KWT 16 Weighing table & platform


Ergonomisches Abwiegen und Befüllen von unterschiedlichen Produkten in repräsentative Beutel

The KWT 16 weighing table & platform includes a single head weigher for the ergonomic weighing and filling in conjunction with a GKS packaging machine CP 350 or UP 350.

Different products such as vegetables, fruit, salads, baked goods, raw vegetables, sweets (also non food products) can be weighed, filled and packed in representative bags.

The stainless steel platform is adapted to the height of the packaging machine and is equipped with safety borders and raillings. The mixing table with the integrated single head weigher is arranged in ergonomic height and easily accessible by stairs. The large weighing bucket with a 16 liter volume is perfectly suited to weigh all kinds of leaf salads, i.e. Lollo Bionda up to 1 kg.
For the product supply we can offer you various solutions (e.g. a stainless steel mobile lifting device).

The standard version includes a verifiable single head weigher as well as a verifiable display.
The packaging machine CP 350 or UP 350 thus can easily and functionally be filled and operated from the above.
The KWT 16 weighing table can perfectly be integrated in all processing lines. The alignment of the stair access can be designed flexibly and individually with defined height steps according to your requirments.
Easy cleaning of the complete stainless steel platform as well as the single head weigher is another big benefit of this novelty.


  • Practical weighing table
    The mixing table is equipped with a verifiable single head weigher and verifiable display.
  • Large weighing bucket
    Large weighing bucket
    The weighing bucket (16 liter volume) with decoupled pneumatic opening cylinder of the outlet shutter is perfectly suited for processing leaf salad, i.e. Lollo Bionda up to 1 kg.
  • Свидетельство
    Все детали, которые соприкасаются с продуктом, изготавливаются из нержавеющей стали или пищевых пласстмасс. Машина соответствует - FDA - требованиям.