Новая разработка - АМS220

Новая разработка - АМS220

Новая разработка - АМS220
машина для очистки ананасов и дынь.

Принцип работы:
Продукт вручную устанавливается и закрепляется на рабочем органе. Толщина снимаемой кожуры регулируется 1,5-10 мм.

Машина полностью из нержавеющей стали АISI304, пластмассовые изделия - из пищевой пластмассы FDA
и отвечает всем требованиям безопасности пищевых производств.

Технические данные:

Производительность: до 4 единиц в мин
Размер продукта: от 100мм до 220мм
Максимальный вес продукта: 4кг


  • Many kind of fruits
    Many kind of fruits
    Many kind of fruit such as e.g. pineapples, melons of all kind, pumpkins with a smooth surface (e.g. butternut) can be peeled regardless of the product's shape. The AMS 220 scores with this significant flexibility benefit.
  • Pineapples
    Pineapples can not only be peeled, but also cored simultaneously (on/off switch).
  • Tool kit
    Tool kit
    The peeling thickness is adjustable from 1,5 mm to 12 mm by changing the specially developed shape control system – within seconds and without any toos. An extremely smooth and almost scratch-free surface is achieved by this control unit following the shape of each (individual) fruit. Also, zests of grapefruit or pomelo fruit can be processed due to the flexible peeling thickness adjustments.
  • Mobile frame
    Mobile frame
    The clearly arranged push buttons on the machine‘s switch panel are easy to handle and emphasize the high usability. The compact design of the AMS 220 and the fact that the machine is equipped with a mobile base frame as a standard ensures easy application – at any time and any place.
  • FDA
    The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 or FDA approved plastics (all parts that are in contact with food) and can easily be cleaned and maintained.
  • SMART Version available
    SMART Version available
    With „SMART Machines“ KRONEN presents web-enabled machines.
    • SMART Machines can transfer machines‘ conditions into the KRONEN Cloud in real-time.
    • Wherever the production manager, technician or the foreman are located, they can control the production status of the machine or line on their laptop or mobile device at any time.
    • The KRONEN SMART solutions are modular: We offer a basic module. Beyond, the SMART Machines are individually adapted to the specific needs of the customers.

    All benefits at a glance