FP20 Mango Peeling machine

FP20 Mango Peeling machine

The FP20 Mango Peeling machine is perfectly suited for peeling mangos within seconds. Mangos are very tender Mango Peeler holds the fruit by the stone during the peeling process, cutting the fruit lengthways. Thus, the peel is removed in the same way as if it were being done by hand.

This makes it possible to process soft and ripe fruit without damaging the pulp. The result is a nice smooth cut and a visually attractive end product. Destoning the mango as well as ‚top and tail‘ will be done manually as a further step.
The FP 20 Mango Peeler is also suitable for peeling muskmelons.

It can be operated as a stand-alone machine, but several machines can also be linked together. One person can operate 3 - 4 machines. A series of machines has conveyor belts to take fruit to the next stage of the process and dispose of peelings.


  • Clean peeling within seconds
    Clean peeling within seconds
    The intelligent peeling system ensures perfect peeling results also with flat mangos.
  • Automatic product feeding
    Automatic product feeding
    Only the mango has to be placed in a product holder. Destoning the mango as well as top + tail will be done manually as a further step.
  • Comfortable standard equipment
    Comfortable standard equipment
    The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and can easily be cleaned and maintained due to removable covers
  • Свидетельство
    Все детали, которые соприкасаются с продуктом, изготавливаются из нержавеющей стали или пищевых пласстмасс. Машина соответствует - FDA - требованиям.