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SPECIAL Applications

 |  KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Every month we present a special use of our machines with the "SPECIAL applications" - because the versatile KRONEN machines process a large number of foods worldwide, from salads, vegetables and fruits to baked goods as well as meat, fish and pet food.

December: Cutting whole pineapple cylinders into bite-sized pieces

Ananszylinder-schneiden_GS10-2 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: Belt cutting machine GS 10-2

Description: From peeled pineapple cylinders to bite-sized pieces of fresh pineapple in one process step - this is possible with the GS 10-2 belt cutting machine. The peeled and cored cylinders are placed lengthwise on the infeed belt of the GS 10-2. The downholder must be set to a minimum height that is only a few millimeters less than the diameter of the cylinders so that the pineapple is not crushed. Freshly harvested pineapples are best suited for this application, as the fibrous structure of the pineapple is not yet so pronounced. The special, height-adjustable segmenting knife mounted in a standard dicing frame is then used to cut bite-sized pieces from the whole cylinder.

Capacity: up to 2.000 kg/h

November: Continuous washing process for soy beans

Sojabohnen | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: Adapted GEWA 2600V PLUSAdapted GEWA 2600V PLUS

Description: Before further processing, soybeans must be separated from dirt and small stones - this is done in the washing process. The specially adapted GEWA 2600V PLUS with a stronger pump, customized piping, and special vibration unit can be filled directly with the soaked soybeans via a pipeline from a silo. In the washing tank, the stones and heavier dirt particles sink to the bottom. The pump provides greater turbulence and thus promotes the detachment of the skin from the individual beans. This simplifies further processing.

Capacity: up to 800 kg/h

October: Washing and preliminary dewatering large quantities of broccoli

Brokkoli_Roeschen_sh_1011348376_P_o | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine type: GEWA 5000 V Plus with extended vibration system

Description: Broccoli is often processed in large quantities e.g. for the frozen food industry. It is important to note that the florets are delicate and very light, i.e. floating product. Thanks to the extended vibratory discharge system of the GEWA 5000 V Plus it means that on the one hand high level preliminary dewatering can be achieved and on the other a huge amount can be processed. Using the gentle GEWA´s Helical washing system ensures that the product remains intact whilst being thoroughly cleaned. During this process it would be advisable to use an insect removal system with carriers which keeps the broccoli florets under water. In 12 seconds approximately 8 kg of product (large broccoli florets) can be discharged from the washing machine via the extended vibration table and be optimally pre-dewatered (setting at 60 Hz and 70% weight or 50 Hz and 100% weight).

Capacity: approx. up to 2.4 t / per hour.

September:Cutting slices of bolete mushrooms

Pilz_Roehrenpilz-ganz_09-2021 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: GS 10-2 belt cutting machine

Description: Mushrooms are one of the most difficult products to process. They are sensitive to pressure and very fragile. During the slicing process special care is also required in positioning and aligning the mushrooms in such a way that maximum yield of mushroom slices is achieved. The mushrooms are placed on the infeed belt and held in position using gentle downholder technology. The GS 10-2 produces excellent results with both fresh and frozen bolete mushrooms. The mushroom slices are then sold as whole slices.

Capacity:up to 800 kg/h

August: Cutting banana slices

Bananenscheiben_GS10-2_August2021 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: GS 10-2 belt cutting machine

Description: Bananas place special demands on the cutting process because they contain a lot of sugar (high degree of Brix), have a soft consistency and are therefore prone to damage. With its gentle downholding technology, the GS 10-2 is suitable for processing sensitive products. The peeled bananas are placed lengthways on the entry belt and held in the correct position at the cut edge so that banana slices of different thicknesses (e.g. 5 mm) are produced with the best possible cutting result. The banana slices are then sold frozen or dried as banana chips.

July: Lasagna sheets made of carrots and zucchini

Zuchhinischeiben_Lasagne_Werkzeug_KUJ-V_Juli2021 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: KUJ V cube, strip and slice cutting machine

Description: In order to cut products such as carrots or zucchini/courgettes lengthwise into slices, the KUJ V is equipped with a 3-blade rotor, a grooved knife and a product guide for slice cut. The thickness of the slices can be set between 1 to 25 mm, whereby at least 3 mm is recommended to avoid damage to the slices during discharge. The vegetables should have a diameter of 40 to 45 mm and a length of up to 200 mm, in order to get as many neat slices as possible. The produced veggie lasagna sheets can be packaged and sold as a low-calorie alternative to pasta sheets or processed into ready-to-eat or frozen meals.

June: Cutting corn cobs in “riblets” (quarters)

Maiskolben_TONA-Rapid_S145-Sonderbau_Eintrag_M_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: TONA Rapid S145 adapted to high and long products

Description: Due to their firmness and their shape, fresh corn cobs have special requirements regarding the processing process. A specially constructed model of the TONA Rapid S145 was developed to meet these special requirements, which is ideally suited for segmenting the corn cobs thanks to an enlarged product entry and reinforced blades in the 4-part divider. With the help of the product holders with centering fingers, the corn cobs can be divided lengthwise into even quarters with an optimal cutting result. The corn “riblets” (quarters) are then be packaged and sold e.g. as side dish for barbecue meals.

Capacity: up to approximately 3.600 corn cobs/hour

May: Spin-drying of caviar, caviar substitutes or vegetarian caviar

Kaviar-schleudern_KS-100-Plus_Korb_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: KS-100 PLUS salad and vegetable spin-dryer

Description: Caviar, caviar substitutes (fish roe from other fish species) and also vegetarian caviar (made from algae) are often transported in brine. Before further processing, the product needs to be separated from the brine. This can be achieved by spin-drying the product in the KS-100 vegetable and salad spin-dryer. Since this product has a very small diameter, a special stainless steel insert with fine perforation is inserted into the spin basket before the brine with the product is poured in. With a short spin time and low speed, the excess brine is removed without damaging the sensitive (vegetarian) caviar or caviar substitute.

Capacity: up to 450 kg/h

April: Cutting short strips of salmon

Lachsstreifen_GS10-2_Schnittergebnis_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: GS 10-2 belt cutting machine

Description: The GS 10-2 belt cutting machine with the two wing knife is used to cut the fish. The raw salmon fillet pieces are placed lengthwise on the belt of the GS 10-2. This ensures that the salmon fillets are transported into the machine in the correct orientation. Thanks to the downholder, the salmon fillets remain in their position at the cutting edge and can thus be cut into strips of similar size, e.g. 10mm long, with a clean cut. This prevents the formation of excessive fines. The salmon strips can then be used e.g. as ingredients for sushi.

March: Shredding of Edamame beans

Edamame-Bohnen_KIJ-V_Eintrag_M_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/KUJ-V_Edamame_Wuerfel_Schnittergebnis_P_o_rgb_web_50142.jpg&w=220&h=2200inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/Edamame Beans_Schnittergebnis_Inspection Table 5x5mm KUJ_P_o_rgb_web_50152.jpg&w=220&h=2200

Machine: KUJ V cutting machine

Description: Edamame beans are blanched soybeans that have been harvested unripe. The prepared beans, i.e. picked from the pod, are efficiently chopped with the KUJ V cutting machine, using the 5 x 5 x 5 mm cube set. The result is a chunky product that, despite the soft consistency of the beans, does not turn into a pulp because the beans are not squashed during the cutting process. The shredded Edamame beans can then be used, for example, as a filling for sushi or in salads.

February: Cut limes into half slices

TONA-Rapid_S145_Limetten_halbe-Scheiben_Endprodukt_P_o_rgb | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine: TONA Rapid S145 cutting machine

Description:With the TONA Rapid S 145, seedless citrus fruits such as limes, lemons and oranges can be cut into slices and half slices. For this purpose, a V-knife insert with the appropriate cutting thickness is used, which is turned by 90 degrees and used to separate the end pieces of the fruit. Then the limes are placed individually in the product holders and cut into slices and halved in one step. With the gentle cutting process, only a little juice is lost, the product receives a clean cut and the slices are evenly thick. This increases the shelf life of the product.An optional three-part discharge belt separates the end pieces from the product slices.

Capacity: up to 4,800 pieces per hour

January: Destemming cherry tomatoes

Destemming cherry tomatoes | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik

Machine:GDM 35 grape destemming machine

Description:The GDM 35 grape destemming machine can also be used for the automatic destemming of cherry tomatoes. The branches with the fruits are placed in the machine and run through it. The tomatoes remain undamaged when they are removed from the stem. Depending on the degree of ripeness and the time since the tomatoes were harvested, it is necessary to check on the discharge conveyor for tomatoes that have stuck to the stem and if necessary remove them manually.

Capacity: up to approx. 250 kg per hour