in January, our international seminar ‘Fresh Vegetable Processing’ in Bogota/Columbia and the introduction of the GEWA XL washing machine, both in July, the first KRONEN networking meeting in Bremerhaven/Germany in August as well as the fresh re-design of one of our bestsellers: the belt cutting machine GS 10-2 in October.

And not to forget: The successful launch of the vegetable spiral cutting machine Spirello 150 – with it KRONEN had once more perceived the need of the market and had been the first developing a solution which can process many different kinds and sizes of products. Thus, no surprise Spirello 150 finds big demand and has become a real success product: KRONEN will deliver the serial number 220 Spirello by the end of the year!

A glance at 2018…

Looking back we can indeed be full of positive anticipation when it comes to the year of 2018, which will be a special one for KRONEN GmbH. We will celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and 20 years of Zillgith/KRONEN – in 1978 KRONEN GmbH was founded and in 1998 KRONEN was taken over by Rudolf Hans Zillgith as the Managing Director.

Today, 20 respectively 40 years later, KRONEN is a globally operating supplier of machines and systems for the catering, specialty foods, fresh-cut and food industry with representatives in more than 60 countries. KRONEN products are delivered in over 100 countries.

We put high efforts in guaranteeing best quality, but also in delivering individual solutions adapted to the demands of the customer in an optimum way. We consider ourselves a partner for our customers and offer consulting and planning in close cooperation with our suppliers and research institutions from Germany and around the world.

In 2018 and beyond it remains the target of KRONEN to move on with innovations for our customers’ purposes and benefit. By this, we want to extend our position as a worldwide leading producer and supplier of machines and complete processing lines.

Save the date:

In our newsletter we will keep you up-to-date on our highlights in 2018. Also, visit our KRONEN stand, e.g. at Fruit Logistica from February 7–9, 2018 – you will receive our invitation in the beginning of the new year!

Besides, it would be our grand pleasure to welcome you as a guest at the KRONEN Anniversary Customer Days from the evening of September 27 to September 28. Save the date already!

In 2018 we take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for the partnership and collaboration with you, which made 40 years of KRONEN happen. Join us and celebrate with us!

New product: Vegetable rice - Various processing options with the KUJ V

CAULIFLOWER-BROCCOLI-RICE_014_Detail_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The cooking and eating habits have been changing over the past years. Healthy nutrition has come to the fore more and more. This includes the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Furthermore the convenience sector gains importance.

One new trend, which came to the centre of attention at the PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans, USA, from October 20-21, is the so-called vegetable rice, namely Broccoli and Cauliflower stems or also carrots cut in smallest pieces and resembling rice.

The KUJ V can make it

Such vegetable rice can be processed with the KRONEN cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V in a very easy and quick way. Hence, you can cut small, oblong vegetable cubes using various alignments such as a format of 3 x 3 x 5 mm.

Once more KRONEN fulfils the need of the convenience and fresh-cut industry by making the optimum production of another promising fresh vegetable product possible.

In the short video you can see how it works.

Cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V

The KRONEN high performance cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V cuts vegetables, fruit, fish slices from 2 to 12 mm, strips from 2 to 20 mm and cubes of 3 mm up to 20 mm in exact and perfect cutting quality – in a single operation.

Here you can find: all benefits and technical information about KUJ V. We are looking forward to consult you and to answer your inquiry!

Meet KRONEN worldwide – at international trade shows

PackExpo_LasVegas_Sept2017_3_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/Gulfood Manufacturing_Dubai_OktNov2017_2_web_42295.jpg&w=220&h=2200inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/ExpoAlimentaria_Peru_Sept2017_3_web_42292.jpg&w=220&h=2200


Even several important trade fairs for the salad, fruit and vegetable processing industry took place in various countries around the world in the last few months.

KRONEN GmbH has a network of representatives in more than 60 countries and delivers its products to more than 100 countries around the world. Thus, the company is of course present at the international trade shows and displays a machinery program with live demonstrations at the stand – which is specifically targeted to the respective market and the visitors of each show.

With great interest, numerous visitors took advantage of the information and presentations of our KRONEN machines. We are very pleased about the good response and the opportunity to make new contacts, but also to intensify existing customer relationships!

International KRONEN exhibition highlights took place in

  • Russia, Kiev: INPRODMASH 12 – 14 September 2017
  • Great Britain, Peterborough: UK INDUSTRY PRODUCE FAIR 12 – 14 September 2017
  • USA, Las Vegas: PACK EXPO 25 – 27 September 2017
  • Peru, Lima: EXPO ALIMENTARIA 27 – 29 September 2017
  • India, Mumbai: FOOD PROCESSING TECH ASIA 3 – 5 October 2017
  • Russia, Moscow: GOLDEN AUTUMN 4 – 7 October 2017
  • Germany, Cologne: ANUGA FOOD 7 – 11 October 2017
  • Russia, Moscow: AGROPRODMASH 9 – 13 October 2017
  • Spain, Madrid: FRUIT ATTRACTION 18 – 20 October 2017
  • USA, New Orleans: PMA FRESH SUMMIT 20 – 21 October 2017
  • UAE, Dubai: GULFOOD MANUFACTURING 31 October – 2 November 2017

First time at GULFOOD MANUFACTURING in Dubai

After participating in the German pavilion at Guldfood in February for many years, this year for the first time KRONEN GmbH exhibited at the GULFOOD MANUFACTURING show in November being part of the stand of the KRONEN partner for the region KAYDEE Solutions.
Visitors from 40 countries – among them many from Saudi Arabia – were interested in our exhibits. To them we could present our SPIRELLO 150, the new vegetable spiral cutting machine, as well as a portfolio of machines which are already well renown and much used also in this region: the belt cutting machine GS 10-2, the spin dryer for vegetables and salads K50-7S, the potatoes peeling machine PL40K as well as the manual grid cutter HGW and the apple peeler AS4.

Visit us at our stand, too – at one of the next events:

  • France, Lyon: CFIA vom 21 – 23 November 2017
  • Georgia, Tbilisi: Agro Food Drink Tech 30 November – 2 December 2017
  • USA, Grand Rapids: Great Lakes EXPO 5 – 7 December 2017
  • Germany, Berlin: FRUIT LOGISTICA 7 – 9 February 2018

The international KRONEN team is looking forward to meeting you!

KRONEN Anniversary calendar 2018

Titelbild_Kalender2018_neu.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


For the upcoming double anniversary, „40 Years of KRONEN and 20 years of Zillgith/KRONEN“, we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story:

The Sales organisation that brings in the orders. Supported by Design, Production and Logistics that prepare and execute the orders. Quality Assurance as the guarantor for compliance with our high standards, and not least Shipping that ensures safe transport. Together with other departments, such as Electrical, IT, Purchasing, Marketing and others, all ensure a smooth workflow so that our customers receive their machines on time and in the proven KRONEN quality. Our customers can rely on good and dependible support over many years; this is guaranteed by our Customer Service organisation in Germany, and by our partners in more than 90 countries around the world.

This calendar is an expression of our love of detail and our many years of experience. Experience 12 portraits, brilliantly captured with the camera by Jörg Wilhelm and perfectly designed and staged by Ulrich Siefert.

The KRONEN Anniversary Calendar 2018 (48 x 36 cm) can be purchased from now on for a price of EUR 19.50 net, plus shipping costs.

Première réunion de réseau à Bremerhaven (Allemagne)

Netzwerk_Bremerhaven_Aug2017_1_WEB.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Les 10 et 11 Août 2017 Kronen a organisé, en étroite collaboration avec „Wolfgang Blum Consulting“ à Bremerhaven sa toute première réunion de réseau.

Kronen a élaboré un programme très séduisant pour réunir les décideurs de l´HORECA et les producteurs de plats préparés qui ont pu faire connaissance et échanger, en particulier lors de la visite d´entreprises telles que VITAL Salate und mehr…, Transgourmet Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG, le restaurant „Nordsee“ au Columbus Center de Bremerhaven, Heinrich Abelmann GmbH.

Des dégustations culinaires ont agrémenté cette rencontre.

Les 14 participants des 2 secteurs ont été unanimes ; ils attendaient depuis longtemps une telle occasion et ont salué cette initiative.

Journées clients de SYNERGY SYSTEMS les 7 et 8 septembre 2017 aux Pays-Bas

Synergy_Systems_3Partner_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


SYNERGY SYSTEMS B.V., notre agent, depuis le 1er mai 2017, pour les Pays-Bas et les Flandres organise pour la première fois des journées clients les 7 et 8 septembre 2017 à Oisterwijk aux Pays-Bas..

Ces journées sont l´occasion d´échanges personnels et professionnels et permettent de découvrir un grand nombre de machines en fonctionnement – voir ci-dessous -.

Pour de plus amples informations :

Sprendlingenpark 23
NL-5061 JT Oisterwijk
Tel. +31 (0)85 049 17 60

Nous nous réjouissons de votre participation !

Machines / Innovations présentées:

o K650 Essoreuse gros volumes
o Ligne complète de transformation des salades et légumes : coupeuses, laveurs, mélangeurs, essoreuses et système d´égouttage et séchage de Hitec

MARCO Integrated Weighing B.V., NL-Oisterwijk
o Ligne d´ensachage avec système de pesage et software YCM pour les plats préparés
o MARCO "Intellyveyor" système multi-convoyeurs avec table de pesage, intégré dans une ligne complète pour de petits sachets de raisins et de baies

HITEC Foodsystems B.V., NL-Zwolle
o Grills Teflon o Système d´égouttage BDS o Système de séchage CoolDry

KRONEN employees support the campaign 'Unity.Justice.Freedom'

Kronen_E.R.F.-wvibKampagne_Juli2017_o_rgb_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Since March 2017, people from our region have been voting for the campaign "Einigkeit.Recht.Freiheit." (Unity.Justice.Freedom), initiated by the Trade Association of Industrial Enterprises in Baden (wvib). The supporters want to inspire achievements that are no longer self-evident today: freedom of democracy, social market economy and a united Europe.

KRONEN employees also supported the wvib campaign "Einigkeit.Recht.Freiheit." and gathered for the photo session.

Séminaire international organisé par KRONEN à Bogota, thème : Transformation des légumes frais

Seminar_Bogota_Juli2017 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Pour la seconde fois, le 13 juillet 2017, Kronen a organisé au Centre Corferias à Bogota, en étroite collaboration avec son représentant en Colombie JUAN NEUSTADTEL SAS, un séminaire portant sur la transformation des légumes frais en Amérique Latine.

Plus de 80 participants, de Colombie mais aussi de l´Equateur, du Panama, Perou, Costa Rica, Mexique, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentine et Chili, ont pu s´informer sur les dernières innovations technologiques et tendances dans ce domaine.

Ils ont pu visiter ensuite le stand de JUAN NEUSTADTEL SAS sur le salon EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA et participer à des démontrations en LIVE des machines KRONEN : Coupeuse GS 10-2, Cubeuse KUJ V, Peleur à ananas AMS 220, Ensacheuse UP 350 Essoreuse K50-100S.

Ils ont eu également l´occasion de rendre visite à des producteurs locaux utilisant du matériel KRONEN.

Cette rencontre s´est achevée dans la convivialité par un souper et un spectacle.

Ligne de production de pommes de terre chez LENTA, Russie

Kartoffellinie_PL40_Lenta_D_o_rgb_2017_053_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


La ligne de transformation de pommes de terre installée chez LENTA à Saint-Petersbourg, Russie produit jusqu´à 600 kg de pommes de terre par heure.

LENTA est une des plus grandes chaînes de supermarchés en Russie - elle gère 53 supermarchés à Moscou, Saint-Petersbourg, Nowosibirsk et au centre du pays -.

LENTA est également la deuxième plus grande chaîne d´hypermarchés du pays – elle exploite 195 hypermarchés dans 78 villes -. LENTA souhaitait proposer à la vente des carottes, betteraves rouges et pommes de terre coupées et ensachées sous vide et produire de façon automatisée et à moindre coût ces produits. Elle a contacté KRONEN et son agent en Russie, la société INDUSTRIAL NUTRITION. La solution mise-en-oeuvre a permis d´assouplir et d´optimiser le process, permettant à LENTA d´obtenir une qualité de produit optimale avec un minimum de déchets.

La ligne est constituée de :

  • Tank d´approvisionnement pour alimenter la ligne en pommes de terre et autres légumes
  • Peleur PL40K
  • Table à rouleaux pour un contrôle qualitatif des produits

Les pommes de terre épluchées sont ensuite transférées vers une coupeuse KRONEN :

  • Soit une KUJ-V pour obtenir des cubes, bâtonnets, tranches
  • Soit une GS10-2 pour obtenir des tranches régulières

Ces deux machines sont proposées en version mobile et peuvent être utilisées dans l´une ou l´autre section de la ligne.

En fait, cette ligne de transformation des pommes de terre a été intégrée à une ligne de lavage préexistante, livrée l´année précédente.

Cette ligne de lavage est constituée de :

  • 1 laveur GEWA 3800 V ECO washing machine
  • 2 essoreuses K50-7 ECO
  • 1 carrousel pour paniers d´essoreuse

Vous avez des besoins particuliers et recherchez des solutions innovantes, contactez-nous.

Nous serons heureux d´étudier votre DEMANDE.

Photo – réalisée par Kathrin Benz (KRONEN GmbH) - : à gauche : Daria Lutskaya, D.G. de INDUSTRIAL NUTRITION à droite Robert Reisig, Responsable de Zone Export (KRONEN GmbH) ;

KRONEN raffle: The winners are named

Gewinner_Herr_Pipper_und_Herr_Kluth | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The participation in our KRONEN raffle was outstanding and, once again, confirms the popularity of our KRONEN products. We would like to thank all participants!

It was therefore a great pleasure for us to determine the winners of the 10 MAIN PRIZES " grid cutter S195 with individual tools".

Our sincere congratulations to the winners who all have been informed in the meantime. Thank you for the pictures of the KRONEN Grid cutter S195 abd have fun with the prize.

In addition, 10 high-quality twin-graters from Lurch were raffled, the winners have been notified, too. Picture Matthias Sahr: customer Mr. Pipper and Mr. Kluth

LAVES-vocational training: freshcut fruits & vegetables, 26. April 2017, Hannover

Eric_Lefebvre_Technischer_Leiter_KRONEN_R_o_001 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


During the vocational training in Hannover at the Niedersächsischen regional authorities for consumer protection and food safety the subject “freshcut fruits & vegetables – technology, microbiology, monitoring” was presented.

The technology of processing freshcut fuits and vegetables was presented by our Technical Manager Eric Lefebvre as a machine demonstration on the KRONEN belt cutting machine GS 10-2.

Furthermore there were experience reports from a manufacturing company (FRIKONI Food GmbH & Co. KG, consultant Mrs. Stramke) and from the retail sector, for example: EDEKA Minden-Hannover foundation Mr. Marggraf.

Another focus of the vocational training was the microbiological risks from such products, presented by the University Hohenheim, and the possibility of the improvement of the microbiological quality. The company KRONEN provided the university with various machines for research purposes, for instance the water jet cutting machine. We are happy about the good feedback by the food supervisors.

Pictures: Anne Wöhlke (LAVES)

Promotion prize 'Active Citizenship 2017'

BuergerstiftungKehl_Foerderpreis2017_15Mai2017_de | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


The "Bürgerstiftung Kehl" (civic foundation) receives the promotion price "Active Citizenship 2017", which has been awarded since 1998 to non-profit organizations. In this way, the initiative of the Bürgerstiftung in cooperation with the local companies is honored for the qualification of young refugees.

KRONEN also supports this project as a sponsor for one-year entry qualifications of the young people.These measures are used to examine the refugees with practical traineeships, language courses and will prepare them for the actual training and the working world in Germany.

Since 15 May 2017, KRONEN has been able to provide an internship to a young refugee in the KRONEN production area.

Watch the interesting short film with an interview by Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of KRONEN (German language only).

Report of the 'Bürgerstiftung Kehl' - Promotion price 2017:

Customized process optimization with intelligent details -

GEWA3800VPLUS_mitSteigeband-Korbkarussell_April2017_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


A lot of experience and sophisticated technology for an optimal washing result, as well as the individual modification options of the machines – with these facts we have once again convinced a Freshcut company, which is a leader in the English market as a manufacturer and supplier of convenience products. With the GEWA 3800V PLUS washing machine delivered to England in April 2017, salads and vegetables are thoroughly and gently washed in a continuous flume washing process without mechanical submergence.

In close cooperation with the customer, KRONEN engineers have developed solutions tailored to the customer’s needs, which not only improve productivity but also ensure a constant quality of the processed products under the highest hygienic standards.

Thus the GEWA 3800V PLUS washing machine is equipped with many innovative, customer-optimized components such as:
  • By means of the central control system all functions of the washing machine and the feeding belt can be flexibly controlled via touchscreen. 30 freely programmable memory locations can be allocated with individual compositions which can be called up at any time.
  • The integrated infeed elevator with a 17° rising angle is equipped with a mesh belt and offers many technical refinements:
    • Speed control via touch screen (central control)
    • Crate support - simplifies the emptying of the crates

    • Detachable twin shower on the side guide plates

    • Additional spraying device with adjustable spray nozzles

    • Height limitation for product (40-100 mm)

    • Additional emergency stop switch

    • Drip tray grids below the infeed belt (for water treatment at customer's site)

    • Transfer hopper as splash guard to the wash tank (no loss of water)

    • Lateral fines removal drum (SFA) with integrated container for small parts, insects

    • WMS (Water Management System) – centrally controlled filling and emptying of the washing machine

    • Insect removal drum

    • Vibration outfeed with integrated transfer hopper to the basket carrousel, the washed products are transferred to the baskets in a controlled manner

    • Basket carrousel - simplifies basket changing and ensures a continuous workflow
  • Mobile trolley for removable parts of the GEWA washing machine for intermediate storage, e.g. during the cleaning phase

  • Technical Specification GEWA 3800V PLUS:
    • Capacity e.g. Iceberg, leek: up to 800 kg/h
    • Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph
    • Total power: 17 kW
    • Total water volume: 814 l

    If you also have special requirements and want to go new ways in the food industry, please contact us.

    We are happy to advise you and look forward to your REQUEST.

    New Sales Partner in the Netherlands and Belgium-Flanders

    SynergySystems_Vertragsunterzeichnung_17Mai2017_o_rgb3_WEB | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Effective 1 May 2017, KRONEN sales operations in the Dutch and Belgian market were repositioned. Our previous sales partner, JFPT / foodlife in NL-Zwolle, will strategically set new focus areas in distribution and key products, which are no longer in compliance with the sales concept of KRONEN. Therefore, the business relationship ended on 30 April 2017. At this point, we would like to thank JFPT / foodlife for their long-term cooperation with our company. The selection of a suitable successor company focused on the continuous development of customer business relationships. For this reason we have transferred the support of the Dutch and Belgian customers from 1 May 2017 onwards to

    Synergy Systems B.V.
    Sprendlingenpark 23
    NL-5061 JT Oisterwijk)

    Due to the many years of experience with KRONEN, HITEC and MIW products, Managing Director Menno JONGSMA and his sales, project management and service staff will form a strong team to support customers.

    SYNERGY SYSTEMS B.V. represents the cooperative alliance of KRONEN GmbH (D-Kehl), HITEC Foodsystems B.V. (NL-Zwolle) and MARCO Integrated Weighing B.V. (NL-Oisterwijk) and is responsible for the distribution of machines, systems and projects. The collective expertise and experience of the three partner companies guarantee a high synergy advantage as well as an optimal consulting competence.

    With a 24-hour / 7-day customer service, experienced Dutch professionals are available around the clock in Holland and Belgium. This way, we guarantee a comprehensive service and ensure the best possible availability and profitability of our customers' production facilities. We wish our new partner success and all the best.

    Pictures: Menno Jongsma und Eddie Van Dam

    HGW slicing insert

    Tomaten_Scheiben_HGW_Einsatz_small | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    The new HGWslicing insert is ideal for cutting vegetables, mushrooms and seedless fruit in slices of 5,2 - 6,2 - 8,2 mm, and more. Several slicing options are possible, e.g. „top & tail“. You can find all advantages in our attached flyer or on our homepage.

    We will be delighted to advise you! Our sales team is looking forward to your phone call +49 (0)7854 9646-0 or Email.

    Our MULTICORER conquers the Middle East.

    Naher_Osten | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Cutting technology that inspires A world leading fresh cut company has bought one of our highlight machines - a 4-lane MULTICORER - for its new plant in Dubai. After commissioning and an intensive test phase, the next order for two further machines in Saudi Arabia followed.

    The MULTICORER runs on high-speed and in two-shift operation. Eight hours a day, Iceberg salads are decored, cut, washed, dried and packaged, followed by white cabbage. Mainly the processed salads and vegetables are produced for fast food chains and different airlines.

    The use of the KRONEN machines considerably increases the efficiency of the processing line. This is also reflected in a significant reduction of the waste rate.

    The company KRONEN is proud that the MULTICORER inspires and advances our customers' business. You are also interested in our MULTICORER and want to be advised? Then contact us. We appreciate your inquiry!

    You can find more information about the MULTICORER here or simply have a look at our new video. Enjoy !
    Customer visit in the Middle East Pictures: Jean-Marc Hammann, KRONEN

    KRONEN raffle

    S195_Handstanze_M_f_rgb_small | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Fruit and vegetables in top form! FRUIT LOGISTICA showed once again: the market loves fresh ideas!

    We will raffle 10 grid cutter S195 including 2 cutting inserts from KRONEN* among all participants. For inspiring fruit and vegetable creations.

    Turn tomatoes, apples, potatoes, lemons, etc. into wedges, sticks and figurines in no time at all. In addition we raffle 10 Lurch Razortech DUO-graters.

    Simply fill out the form below! Good luck!

    * Closing date for entries is 20 April 2017. The winners will be notified by us. Recourse to the courts is not permitted. No cash disbursement is possible.

    Fruit Logistica 2017 – KRONEN is Trendsetter number 1!

    FRUITLOGISTICA_Messestand2017_010_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    La Fruit Logistica à Berlin (3. – 5. Février 2016) est l´un des rendez-vous les plus importants pour les industries de transformation des salades, fruits et légumes.
    C´est, chaque année, l´occasion pour un large public de professionnels d´avoir une vue d´ensemble du marché et des nouvelles tendances.

    Cette année encore, les visiteurs ont pu découvrir sur le stand Kronen un vaste choix de machines et de nombreuses nouveautés.

    Les différentes démonstrations organisées en fonction des besoins des clients présents leur ont apporté des solutions spécifiques suscitant ainsi un vif intérêt auprès du public.

    Le stand Kronen réunissant ses partenaires commerciaux JFPT Foodlife, ZTI-Mechatronics und GKS Packaging a créé une belle synergie.

    Le public a également été séduit par les spécialités culinaires des cuisiniers professionnels Wolfgang Blum et Andreas Wagner. Certaines de leurs délicieuses recettes sont publiées dans le calendrier Kronen.

    Les visiteurs se sont particulièrement intéressés aux nouveautés suivantes :

    1. UVC-Lock tunnel de désinfection

    Conçu en étroite collaboration avec la société Suisse SterilAir® (CH-Weinfelden) pour la désinfection en surface d´emballages – ex. caisses, tapis convoyeurs ou outils -, le tunnel UVC est équipé de tubes hybrides sterilAir® et satisfait aux exigences combinées de robustesse, flexibilité et facilité d´entretien.

    From February 8 to 10, 2017, the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 was once again the meeting place for the international fruit trade for three days. Kronen was also represented at the trade fair as an expert for the salad, vegetable and fruit processing industries.

    Many visitors were enthusiastic about the exhibited machine highlights. Especially the innovative novelties - and the associated possibilities - were always the starting point for many informative talks and discussions. Especially the live demos of the Kronen novelties - the SPIRELLO 150 vegetable slicer and the high-performance washing machine GEWA XL - proved to be a crowd puller.

    "This gives us the certainty that we have taken the right course with our product developments. The preparation and eating habits of many people have changed considerably in recent years. Healthy nutrition is coming more and more into focus. This also includes the consumption of fresh vegetables. KRONEN responded to the increased demand with the development of innovative machines, "explains Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of Kronen.

    For example, the SPIRELLO 150 produces healthy vegetable spaghetti. For many years already, Kronen has been on the market with a smaller machine version, the S021 spiral cutting machine. With the SPIRELLO 150, Kronen has now achieved a technological breakthrough, which allows a capacity increase with a constant quality. The SPIRELLO 150 can be used not only to cut long shaped products (cucumbers, carrots, radishes, butternut squash), but also round products, e.g. Kohlrabi or beetroot can be cut into decorative and healthy vegetable spirals.

    With the new GEWA XL, Kronen presented a powerful washing machine for high capacities with low energy and water consumption. This machine allows optimal washing results for large quantities of salads and vegetables. The machine is best suited to reduce cross-contamination and it contributes to increased food safety.

    Federal Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, was also impressed by the Kronen booth appearance. He was explained the highly innovative novelties by Stephan Zillgith and Eric Lefebvre, Technical Director at Kronen. Already on 27 January 2017 an important meeting took place at the International GRÜNE WOCHE in Berlin. The reason for this was the transfer of the application for the project 'SiMoHyP: Development of an innovative process for increasing the microbiological safety of packaged fresh cut salads by monitoring and sanitizing the process water".

    This project is supported by the BMEL innovation program over a 24-month duration. The project aims to develop an innovative washing technique and a method for the decontamination of the process water, which is used when washing freshcut salads, in order to preserve microbiologically safe ready-to-eat salads while at the same time conserving resources (water consumption, energy).
    "In teamwork with our customers and partners, many creative ideas generated benefits, not only do we develop machines but also share our know-how with our customers," says Eric Lefebvre. The Kronen booth presented itself in a new and attractive design and was again a successful result of synergy between Kronen and the cooperation partners ZTI-Mechatronics and GKS Packaging.

    At this year's Fruit Logistica gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner spoiled the Kronen stand visitors with exquisite menus - freshly prepared according to their recipes, which were already published in the Kronen annual calendar 2017. The tasty recipes and videos are published monthly in the Kronen newsletter and on the homepage. Thanks to the innovative Kronen technology according to the latest standard, the preparation of these dishes has become a cooking experience with true delights.


    Ligne de lavage chez Adam Theis, Allemagne

    GEWA 1000 Salatwaschmachine | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    La nouvelle ligne de transformation des salades de la société ADAM THEIS intègre 2 laveurs GEWA3800B-PLUS (N° de série 999 et 1000) placés en cascade. La remise officielle de ces machines eut lieu le 25 octobre 2016, l´occasion de féliciter en personne Mr. Werner THEIS, P.D.G. de la société ADAM THEIS.

    Crée en 1875, cette entreprise familiale du Palatinat a, de tout temps, commercialisé des légumes frais. Elle fournit actuellement les hotels-restaurants dans tout le sud de l´Allemagne, leur proposant une gamme complète de salades, fruits et légumes frais, de produits exotiques, champignons et fines herbes. 40 camions pour livrer les grossistes horeca régionaux, les cantines, restaurants universitaires, hôtels, restaurants. 260 employés sont 7/7 j au service de la fraîcheur.

    ADAM THEIS et KRONEN ont bien des points en commun : une croissance commune et des années de coopération.

    ADAM THEIS oriente sa production de produits fraîchement coupés vers les demandes du secteur HORECA et propose des coupes variées – différentes formes, différentes tailles - et des mélanges personnalisés, le tout produit just-in-time, sans conservateur. Une extension de 650 m2 du secteur de production dédié aux produits prêts à cuisiner est prévue d´ici la fin de l´année.

    La qualité des machines KRONEN et leur fiabilité ont d´emblée convaincu ADAM THEIS qui utilise, de longue date, les machines KRONEN pour produire ses salades, fruits et légumes.

    En installant cette nouvelle ligne, ADAM THEIS a investi dans l´avenir. La technologie innovante de KRONEN vise ici à laver avec soin et efficacité des salades, légumes et fines herbes préalablement coupés.

    Le laveur est équipé de :

    • Tambour motorisé pour elimination des insectes
    • Système lateral d´évacuation des fines particules
    • Système de refroidissement
    • Bulleur

    Nous souhaitons beaucoup de succès à la société ADAM THEIS.

    KRONEN contribue à la protection du climat

    Herkunftsnachweis_Ökostrom_2016 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Kronen s´engage pour un environnement propre et porte une attention particulière à fabriquer des équipements de qualité et durables.

    Depuis début 2013 déjà, Kronen a opté pour des sources d´énergie non polluantes – hydroélectricité -.

    Nous contribuons ainsi activement à la préservation des ressources naturelles et à la protection de l´environnement et du climat,

    Laveurs GEWA avec système de traitement de l´eau par rayons UVC

    GEWA3800VECO-UVC_cascade_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    L´hygiène constituant un point capital dans l´industrie agroalimentaire, Kronen propose, pour le lavage des salades, fruits et légumes, une technologie de pointe : un nouveau système de traitement de l´eau par rayons UVC.

    Ce système met en oeuvre les composants UV de sterilAir® (CH-Weinfelden) qui satisfont pleinement aux exigences de l´industrie agroalimentaire.
    Il permet une désinfection permanente de l´eau de lavage qui est ensuite réinjectée, traitée avec UVC, dans le laveur.

    Kronen a, en effet, conçu et fabriqué, pour un client leader du marché en Allemagne - M.S.G. Frucht GmbH - deux laveurs GEWA 3800V ECO placés en cascade (prélavage et lavage principal) et équipés de ce nouveau dispositif.

    Avec cette ligne de lavage innovante, assortie d´un système d´évacuation des insectes et particules fines, les salades et fines herbes, légumes et produits fraîchement coupés sont lavés en profondeur et délicatement dans un courant continu, sans plongée mécanique.

    Ils sont ensuite rincés par une douche d´eau fraîche alimentée par le réseau et située au-dessus du tamis vibrant. Cette eau sert ensuite à rafraîchir l´eau de lavage.

    Le réacteur UVC permet d´éviter les contaminations croisées et garantit donc un process sécurisé. Il permet également de réduire la consommation d´eau.

    Détails et fonctionnement du réacteur UVC :

    Le réacteur UVC pompe l´intégralité de l´eau de lavage par le biais des pompes intégrées en standard au laveur.

    Puissance totale de circulation 60 m3/h pour un volume d´eau d´environ 750 litres. Cela correspond à 80 traitements UVC par heure.

    Le réacteur UVC est raccordé à la machine par un tuyau fixe qui permet de réinjecter l´eau aseptisée dans la cuve de lavage.

    L´intensité du réacteur est adaptée de façon optimale à la puissance des pompes ; l´eau circule en continu.

    Le réacteur UVC est composé de 6 tubes ET activés par 3 ballasts avec une consommation d´énergie particulièrement basse. Ces modules ET sont équipés d´un compteur d´allumages, les tubes sont disposés pour 12000 allumages soit 12000 heures de fonctionnement.

    Les tubes peuvent être retirés aisément et sont d´entretien facile.

    Le réacteur UVC peut, en principe, être installé aussi bien sur un laveur GEWA neuf qu´existant ; contactez-nous si vous souhaitez le tester.

    Spécifications techniques GEWA 3800V ECO :
    • Tension - 400V 50Hz 3Ph
    • Puissance totale - 5.6 kW
    • Dimensions LxBxH - 3830 x 1280 x 1540 mm
    • Volume - 745 l
    Iceberg – jusqu´à 700 kg/h
    Epinards – jusqu´à 500 kg/h
    Persil – jusqu´à 300 kg/h

    Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin

    FruitLogistica2016_Messestand_14_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    La Fruit Logistica à Berlin (3. – 5. Février 2016) est l´un des rendez-vous les plus importants pour les industries de transformation des salades, fruits et légumes.
    C´est, chaque année, l´occasion pour un large public de professionnels d´avoir une vue d´ensemble du marché et des nouvelles tendances.

    Cette année encore, les visiteurs ont pu découvrir sur le stand Kronen un vaste choix de machines et de nombreuses nouveautés.

    Les différentes démonstrations organisées en fonction des besoins des clients présents leur ont apporté des solutions spécifiques suscitant ainsi un vif intérêt auprès du public.

    Le stand Kronen réunissant ses partenaires commerciaux JFPT Foodlife, ZTI-Mechatronics und GKS Packaging a créé une belle synergie.

    Le public a également été séduit par les spécialités culinaires des cuisiniers professionnels Wolfgang Blum et Andreas Wagner. Certaines de leurs délicieuses recettes sont publiées dans le calendrier Kronen.

    Les visiteurs se sont particulièrement intéressés aux nouveautés suivantes :

    1. UVC-Lock tunnel de désinfection

    Conçu en étroite collaboration avec la société Suisse SterilAir® (CH-Weinfelden) pour la désinfection en surface d´emballages – ex. caisses, tapis convoyeurs ou outils -, le tunnel UVC est équipé de tubes hybrides sterilAir® et satisfait aux exigences combinées de robustesse, flexibilité et facilité d´entretien.

    La législation concernant la désinfection des produits alimentaires varie d´un pays à l´autre.

    Des emballages et des containers de stockage stériles sont une condition sine qua non pour une hygiène et préservation optimales des produits alimentaires en général et des salades, fruits et légumes en particulier.

    Le traitement UVC par des composants sterilAir® désinfecte en temps record et efficacement sans échauffement, additifs ou résidus.

    L´ADN des germes est détruit par le traitement UVC pour prévenir toute infection par contact.

    Les atouts de ce tunnel de désinfection sont évidents:
    • Pas de séchage de récipients

    • Idéal pour un placement entre une zone blanche et une zone verte.

    • Tunnel entièrement en acier inoxydable garantissant une utilisation sure des rayons UVC
    • Permet de traîter les emballages dim. 50 x 50 x 20 mm jusqu´à 550 x 300 mm - la disposition optimale des tubes UVC garantit une aire de radiation quasi-totale -.
      • Structure entièrement fermée avec un capot en acier inoxydable garantissant une utilisation sans danger des rayons UVC.
      • Ecran tactile intuitif avec une interface conviviale
      • Tubes UVC longue durée, consommation d´énergie exemplaire soulignant l´efficacité du système sterilAir®, parfaitement adapté au traitement de produits sensibles à la température.

      2. Table de pesée KWT 16 avec peseuse à une tête

      Kronen propose, pour les ensacheuses CP350 ou UP350, une plateforme équipée d´une peseuse à une tête pour peser différents produits (légumes, fruits, salades, crudités, pâtisseries, sucreries ou des produits non-alimentaires) et les mettre en sachets.

      La plateforme en acier inoxydable à bords repliés est adaptée à la hauteur de l´ensacheuse. Elle est équipée d´une rampe de sécurité. La table de mélange avec peseuse est placée à une hauteur ergonomique et est facilement accessible par quelques marches.

      Le bac de pesée (volume 16 litres) avec cylindre d´ouverture pneumatique du clapet est parfaitement conçu pour le traitement des salades ex. Lollo Bionda jusqu´à 1 kg.

      3. Machine à éplucher et découper les mangues en filets (ZTI Mechatronics)r>
      Pour éplucher et dénoyauter les mangues (30 à 40 à la minute) – automatiquement en un process. La mangue est positionnée dans un support-fruit et est conduite vers la station d´épluchage-dénoyautage.
      La mangue est un fruit tendre qui demande une attention particulière ; les méthodes traditionnelles ont tendance à endommager le produit mais cette machine saisit le fruit par le noyau. La mangue est ensuite épluchée en suivant le contour du fruit ; cet épluchage permet un épluchage net et lisse comme à la main ;
      La mangue est ensuite découpée en deux en suivant le contour du noyau.
      Cette méthode d´épluchage-découpe respectueuse du produit permet d´augmenter de façon considerable sa durée de vie.


    'From Preparation to Packing - KRONEN does it all' - new information brochure

    Gesamtprospekt_Maschinenprogramm_Ausstellungsraum_en | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Hot of the press: we proudly present our new KRONEN brochure!

    This clearly structured booklet contains all the information you need to know about us, our machines and solutions. Also, important references can be found there.

    Simply contact us: we gladly will send you a personal copy. Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy of the brochure from our download-area, click here:

    We wish you much fun when browsing and reading!

    Anuga Food in Cologne: We were there!

    AnugaFood_Koeln2015_1_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    September & October are traditionally strong fair months for Kronen. Anuga Food in Cologne is one of eleven exhibitions on which we were represented - and that on almost all continents:

    • Santiago de Chile, FOOD & SERVICE (1.-4.09.2015)
    • Rimini, MACFRUT (23.-25.09.2015)
    • Las Vegas, PACKEXPO (28.-30.09.2015)
    • Vigo, CONXEMAR (5.-7.10.2015)
    • Moscow, AGROPRODMASH (5.-9.10.2015)
    • Moscow, AGROTECH (7.-10.10.2015)
    • Cologne, ANUGA FOOD (10.-14.10.2015)
    • Beijing, CHINA FOODTECH (19.-21.10.2015
    • Atlanta, PMA FRESH SUMMIT (23.-25.10.2015)
    • Dubai, GULFOOD (27.-29.10.2015)
    • Madrid, FRUIT ATTRACTION (28.-30.10.2015)

    Trade visitors from all over the world experienced our machines in operation, obtained comprehensive information about our complete assortment and benefited from the expert advice of our exhibition team.

    Something we are particularly pleased about: The very good response and the big interest especially at the Anuga Food (as one of the most important trade fairs for the food industry) were gratifying. We presented a wide range of our machines, enabling visitors to understand how to optimize such production line processes: from trimming and sorting, cutting, washing, dewatering and drying up to packing the products - everything from a single source.
    Interested visitors and customers took the opportunity to get first-hand comprehensive & competent information about the Kronen processing technology with cost-saving automation possibilities.

    We would like to thank the numerious visitors for their high level of interest and the constructive conversations.

    KRONEN Corp. USA moves to Madison/WI

    KronenCorp_Madison_F_o_rgb2 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    From 1 September 2015, our US subsidiary KRONEN Corp. in Cohoes/NY has moved to new premises in Wisconsin. After the founding in 2011 a successful development has built up in the KRONEN Corp. under the leadership of William (Bill) Creitz. Actually, Bill has left the company to enjoy his retirement. For this reason the restructuring of the company along with the move was necessary.
    We thank Bill at this point for his many years of successful service for the Company.

    When selecting a suitable successor the prime focus was on the ongoing development of customer relations with expanded service offerings.
    For this reason, we have transferred the new management of the US subsidiary to Russell (Russ) Quandt. He is supported by Geoffrey (Geoff) Norton (inside sales manager) and Terry Heintz (service engineer). We are pleased that Geoff with his years of experience from the partnership with William (Bill) Creitz stands for continuity and we could win him for this important task and further cooperation, associated with the move to Madison.
    Russ maintains a high level of food processing and packaging expertise due to his extensive experience with manufacturing operations. For over 26 years, Russ has successfully marketed equipment and systems tailored to a wide variety of food applications.

    We are pleased to be well positioned with Russ Quandt and his team of skilled professionals to support our U.S. customers.

    KRONEN Corp.
    4174 Commercial Avenue
    Madison, Wisconsin 53714
    Phone: +1 518 326 4373
    Fax: +1 518 326 4376

    International seminar 'Freshcut processing' in Colombia

    Seminar-Agroalimentaria_Kolumbien_Jul2015-6 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    International Seminar on Fresh Vegetables Processing took place for the first time in Latin America on 9 July 2015.
    Organized and produced by KRONEN and the very valuable help of KRONEN distributor JUAN NEUSTADTEL SAS in Colombia, this full day activity Seminar took place on July 9 at the Corferias Center in the capital city of Bogotá.
    55 visitors from all around the country and the whole of Latin America came to this meeting to learn about new technologies and tendencies in the fresh cut market.
    Juan Esteban Ocampo, KRONEN machinery sales manager at JUAN NEUSTADTEL hosted this event which took place in a comfortable meeting area, and introduced the three presentations:
    • "Vegetable processing" - Speaker Paul Woodward from Spain:
      The participants benefited at Paul Woodward's lecture especially from his decades of experience in the English and Spanish market.
    • "Longer shelf life by better processes and packaging" - Speaker Mariano Pereyra from Chile:
      In this topic, Mariano Pereyra could incorporate much of his experience from a long process of change at one of the largest processors in Chile.
    • "Machinery and technologies" - Speaker Juan Lindmayer (KRONEN Export Area Manager) from Uruguay:
      Juan Lindmayer gave valuable insight and assistance to the development of successful processing.
    After these interesting lectures, seminar participants visited the booth of JUAN NEUSTADTEL at trade fair EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA. There they experienced LIVE presentations of various KRONEN machines: GS 10-2 Belt cutting machine, KUJ V Dice, strip & slice cutting machine, KSM 100 Vegetable cutting machine, K50-100 S Spin dryer.

    On the following day, many of the international participants took the opportunity for an exchange of first-hand information and visited local producers working with KRONEN processing lines.

    Young entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan visited KRONEN

    gizKasachstanBesuch_SZ_KUJV_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    On 8 June 2015, a group of visitors from Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan on behalf of the giz (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit) was guest at Kronen.
    Economic cooperation aimed between small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany and Central Asia was the important topic of this Germany trip of the young entrepreneurs mainly from the agricultural sector.

    Managing Director Stefan Zillgith presented the company Kronen, as well as special topics like E.g. "marketing concept of Kronen" and "New trends in vegetable processing and innovation management" in his short speech.

    After that the guests gained an initial insight into the company on a tour of the plant, also some machines for the processing possibilities for salad, fruit and vegetables were presented live.

    Dr. Sabine Kübler: Successful doctoral dissertation with support by KRONEN

    Dr.Kuebler_Dissertationsarbeit2015 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Dr. Sabine Kübler finalized her doctoral dissertation on the subject "Assessment of Innovative, Industrially Applicable Processing and Sanitizing Methods for the Production of Fresh-Cut Lettuce and Chicory" with support of KRONEN gaining her doctorate at the University of Hohenheim.
    Quote: "Thanks to the employees of Kronen Nahrungsmittel GmbH, in particular to Mr. Eric Lefebvre and Mr. Stephan Zillgith for the successful cooperation and for their great level of commitment in terms of salad processing."

    The doctoral dissertation of Dr. Sabine Kübler is published by Shaker Verlag, Aachen. If you are interested in this book please feel free to contact us.

    Installation en Italie d´une ligne haut rendement de transformation des légumes

    Ghisetti_Linie_Personenl_M_o_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    La ligne que nous venons d´installer chez le producteur de légumes GHISETTI dans la province de Badia Polesine, Italie du nord, permet de transformer jusqu´à 800 kg de pommes de terre par heure.

    La société GHISETTI se prévaut d´une expérience de quasiment 130 ans dans le commerce des fruits et légumes. Son nom est synonyme de qualité, fraîcheur et service. Elle propose une large gamme de légumes prêts à l´emploi, nettoyés, coupés, emballés sous vide – ex. carottes, betteraves rouges, épis de maïs - ainsi que des pommes de terre présentées sous différentes formes, en différents conditionnements.

    Pour satisfaire une demande croissante et accéder plus rapidement et directement au marché des produits pré-cuits, emballés sous vide, la société GHISETTI a décidé de transformer ses produits elle-même, sur site. Elle a également décidé d´ajouter différents produits à sa gamme de légumes et a fait construire un nouveau bâtiment pour installer la ligne de transformation KRONEN.

    Conçue en étroite collaboration avec les sociétés FORMIT et EKKO, cette ligne permet de nettoyer les pommes de terre et autres légumes, de les éplucher et laver. Ils sont ensuite transférés dans l´une ou l´autre coupeuse pour être découpés en cubes ou en tranches.

    Cette ligne de transformation intègre une partie de notre ligne complète de transformation des légumes, composée de laveurs GEWA, coupeuses et convoyeurs.

    Eléments de la ligne de transformation des pommes de terre :
    • Tank d´approvisionnement en pommes de terre ou autres produits
    • Epierreur pour éliminer les saletés et petits cailloux
    • Peseuse pour une alimentation optimale de l´éplucheuse
    • Eplucheuse Combi 1000 et pompe à vis excentrée pour l´évacuation des déchets
    • Laveur à tambour pour retirer les restes de peau et l´amidon
    • Cuve d´eau
    • Table d´inspection à rouleaux et tapis-retour vers la section d´épluchage à couteaux pour les pommes de terre nécessitant un épluchage aditionnel. La reprise des produits nécessite moins de personnel.
    Les pommes de terre épluchées sont ensuite transportées vers une coupeuse KRONEN
    • soit une cubeue KUJ V
    • soit une trancheuse GS 10-2
    Les deux coupeuses sont montées sur roues pour garantir une flexibilité d´utilisation.

    S´ils ne doivent pas être coupés, les pommes de terre et autres légumes sont simplement transportés sur un tapis convoyeur.

    Looking back: ANUGA FoodTec, Cologne

    KRONEN GmbH at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Tomato Robot Station | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Anuga FoodTec (24 -27 March 2015) in Cologne was a further successful exhibition milestone. We are pleased with the positive feedback that we receive from our customers: The trade fair as a meeting place served as a welcome platform to get know each other, for exchanging experiences and ideas and, of course, presentation of our machine portfolio:

    We showcased our novelties:
    • Robot station for tomato processing, consisting of 5 interlinked main components: roller inspection table, cutting machine PGW, image processing system, robot and grip system. Tomatoes are inspected and separated at the roller inspection table and transported to the robot station. Thereon, the tomatoes are detected and selected by the image recognition system which precisely calculates the coordinates of the gripper mounted on the robot. The tomatoes will be gripped by the robot one by one and placed orientated onto the cutting machine PGW where will be cut into perfect and equal slices.
    • GEWA XL washing machine offering optimal washing results for larger quantities of vegetable, salad and fruit. This machine is an outcome of the RESFOOD project ( which was showcased at the ANUGA FoodTec 2015 for the first time.
      Objectives of the RESFOOD-project: › Guaranteed dwell time of 45 secs › Sand trap, insect removal system, filter screen › Energy efficiency by optimized water flow › Lower water consumption during washing and spraying › Due to optimized spraying no organic residues on the products, thereby improving durability of the product › Drier product due to belt dewatering
    • AMS 220 pinapple & melon peeling machine for peeling (regardless of the products contours) various fruit such as pineapples, melons of all kind, pumpkins with a smooth surface
    The broad-based and competent portfolio of KRONEN is evidenced by the new business sector “KRONEN SYSTEMS” with an objective of pooling the high level of competence of a group of experts in developing complex solutions for automation and rationalization of food processing technologies. Findings and experiences of this group will be processed in a targeted manner and constantly crosschecked and tuned to the research results of the leading European institutes and renowned research organizations for the food processing technology. KRONEN customers shall be integrated more and more in the implementation of joint research projects in order to benefit as direct application users from the new technologies. This group is open for food technology experts in all areas of industry, research and development.

    Bilan Fruit Logistica 2015

    FruitLogistica2015_Messestand | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Also this year we are looking back to a very successful Fruit Logistica. Demand for our Kronen machines for the salad, vegetable, fruit processing industry is growing constantly, and we are proud of that! This is mainly due to investments in development of new products as well as pursuing a consistent company strategy.

    In addition to the well proven range of machines Kronen showcased its novelties, together with the cooperation partners GKS Packaging, JFPT Foodlife and ZTI-Mechatronics :
    • AMS 220 pineapple & melon peeling machine specialized to peel fruit in a great variety of different shapes and sizes
    • GDM 35 grape destemmer for automatic destemming of grapes, without damaging the grapes.
    • CP 350 packaging machine for packing of all types of free-flow and pasty food and non-food products.
    • FlowDry 1500 for de-watering hard vegetables
    The visitors expressed a keen interest in the integrated solutions we offer and attested excellent technical expertise and professionalism.

    As a special highlight, the Kronen stand visitors enjoyed culinary delights freshly prepared by the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner. The recipes of these delicacies have already been published in our Kronen annual calendar 2015.
    Due to the innovative Kronen up-to-date technique the food preparation has become a delicious experience for eyes and palate!

    We would like to thank all our visitors for the interesting dialogues at the fair and look forward to implement new challenges in cooperation with our customers!

    Strong presence at Russian trade fairs in Moscow

    Messe_Agroprodmash_S.Zillgith_Okt2014_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Almost at the same time two important trade fairs Agroprodmash and Golden Autumn were held in Moscow (6.-10. / 8.-11. Okt.2014).
    At both exhibition places we presented ourselves with our own attractive booths.

    „We offered an overview of our KRONEN product portfolio to the very interested vistors. We are happy about the positive response and the opportunity of establishing new contacts but also cultivating and developing existing customer relations, " says Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director.

    Many thanks to all visitors at our KRONEN customer day!


    On the occasion of the KRONEN Customer Day on September 26, 2014 and the International Representatives' Conference (September 24 + 25, 2014), Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director, and his KRONEN team welcomed more than 170 visitors from over 30 countries.

    The extremely high level of response from the national and international customer and interest groups shows that KRONEN is right with the concept of LIVE demonstrations of its diverse processing options for salad, vegetables and fruit. The guests were particularly interested in the machine highlights and innovative solutions for the fresh cut area.

    "We support our users with machines and technologies that are precisely tailored to their tasks, and we also involve partner companies who are leaders in their field, thus offering our customers optimum solutions," explains Johannes Günther, Sales Director at KRONEN. Also represented were competent cooperation partners of KRONEN GmbH, e.g. with products from the field of packaging technology.

    Not only the sunny autumn weather but also the relaxed evening program rounded off the successful event. We are delighted with the extremely positive response from our customers and thank all our guests for the successful day!

    New KRONEN-Website goes ONLINE!

    Webseite_Relaunch_SZ-IngoU_22Sept2014 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    KRONEN presents its newly modified and clearly structured website with its extensive offers and expanded features!
    The new website operates with a "responsive web design" that fit multiple screen sizes of mobile devices. This means, in particular, the flexible and optimal adaption to e.g. smart phones, tablet PC, and other.

    All important facts and information about our products are available for download, such as technical data, videos, brochures, etc.
    The practical product finder tool allows you to get the right combination of machines and devices for almost every application. And those who want to can register easily for the KRONEN newsletter.

    Company UST GmbH, Berghaupten-Germany, was entrusted with the professional implementation of the new, even more attractive KRONEN website.
    The picture shows Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of Kronen (on the right side) and Ingo Ullrich, Managing Director of UST (on the left side) releasing the new KRONEN website - at the push of a button.

    Bell pepper processing on a large scale!

    GEWA5000VPLUS_PaprikaLINIE_M_o_rgb4 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
    inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/GEWA5000VPLUS_PaprikaLINIE_Vibrationssieb- mitPaprikad_o_rgb1_27010.jpg&w=220&h=2200inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/GEWA5000VPLUS_PaprikaLINIE_R_rgb2_27043.png&w=220&h=2200


    „Two in one sweep“

    A major order of a renown European customer constitutes a further milestone at KRONEN’s success story:
    KRONEN engineers developed an automated bell pepper processing line according to specific customer’s requirements, consisting of two (2) GEWA 5050V PLUS Bell Pepper washing machines with integrated transport systems.

    Up to 7 tons/h raw product can be processed (= approx. 5 - 5,5 tons good product). The processing line will become operational already in June 2014.

    These machines have been specially designed for WASHING & SORTING sliced bell pepper (completely cut with core and kernels). One of the key features is an automatic separation method allowing different kinds of bell pepper (diced or sliced) to be processed.
    By means of a sophisticated water streaming system the waste and good product are separated thus saving extensive costs:
    1. Light parts (core and „white parts“) drift on the surface of the water and are discharged by a link conveyer
    2. Heavy parts (kernels) fall to the bottom and are discharged through the sand trap funnels
    3. Good product is discharged by the vibration outfeed for further processing
    The automatic bell pepper processing line consists of:
    • A mobile infeed conveying system (30°) linked with a horizontal shuttle conveyor which allows either one or both machines to be feeded
    • Sand trap funnel for paprika seeds: This sedimentation unit allows an optimal and thorough washing of even very soiled products! In combination with the WMS (water management system), an automatic part-drainage at regular intervals and consequently a permanent regeneration of the washing water can be assured
    • Lateral fines removal drum
    • Exchangable vibration sieves with various perforations (5, 8 und 15 mm)
    • Integrated outfeed belts for good procts as well as waste
    • Modern control technology, by means of a central switch box both machines can be controlled separately and all infeed & outfeed belts can be connected individually
    • And many more features…

    Invitation: Customer Day at GKS Packaging b.v. - 14 JUNE 2014

    Invitation_GKS-CustomerDay_14June2014_news | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    We herewith invite all our customers and interested parties to the CUSTOMER DAY on 14 June 2014 at the premises of our cooperation partner GKS Packaging b.v. at Son, Netherlands.

    GKS will introduce their new machine platform and show you several important recent developments which will give our customers the benefit in the years to come!
    No better way to do this while enjoying good food, drinks, music and an exhilarating high speed car rally. During the evening the time trials of the final race of the national rally championship is held on Ekkersrijt, the industrial park where GKS is situated.
    Even better, the circuit passes GKS company and we guarantee the best view from the VIP deck !

    Please inform us of your attendance before the 1st of June. You can do this and even ask for further information (agenda, etc.) by sending an email to

    Sensitive handling of vulnerable products...

    GEWA5050BSPLUS_BandaustragTrocknung_R_rgb2 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Strawberries belong undoubtedly to one of those fruit which need to be treated & washed extremely gently.
    Actually, our Kronen engineers met these challenges by developing creative features at a GEWA 5000 washing machine for a Portuguese customer. This frozen fruit & vegetables producer is one of the most important European actors in the frozen vegetable sector. Acting quick and efficiently are basic guidelines and, therefore, they have invested in an automated machine park.
    The KRONEN GEWA 5000 washing machine is an important component of this automation process: Up to 2 tons of fresh strawberries - and other products such as tomatoes - are washed per hour.

    The machine is specially designed for gentle, continuous washing followed by a combined suction/blowing unit on the belt outfeed.
    First, the height-adjustable DRYING/BLOWING UNIT (1) is drying the upperside of the strawberries (and other products), from a vertical position.
    The SUCTION UNIT (2) removes all the water that is caught in the mesh belt and also reduces the water content from the lower surface of the strawberries coming from the washer. This feature enables a significant reduction of water diversion to subsequent processing steps.
    An additional BLOWING UNIT (3) installed below the belt removes residual small-parts.

    By means of this gentle washing & drying procedure the strawberries - and any other products - are ideally prepared for further processing (in this case: shock freezing).

    Further highlights of this machine are the KRONEN Water-Management-System (WMS = centrally controlled filling and emptying of the washing machines) with 3 sand trap funnels as well as a lateral fines removal drum.

    Bilan Fruit Logistica 2014

    FruitLogistica2014_Messestand_GS10-2_GS20_o_rgb_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Also this year, the great importance of Fruit Logistica 2014 (5 - 7 February, Berlin) has been fully confirmed for Kronen. A large number of interested visitors took the opportunity to get first-hand comprehensive and competent information about the machines which have been demonstrated live.
    Together with the cooperation partners GKS Packaging, JFPT foodlife und ZTI Mechatronics many conversations were conducted with domestic and international customers and interested parties. This shared network offers a lot of synergy gains and cost savings opportunities.

    As a special highlight Kronen presented its multipurpose slicing machine GS10-2. This belt cutter not only appears in a new look but also impresses with its high-performace technology and substantial functions. For more information, click at following link.

    In the second year on the row, visitors had been spoiled by culinary delights - freshly prepared by the gourmet chefs Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner.
    Both chefs created exquisite meals with seasonal ingredients which already had been published in our own Kronen annual calendars 2013 and 2014. A great variety of these recipes had been presented live.
    Due to the innovative Kronen up-to-date technique the food preparation became a delicious cooking experience!

    We look forward to seeing you again in Berlin next year!

    Lien: GS10-2


    GrapesDestemmer_M_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    We present at Fruit Logistica in Berlin:

    The innovative Grape Destemming Machine ZTI
    The "grape destemmer" is the first machine that removes the berries from the grape, from the individual stems cleanly, carefully and automatically. Grape bunches are placed at the top of the machine. Then the mechanics triggers the individual berries gently by a rotating movement, without causing damage to the fruit, and places them gently on the conveyor again, where the finished product can be visually controlled by the staff.

    The output is three to five times higher per person than with purely manual processing. Depending on the variety and quality of the grapes, up to 240 kg per hour can be processed.

    The grape destemmer is nominated for the "FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2014".

    KSM 100: La nouvelle coupeuse à légumes et salades de KRONEN

    KSM100_003_M_f_rgb_20130930.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Lors de l´ANUGA, en octobre dernier, les visiteurs qui ont pu voir de plus près la nouvelle coupeuse à légumes et salades KSM 100 ont été séduits par ses petits plus innovants :
    • Une conception parfaitement adaptée à la coupe des légumes, salades et fruits durs
    • avec 2 ouvertures différentes

    • • une grande pour les choux, les légumes feuillus et différentes salades
      • une petite pour les produits longs tels que les concombres, courgettes, carottes, radis etc...
    • Un vaste choix d´accessoires pour des utilisations variées
    • Un nouveau racloir adapté à tous les accessoires de coupe
    • Un changement rapide et simple des accessoires de coupe
    • Et beaucoup plus …

    KSM 100: Cheese shredding into finest strips:

    Nicht nur Gemüse oder Salat sondern auch Käse (z.B. Edamer) können Sie mit der KSM 100 Universalschneidemaschine schneiden bzw. raffeln (feinste Streifen).
    Mehr Informationen unter:

    KRONEN Journée portes ouvertes au Chili

    KundentagChile_Sept13-5 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Journée portes ouvertes au CHILI:

    Le 25 Septembre a été l´occasion de réunir dans les locaux de MULTIVAC – notre agent au Chili – différents experts et clients chiliens et argentins qui se sont vu proposer un programme attractif, des informations intéressantes et de petites astuces.
    • Présentation des sociétés MULTIVAC, BIZERBA et KRONEN dont les produits sont complémentaires et permettent d´offrir aux clients une solution globale.
    • Présentation et démonstration, par Johannes GÜNTHER, Directeur des Ventes KRONEN, de l´ensacheuse verticale CP300 (dont les nombreuses applications et le faible encombrement ont séduit les visiteurs) et d´autres machines KRONEN.
    • Présentation - suivie d´un débat - par Juan LINDMAYER, Chef de zone export KRONEN pour l'Amérique latine, des nouvelles tendances du process de transformation dans le domaine des produits fraîchement coupés.
    • Visite d´une nouvelle unité de transformation qui livre 40 tonnes de produits par jour aux hôtels, restaurants et traiteurs, guidée par Cristian Ibacache (Chef de produits KRONEN, Multivac Chili)
    • Et, pour finir, échange de vues animé autour d´un buffet proposant les créations culinaires du Chef Cuisinier du restaurant Puerto Fuy à Santiago, Giancarlo Mazzarelli.

    ANUGA 2013: The new KRONEN dipping bath KDB 120 !

    KDB_Apfelsegmente_D_o_rgb3 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    KRONEN GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik presents its new KDB 120 dipping bath at Anuga in Cologne:

    The new KDB 120 dipping bath has been developed for final treatment of peeled or cut fruits or vegetables. It is the dipping bath with the smallest fill quantity on the market !
    By application of e.g. Nature Seal®, other liquids or water soluable powders a prolongation of shelf life and, consequently, increase of product quality will be achieved.

    Rien que le meilleur...

    Vortex_Linie_GS10_GEWA3800BPLUS_K50_HalleLGV_R_h_rgb3bearb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Telle est la devise de la société „LGV Frischgemüse à Vienne“ qui livre des salades et légumes frais à ses clients dans toute l´Autriche. Cette société va dorénavant livrer des salades traiteurs et a construit une nouvelle unité de production dans les environs de Vienne.

    Un materiel innovant, un savoir-faire performant, une excellente qualité nous ont convaincu de choisir des équipements Kronen” précise le président du Conseil d´Administration Gerald König.

    Cette ligne inclut une coupeuse GS10, un laveur GEWA3800B PLUS, un Vortex, 3 essoreuses K50-100S et permet de traiter environ 800 kg de salades par heure:
    • Coupeuse GS 10: pour préparer et couper les salades (pour différentes salades mélangées)
    • Laveur GEWA 3800B PLUS: pour un lavage délicat des salades coupées, de la mâche, des Lollo Rossa, Lollo vertes
    • Vortex: pour traiter les produits préalablement lavés dans le but de réduire les germes, améliorer ainsi la qualité des produits et augmenter la DLC. (Longueur tuyaux: 71 m, durée d'exposition environ 120 secondes)
    • Essoreuse K50-100S: essorage en douceur des salades
    • Une table de parage, un carrousel, un convoyeur d'alimentation, un convoyeur d'évacuation s'intègrent de fa ç on optimale et garantissent la continuité du process.
    Installation de la ligne à Vienne (images 1 + 3) Mr. S. Graicher + Mr. Lunzer, Responsables de production LCG + LGV, au milieu de l'image Mr. J. Günther, Directeur de vente KRONEN (image 2)

    Vortex: Salad processing line / Lamb's lettuce:

    Professional salad processing line for washing (with GEWA 3800B PLUS) lamb's lettuce, the pre-washed product will be flushed gently into the Vortex system for final treatment stage. The longer, controlled contact times during the washing process allow reduction of germs and increasing shelf life and quality of the processed lettuce.
    Capacity: 800 kg /h

    Process automatisé pour lignes complexes

    Prozessvisualisierung_Linie_S_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Un système de contrôle standardisé est à présent disponible pour un ration coût-bénéfice optimal.
    Utilisé dans des équipements inter-connectés, il présente de nombreux avantages :
    1. Par visualisation du process, les points necessitant entretien ou étant l´objet d´une erreur sont rapidement localisés.
    2. En cas de bourrage, le système stoppe automatiquement les machines situées en amont pour éviter toute perte de produits.

    Une coupeuse GS10 de 20 ans fait peau neuve

    GS10 coupeuse   a p r è s   remise en état | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    En début d'année, notre S.A.V. a eu l'occasion d'effectuer l'entretien et la remise en état d'une GS 10 coupeuse encore parfaitement opérationnelle.

    Cette machine remplit fidèlement sa fonction depuis 20 ans et atteste, si besoin était, de la qualité et longévité des équipements KRONEN. La voici apprêtée pour les prochaines décennies.

    KRONEN Food Calendar 2013

    KRONENKalender2013_Deckblatt | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Hot off the press KRONEN presents its own annual calendar 2013.
    KRONEN is a world-famous manufacturer of high-quality machines for processing of lettuce, vegetables and fruit. It is only natural then that we present a calendar containing delicious recipes made primarily from vegetarian products, with ideas for the year.

    Wolfgang Blum and Andreas Eigner have created exquisite meals with seasonal ingredients that are certain to delight your taste buds.
    Jörg Wilhelm’s photography makes for a perfect presentation of the results. The depiction of fresh products once again demonstrates the fresh spirit, enthusiasm and creativity of our engineers in developing solutions for the requirements of our customers – which we have proven day after day for the past 30 years.

    The new KRONEN calendar 2013 can be purchased from now on at EUR 19,50plus forwarding expenses. (Mail to:

    Starting in January 2013 we will publish the creative recipes in our monthly newsletter.

    Subjects, perspectives, impulses - successful KRONEN customer days!

    GS20_Kundentag_Sept2012_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    More than 150 participants from more than 30 countries around the world came together at the international Kronen representation conference on 26 and 27 September which has been followed by an open customer day on 28 September 2012.

    Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director, and his team presented novelties and also well proven products to the national and international experts for salad, vegetable & fruit processing.

    At the company-owned show room and production plants a special focus has been given to live demos of preparing, peeling, cutting, washing, drying and packaging of food going together with optimized customer specific solutions. It was with great interest that the customers took the opportunity to learn how to improve quality of their products, to increase efficiency of production and, finally, how to increase marketing success.

    Particular applications and special presentations have been, e.g.:
    • Presentation of the new belt cutting machine GS 20 and new technologies for exact cutting of fruits and vegetables with GS 10 TTS
    • Efficient preparation of salads with minimal manpower requirement with TT 450 Top & Tail-machine
    • Presentation of the redeveloped dicing and strip cutting machine KUJ with new features
    • Washing and germ reduction technologies with Vortex-line
    • WMS Waste Management Solutions
    • Basic and function of a measuring and dosing system on a KRONEN GEWA washer
    • Processing line for peeling long products such as cucumber, carrots, asparagus with TMS-Solo-line
    • Foodlife SDS 5000, Flexfill 200, salad trimming
    • Basics and more on weighing and packaging: vertical form, fill and seal packaging machines
    • Processing fruit into high-quality, „ready-to-eat“ portions with an optimum shelf life – Mango peeler FP 20
    Presentations and lectures of renowned Kronen cooperation partners complemented the program.
    In addition to the numerous, fruitful dialogues Kronen maintained customer relations and presented himself as a good host inviting their guests to special evening events in the local holiday region.

    On the whole, Stephan Zillgith reached an entirely positive conclusion: „The Kronen customer days were an outstanding success. We are very pleased that we were approached by many customers highly interested in our technique. We have given current insights into our company and its diversity, innovation, capability and reliability“.

    In keeping with tradition, the Kronen employees and their families have benefited from the good deal of intensive preparation one day after. More than 180 visitors enjoyed the popular Kronen family day watching the live demos, touring the plant and having fun with the very attractive children’s program (such as ballon race, face painting, cream-cake-sling and many more…).

    The extremely positive feedback of all participants confirmed that Kronen is on the right track with the annual Kronen Customer Days.

    VORTEX-line for germ reduction + prolongation of shelf life of fresh-cut products

    Vortex_ohne_GEWA_geteilt_R_h_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    The Vortex line has been developed for the final treatment of vegetables (including leaf salads and root products) and fruit (e.g. apples, grapes).

    The line features a tubular system with infeed and discharge openings. The pre-cleaned products (fruit or vegetables) are transported into a hopper. Rotating nozzles located at the side gently and reliably flush the products into the system. The product is conveyed with water through the entire length of the tube and finally discharged. The products are moved on to a transport or vibration belt via a water slide. For germ reduction purposes and for enhancing the quality and shelf life of the products, chlorine dioxide or antioxidants can be added to the flushing water. The required contact time can be adjusted and controlled via the flow rate.

    As all KRONEN-machines and lines, the Vortex-line is constructed in a very solid way and, therefore, particularly suitable for operation under very difficult conditions.

    Optional dosing station: to dose and control a suitable additive for product treatment in the water cycle

    With a major order from a renowned European salad processing company, KRONEN can celebrate another success for its international growth strategy. Actually, the 4 Vortex washing lines have been delivered to the major customer mid July 2011.

    NEW: Automatic KRONEN Weighing Belt System!

    Wiegebandanlage für das exakte Herstellen von Salatmischungen | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    KRONEN sustains growth momentum:
    Two renowned German salad processing companies already benefit from the innovative KRONEN washing and processing technique in combination with the newly developed automatic weighing belt system. Last Autumn the complete lines have been supplied to allow customers a precise, continuous and automatic dosing of salad and cabbage; a thorough blending of the products takes place in the following GEWA washing machine,
    Mainly Iceberg, Frisee, radicchio and other leafy lettuces with capacities of 1300 - 1400 kg per hour are processed adding a mixture of 5 - 45 % (depending on produce). Dosing sliced cabbage but also other products such as carrot sticks, shall be provided automatically always in the same mixture ratio. The advantages are obvious: Automatic operation and, thereby savings in personnel, continuous weighing process without belt stop on mainproduct, storage of production data (statistics), etc.

    Managing Director Stephan Zillgith explains the function of this advanced weighing belt technology:
    “The master belt (weighing belt at main line) is weighing the main product and providing the mixture quantity to the second weighing belt. Via touch panel recipes can be selected, stored and managed. Daily output quantities, batch quantities, backwards counter and plain text error messages are also displayed. Stand-alone-operation and cleaning mode has been considered as well. The weighing belts with buffer belt will be controlled by a separate switch box. The filling level of the buffer belt will be monitored by an optic sensor and the operating status.
    All important production data can be stored on a CF-card directly via touch panel. Actual data can be monitored on a PC and further processed for e.g. compilation and administration of recipes, etc.“

    Autumn Customer Days at KRONEN: 20-22 October 2011

    TT450_Kundentag_Sept2010_P_o_bearb_rbg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Jounées d´automne KRONEN Découverte d´une entreprise allemande de haute technologie

    Nous avons le plaisir d´inviter tous nos clients et toute personne intéressée en nos locaux à Kehl. Nous vous présenterons nos dernières innovations et des technologies associées (dosage, ensachage, procédés de conservation Nature Seal®, entretien et hygiène, etc)

    Nous présenterons les machines suivantes :
    • Laveur GEWA 3850 T PLUS
      pour raisins et produits secs
    • TT 450
      pour couper les trognons plats des salades (ex. frisées, chicorées/endives, romaines) et couper les extrémités des feuilles
    • Ensacheuse FLOW (GKS) -
      la nouvelle génération d´ensacheuse verticale avec interface graphique intuitive, marqueur automatique, réglage de l´impression, etc.
    • Ensacheuse UP 300 "Maxvac" (GKS)
      Ensacheuse verticale sous vide - système breveté
    • Flexfill
      pour le dosage de différents produits, pouvant être associé à un système de pesage ou d´alimentation
    • Centrales de commande et convoyeurs de pesage pour lignes complètes

    • Vortex-
      pour traiter les produits frais, réduire les germes et ainsi améliorer la qualité des produits
    • AS 16 pour le traitement des pommes à échelle industrielle
    • GS 10-TTS
      coupe précise des fruits et légumes
    • CABRO pour découper en fleurettes les brocolis et choux-fleurs

    • et beaucoup plus !

    Système VORTEX : meilleure conservation des produits par réduction des germes

    VORTEX Waschanlage mit Eisbergsalat | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Avec une grosse commande de 4 systèmes VORTEX complets, confiée à la société par un producteur européen de salades, KRONEN voit sa stratégie de développement international de nouveau couronnée de succès. Ces équipements ont été livrés mi-juillet 2011 à ce producteur de renommée.

    Le nouveau système VORTEX de KRONEN est conçu pour un traitement, après prélavage, des légumes - ex. différents types de salades, légumes-racines, etc. - ou des fruits - pommes, raisins, etc. -.
    Il permet, par réduction des germes, d´accroître la durée de vie et la qualité des produits.

    Il est constitué de conduites - diam. intérieur 150 mm.
    Les produits - légumes, fruits - prélavés, sont versés dans une trémie. Des buses rotatives placées sur le côté les dirigent délicatement vers l´entrée, le courant les conduit ensuite dans tout le circuit et enfin vers la sortie du système. Une chute d´eau les transfert sur un tapis convoyeur ou sur un tamis vibrant. La durée du traitement désinfectant est réglable de 1 à 3 minutes.

    Le système VORTEX, unité indépendante ou intégrée et adaptée à une ligne existante, est construit de façon modulaire pour une gestion optimale de l´espace. Toutes les conduites sont rapidement démontables et accessibles pour un nettoyage mécanique. Robuste, à l´instar de toutes les machines KRONEN, il s´adapte parfaitement aux conditions d´utilisation les plus difficiles.

    Livrée en option, une station de dosage permet d´ajuster et contrôler les doses d´adjuvants - par valeurs théorique / respective -.

    Lien: Vortex

    Gold-GS 10: Winnings information...

    Nilofar Bijanfar bei der GS10-Losziehung zusammen mit den Geschäftsführern R.H. + S. Zillgith sowie Walter Raub (eidel + partner) | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    A notre grande satisfaction, notre participation au salon Fruit Logistica à Berlin (du 9 au11 Février 2011) a été couronnée d´un franc succès.

    Point fort, cette année :
    la 2011ème coupeuse GS10 "toute en or" ;
    la machine multi-fonctions pour salades, fruits et légumes a été l´objet d´un tirage au sort.

    La date limite pour le dépôt des bulletins était fixée au 31 mars 2011. Le tirage au sort eut lieu le jour suivant, en nos locaux, à Kehl sous le contrôle de Mr. Walter Raub de "EIDEL & PARTNER, Expertise comptable".
    La main heureuse de Mme Nilofar Bijanfar a désigné le gagnant :

    Fa. Bördelagerhaus GmbH
    Hr. Wilfried Kunze, in 39297 Kroppenstedt

    Toutes nos félicitations à Mr. Kunze !

    Et tous nos remerciements aux nombreux participants à ce tirage au sort exceptionnel !

    FRUIT LOGISTICA: join the big GS 10 price draw!

    2011-te Gold-GS10-Bandschneidemaschine | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Just in time of the Fruit Logistica 2011 in Berlin KRONEN GmbH will have a big event to celebrate: the 2011th „Belt cutting machine GS 10“ – worldwide top selling belt cutting machine of its class – will be presented as GOLD model. In order to celebrate this success with their customers Kronen will raffle this machine.

    The most successful, long performing „GS 10” its the ultimate all-purpose belt cutting machine. It is ideal for use in large kitchens, catering and industrial applications. With its revolving knife the GS10 achieves precise, consistent results. Due to the variable size adjustment of 1 to 50 mm with digital display, the GS 10 is ideally suited for a wide range of applications.
    It is equipped with a new and user friendly program control; knife speed and conveyor speed are programmable and, moreover, up to 100 arbitrary memories are available.
    The GS 10 slices delicate leaf-salad products and herbs like chives, dill, parsley, etc. It also grates and shreds raw vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread and many more products. Blade changes can be made fast and easy, the cut sizes can be adjusted via keypad. Capacity: up to 800 kg/h.

    Special mention must be made of its varied fields of application in industrial environments with their specific demands. There is hardly any other machine on the market that has such a wide range of accessories such as knives, dicing & segmenting tools, infeed & outfeed belts, preparation tables, etc.
    GS10 are in use worldwide, e.g. cutting seaweed on the Russian Sachalin-islands, dicing mangos in Thailand, slicing surimi and chicken meat for sandwiches in France, cutting chives into rings in Northern France and Israel, slicing salmon and herring into bites in Iceland, slicing pineapple in Indonesia, slicing radishes in China, and a series of other things.

    With the new 2D-square cut knives the cutting quality and the cutting capacity are considerably improved: perfect square cuts of lettuce can be cut with this new knife. Chinese cabbage, Iceberg lettuce, Romana, etc. can be processed up to 1000 kg. With its 1400 sold machines all over the world the GS 10 is the most sold machine of its class.

    Based on the proven technique of the world wide most sold belt slicer GS10 the GS 10 TTS belt cutting machine has been developed to be able to control the cut size and minimize the waste on product cut in combination with the horizontal out feed belt.
    With measuring the product size the GS 10 TTS is able to eliminate waste on specific cuts and reduce it to a minimum on others. The cutting is controlled by a PLC and allows the machine to adjust the cut to the product size and the customer’s specification to achieve the minimum waste on applications like melon chunks, pineapple tid bits, chicken breast slices and many others.
    The GS 10 TTS offers as well the possibility to Top & Tail product and even slice product at the same time to the customer’s specification.
    If the special application of the GS 10 TTS is not needed the machine can in addition be used just as a standard GS 10 belt slicer to shred lettuce or carrots, to dice tomato or strip cut cucumbers. A variety of accessories like cutting discs, conveyor belts and trimming tables are available. The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and can easily be cleaned and maintained.

    At FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin Kronen will be exhibiting some new machines as well as a wide range of its machine programme.
    At stand A-07 in hall 3.1 customers and interested people can get a picture of the latest developments. Kronen will present improvements and novelties for increase in productivity and quality in the fields of process technology
    • CABRO SL Broccoli- & cauliflower floretting machine - NEW
      perfectly suited for a gentle processing of broccoli and cauliflower while cutting them into nice florets
    • GEWA 3800V PLUS Paprika washing & sorting machine - NEW (Video)
      with automatic separation method for washing sliced paprika and sorting cores and kernels
    • TT 450 Top- & tail-machine - NEW (Video)
      for coring lettuce with flat stem and cutting leaf tips
    • GS 10 TTS Belt cutting machine with PLC
      controlling the cut size and minimizing the waste on product cut
    • AS 16 Apple peeling & slicing machine - NEW
      for peeling, slicing or segmenting & coring apples
    • FP 20 Mango peeler - NEW
      for peeling mangos according to the „economy peeling principle“ (reducing the waste rate considerably)

    Laver et trier des poivrons tranchés

    PaprikaGEWA3800VPLUS_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Le laveur GEWA 3800V PLUS - POIVRONS a été spécialement conçu pour trier, en les lavant, les poivrons coupés entiers - avec trognon et graines.

    Quel que soit le type de poivrons, qu´ils soient coupés en tranches ou en cubes, le bon produit est AUTOMATIQUEMENT séparé des déchets - trognon et graines - par un système hydraulique sophistiqué créant différents courants dans le bac de lavage.

    La machine peut être également utilisée en version standard en relevant simplement le tapis à mailles.

    Un système de gestion de l´eau et des trémies de récupération du sable sont de série.

    Il est possible de traiter environ 1500 - 2000 kg par heure-

    A l´instar de toutes les machines KRONEN, ce laveur s´adapte parfaitement aux conditions d´utilisation les plus difficiles.

    Nouveau : TT450 Etrogneuse à salades

    Etrogneuse à salades (scaroles, romaines, frisées, etc.) | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Cette nouvelle machine KRONEN est conçue pour couper les trognons plats des salades telles que les frisées, chicorées/endives, romaines - et les extrémités de leurs feuilles.
    Elle permet d´obtenir des rendements accrus – jusqu´à 6 % - et d´augmenter considérablement la productivité – jusqu´à 110 % dans le cas des frisées et scaroles. Son utilisation est extrêmement simple:
    • Les deux opérateurs placent les salades sur le tapis d´alimentation qui les conduit automatiquement vers les couteaux.
    • Des disques de maintien gardent les salades en position lors de la coupe.
    • Il est possible, en un passage, d´étrogner et de couper les extrémités abîmées des feuilles. Les longueurs de coupe peuvent être ajustées – de 10 à 60 mm pour le trognon – de 120 à 450 mm pour les feuilles. Les deux fonctions sont indépendantes et débrayables.

    Ligne salade d’une capacité jusqu’à 2 t/h

    Salatverarbeitungslinie zum Waschen, Schneiden und Trocknen von bis zu 2t/h Eisbergsalat | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    En Juillet 2010, KRONEN a installé la plus grande ligne qu’elle n’ait jamais produite chez le leader de la restauration rapide en Turquie. Cette ligne salade permet de laver, couper, d’essorer et d’emballer différentes types de salade (jusqu’à 2 tonnes par heure). Les caractéristiques principales de cette ligne sont:
    • Trémie à sable: ce bac de récupération permet un lavage dans le cas de produits très terreux. En combinaison avec la régulation automatique de l’eau (WMS - water management system) un vidage partiel automatique est possible et ainsi une régénération permanente de l’eau de lavage est garantie.
    • Dosage de produits: la pesée permanente du produit principal permet un rajout dosé d’un second produit (de 5 à 40% du mélange total) et, par conséquent, la production automatisée de salades composées.
    Des commandes sophistiquées permettent des réglages fins et des changements de produits et de dosage faciles et rapides, et avec un minimum de personnel.

    Ligne de transformation et mélange des salades jusqu´à 2t/h : lavage, coupe, essorage:

    La plus grande ligne de transformation des salades fabriquée par KRONEN jusqu´à présent ! Pour laver, couper, essorer et ensacher différentes salades (jusqu´à 2 t/h).

    Caractéristiques :

    • Bac collecteur de sable : cette unité de sédimentation permet un lavage optimal des produits, même les plus sales !
      Il peut être utilisé en association avec un système de gestion de l´eau (WMS) qui assure un semi-drainage automatique à intervalles réguliers et garantit une régénération permanente de l´eau de lavage.
    • Ajout proportionnel de produits : le pesage permanent du produit principal permet l´ajout d´un second produit sur la base d´un ratio de 5-40% et permet ainsi la production automatique de salades mélangées.
    Une technique moderne avec laquelle la gestion des produits devient un jeu d´enfant.

    Plus d´infos:

    Laveurs GEWA PLUS NOUVEAUTE ! Collecteur de sable

    GEWA5000VPLUS_WMS mit Sandfang | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Dès à présent, KRONEN propose, en option, un nouvel accessoire pour les laveurs GEWA PLUS :
    un collecteur de sable - trémie.

    Cet équipement supplémentaire permet un lavage plus efficace de produits particulièrement sales ou sableux comme la mache ou de jeunes pousses.

    Il existe en deux versions :
    • avec écoulement manuel : le bac est vidé par le biais d´une vanne à bille
    • avec écoulement automatique :
      le bac est vidé par le biais d´une vanne pneumatique ; l´opérateur règle le cycle et la durée d´ouverture sur le boîtier électrique.
    Process optimisé :

    Cet accessoire, en assurant une meilleure qualité et conservation des produits, permet d´optimiser les coûts :
    1. une séparation en deux zones permet d´éliminer le sable et les fines particules du cycle de lavage
    2. le renouvellement continu de l´eau durant le lavage permet de réduire les frais de personnel.
    Tous les laveurs existants GEWA PLUS peuvent être équipés, à l´usine KRONEN, de ce nouveau collecteur.

    JOURNEES FRUITS chez KRONEN / 17-19 Mai 2010

    Obsttage bei Kronen - Mai 2010 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Un programme-cadre peu coûteux, mais étoffé :
    Du 17 au 19 mai 2010, Kronen a organisé pour la première fois les « Journées des fruits » pour informer sa clientèle. Cette occasion de découvrir de plus près, durant trois jours, les nombreuses possibilités de transformation de fruits et légumes à l'aide de nouvelles machines a été accueillie avec enthousiasme par de nombreux clients et intéressés du pays et de l'étranger.
    Les invités ont pu découvrir les derniers produits Kronen lors de présentations intéressantes ; les dernières innovations en matière de machines de transformation de fruits ont été présentées en direct dans la salle d'exposition de Kronen, spacieuse et abondamment éclairée :
    • AS 16, l'éplucheur de pommes automatique : il épluche, coupe en tranches, segmente ou découpe jusqu'à 2 000 pommes par heure. Cette machine est adaptée pour la transformation de pommes de calibres différents (60 à 120 mm de diamètre) et se distingue par la possibilité qu'elle offre d'échanger rapidement les différents outils. Selon les standards de Kronen, cette machine est, elle aussi, construite sur une base solide au sol, elle se nettoie simplement et efficacement, c'est pourquoi elle représente la meilleure solution pour un emploi en milieu professionnel.
    • CS XL, l'éplucheur à oranges automatique : il épluche, découpe, écrête, découpe en tranches et en anneaux jusqu'à 1 400 oranges par heure. Le CS XL garantit des oranges de qualité optimale. Il est possible de régler l'épaisseur de l'épluchure ainsi que le calibre du produit de manière individuelle et très précise, c'est-à-dire que chaque fruit est mesuré exactement au moyen de capteurs et les déchets d'épluchures sont ainsi réduits. Cette machine permet aux fournisseurs de fruits de livrer des oranges fraîches et prêtes à être consommées aux supermarchés et aux cantines.
    • GS 10, la coupeuse longitudinale dont la réputation n'est plus à bâtir : elle dispose d'une commande spéciale innovante pour une coupe des fruits exacte et sans déchets (melons, ananas) grâce au calibrage des fruits par capteurs et une vitesse de coupe réglable. Selon le réglage de la machine, il est possible de traiter 30 à 50 fruits par minute (en fonction du calibre). En employant un diviseur, les fruits peuvent de plus être coupés en petits morceaux. La GS 10 a en outre été présentée avec un nouveau tapis horizontal pour un transport propre et sûr des produits coupés.
    • Tona S180K, la nouvelle coupeuse spéciale pour fruits et légumes : cette machine peut traiter jusqu'à 1 200 pièces par heure ; elle est la petite sœur compacte et efficace de la machine Tona Rapid, dont la réputation est également faite (capacité : jusqu'à 4 800 pièces par heure). Les pommes, carottes, tomates, pommes de terre, et bien d'autres produits peuvent être coupés en quartiers, en tranches, en bâtonnets ou en forme de personnages. La machine est équipée en série d'un châssis inférieur mobile. Un séparateur proposé en option ainsi qu'une séparation de tapis permettent par exemple de séparer les pépins des pommes.
    Stephan Zillgith, hôte de l'événement, résume la présentation de manière positive : « La présentation a rencontré un vif succès. En particulier, nous avons été satisfaits du grand intérêt suscité parmi nos clients par les nouvelles machines dont une démonstration a été faite, ainsi que par les nombreuses discussions entre spécialistes, qui ont été fructueuses. »

    NOUVEAUTE ! Coupeuse TONA-S180K

    TonaS180K_NEU_M_f_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Nouveauté !
    KRONEN lance sur le marché sa coupeuse à fruits et légumes Tona S180K

    Cette machine, d´une capacité de 1200 pces/heure, est "la petite dernière" dans la lignée de la Tona-Rapid - capacité : 4800 pces/heure -.
    De nombreux produits - pommes, carottes, tomates, pommes de terre, - peuvent être coupés en quartiers, tranches, bâtonnets et différentes figures.

    Le produit est placé sur la machine et conduit sous le poussoir par un plateau rotatif cadencé ; il est centré et parfaitement maintenu dans les supports-produits (16) par des lamelles en plastique.

    La machine est de conception rationnelle puisqu´elle nécessite un seul accessoire de coupe avec poussoir tout en offrant un vaste choix de coupes par simple changement de l´accessoire :

  • diviseurs en 2 à 24 parts, avec ou sans étrogneur
  • grilles pour bâtonnets
  • accessoires spéciaux sur demande

  • Une fois coupé, le produit est récupéré dans un bac ou sur un tapis convoyeur - accessoire -, pour une évacuation rapide et efficace.

    La machine est livrée, en standard, sur un support mobile.
    En option, un accessoire spécial sur la machine et le tapis d´évacuation, permet de séparer les déchets des produits coupés - ex. les trognons des morceaux de pommes -.

    A l´instar des autres machines KRONEN, la Tona S180K est de construction robuste pour une utilisation industrielle.

    Egouttage écourté des produits en conserves

    K50-7S_100S_Zentrifuge_offen_M_h_rgb_h268 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Ex. crabes, ananas, thon ou champignons

    Nous proposons différents modèles d´essoreuses :

    - modèles ECO, aver couvercle standard en plastique transparent :
    - version 1 vitesse - soit 600 soit 900t/min.
    - version 7 vitesses réglables en continu

    - modèles avec couvercle bas pour une hauteur de travail plus confortable :
    - version 7 vitesses réglables en continu
    - version 100 mémoires pour adapter vitesse et durée d´essorage à toutes sortes de produits.

    Leur design est conçu pour faciliter les travaux de nettoyage.

    La coupeuse en cubes et bâtonnets coupe aussi des produits fragiles

    Hochleistungswürfler KUJ | Schaltkasten | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    La coupeuse en cubes et bâtonnets KUJ à haut rendement de KRONEN découpe des bâtonnets de 2 à 20 mm et des cubes de 3 à 20 mm avec une qualité de coupe parfaite et précise (capacité jusqu’à 3000 kg/h).

    Même les produits fragiles - ex. oignons, poivrons, saumon surgelé, tomates ou courgettes - peuvent être travaillés proprement sans dessaler, juter ou être écrasés.

    La machine peut couper de gros dés de pommes, de melons, de jambons surgelés, de viande cuite ou surgelée et une multitude de légumes, mais aussi de la brunoise en 3 x 3 mm.

    Dernière nouveauté :

    la KUJ est maintenant disponible avec un variateur de fréquence, réglable avec 7 vitesses pour la coupe délicate de produits sensibles - ex. fraises - ou de produits cuits - ex. pommes de terre, betteraves rouges, etc. - , ainsi que pour une coupe ondulée parfaite.

    Coupeuse longitudinale GS10 avec nouveau tableau de commande

    Neues Bedienfeld für Bandschneidemaschine GS10 zur Speicherung von Programmplätzen | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    La coupeuse longitudinale GS 10 est la coupeuse universelle par excellence pour les salades et les légumes.

    Elle s'intègre parfaitement dans une grande cuisine, dans un atelier-traiteur ou dans une industrie.

    Le guidage optimal du produit jusqu’au couteau permet à la GS 10 d’effectuer des coupes propres et précises, ce qui n’est qu'une des caractéristiques de cette machine.

    La GS 10 s’adapte à bon nombre de situations grâce au réglage en continu de l’épaisseur de coupe de 1 à 50 mm avec afficheur numérique.

    Dès à présent, la GS 10 est disponible de série avec un nouveau programme ergonomique. Les vitesses du couteau et du tapis sont réglables de façon individuelle ; 100 mémoires sont disponibles.

    Il est possible de couper de fines lanières de poivron, des bâtonnets, des dés ou des tranches de concombre, ou encore de procéder à une coupe ondulée du produit à raison de 800 kg/h.

    Il existe également un couteau hélice permettant d’augmenter qualité et volume de coupe. Il est donc possible de découper en fines lamelles jusqu’à 1000 kg/h de chou chinois, d’iceberg ou de romaine.

    Avec maintenant plus de 1400 machines vendues dans le monde, la GS 10 est la plus vendue de sa catégorie.

    Inauguration du nouveau bâtiment

    Das neue Ersatzteillager in der neuen KRONEN-Halle | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


    Le 11 Septembre 2008, après seulement 5 mois de travaux, le nouveau bâtiment a été inauguré. A cette occasion, le goupe "Piano Vocal" a donné un concert accompagné par les 40 musiciens du "Baden-Symphony-Orchestra" et Mme Sylvie Rendler, à la tête de l’entreprise de construction du même nom, a remis aux Directeurs de la société KRONEN, Messieurs Rudolf Hans et Stephan Zillgith une clé symbolique faite de brioche.