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  • FLOW_M_h_rgb.png

    Packaging machine FLOW

    FLOW is the next generation vertical, form, fill and sealing machine.

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  • UP350_M_f_rgb.png

    Packaging machine UP 350

    The UP 350 is a vertical form-, fill- and sealing machine forming flat films into a tubular shape by means of a specially former set.

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  • Packaging machine CP 350 PLUS

    The CP 350 PLUS is very compact and suitable for packing various products.

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  • MP 150 - Vertical form, fill and seal machine

    MP 150 – предназначена для производства пакетов из рулонной пленки – качественно и автоматически. С ее помощью можно упаковывать множество видов продуктов питания и другое, как в маленьких количествах, так и в промышленных масштабах. Машину можно использовать в ручном режиме.

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  • EP 250 - Vertical form, fill and seal machine

    The EP 250 form, fill and seal machine is optimized to create bags from a flat film from the reel efficiently and automatically. The machine is suitable for packing many types of food as well as non-food products and applicable for small production areas as well as industrial environments. It can also be used for manual filling.

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  • KWT16_M_f_cmyk.png

    KWT 16 Weighing table & platform

    The KWT 16 weighing table & platform includes a single head weigher for the ergonomic weighing and filling in conjunction with a GKS packaging machine CP 350 or UP 350.

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