Vegetable Processing Line for a Supermarket Chain

The largest Argentinan supermarket chain COTO C.I.C.S.A. operates supermarket branches, hypermarkets and shopping centers at more than 120 locations in Argentina, often with an affiliated restaurant.
Processing line for the Argentinian supermarket chain Coto

COTO C.I.C.S.A., Argentina

At many of the locations, affiliated restaurants offer various freshly prepared dishes at a very good price-performance ratio. In recent years, COTO has seen a steady expansion of supermarket branches and shopping centers, which has also increased the number of restaurants operated.

In order to ensure a consistently high quality of the dishes in the restaurants, COTO decided to set up a central production facility from which the restaurants are supplied with fresh, ready-to-cook ingredients. Through a central quality control, a constant quality of the ingredients is ensured. By purchasing the highly automated KRONEN processing line, processes can be optimized and made more efficient. In addition, the operation of the line requires very few employees and the various modules guarantee maximum flexibility, as they can also be operated separately.

In the central production facility for the kitchen-ready ingredients for the COTO restaurants, the processing line is used to produce cubes, strips or slices from various types of vegetables, such as potatoes or carrots and ready-to-serve salad. All products are packaged to supply the restaurants. For the various processing steps such as peeling, cutting, washing and dewatering vegetables as well as for cutting, washing and dewatering salad and for packaging the resulting kitchen-ready products, the processing line includes a large number of machines: a potato bunker belt, two potato peeling machines PL 40K, a roller sorting table, a conveyor belt, a KUJ V cube, strip and slice cutting machine, a GS 10-2 belt cutting machine with a trimming table on one side and a conveyor belt on the other side, a GEWA 2600V ECO washing machine which leads to a K650 drying system and ultimately to a GKS packaging system including an UP 500 packaging machine integrated in a gantry with a multi-head weighing system.

Before deciding to buy a KRONEN processing line, the COTO team conducted extensive research to find possible suppliers. KRONEN scored with significant advantages: Experience and competence in the implementation of large international projects, implementation as an automated complete solution for the entire process, quality and durability of the machines - and so the choice fell on the processing line from KRONEN. Another advantage was that Alejandro Nowak, KRONEN sales representative in Argentina, was available as a contact person locally, who accompanied the project from the start.