Newly developed machine for product dewatering

Wolf Wurstspezialitäten GmbH is one of the 5 largest sausage manufacturers in Germany and supplies major food retailers. In the project, a new dewatering solution was developed.
Pickled mushrooms before dewatering in the dewatering press DEW 200

Wolf Wurstspezialitäten GmbH, Germany

Special applications require specific solutions - therefore, through the collaboration of the KRONEN development team with Wolf Wurstspezialitäten GmbH, a machine was developed that is specially adapted to the production requirements of the manufacturer of meat and sausage specialties.

The family-run company Wolf Wurstspezailtäten GmbH is one of the 5 largest sausage manufacturers in Germany and is run by the fourth generation, producing meat and sausage specialties for delivery to large food retailers. More than 1200 employees work at the production sites in Thuringia and Bavaria - and the company continues to grow. The production is certified according to IFS (International Food Standard) and QS (inspection system for food).

The “mushroom Lyoner” is a very popular product of Wolf Wurstspezialitäten GmbH, whose portfolio includes the production of meat and sausage specialties for the service counter (ham and cold cuts), grilled specialties and sausage salads, in particular the production of Bavarian and Thuringian sausage specialties.

Based on the problem that canned mushrooms have to be dewatered before they can be further processed as a filling of mushroom sausage (called “Lyoner”), various techniques for dewatering were tried at Wolf GmbH, including a test to dewater by applying pressure. Together with the KRONEN team, the test setup was translated into a machine that gently dewaters the mushrooms in a short time using adjustable pressure: the DEW 200 dewatering press. The KRONEN team designed the machine for pressure dewatering in compliance with the safety-relevant requirements and hygiene requirements.

Thanks to the good cooperation within the project, the machine was developed, built and tested within a short time and has now been in use successfully for several months. The degree of dewatering of the mushrooms can now be precisely adjusted and the processing process at Wolf Wurstspezialitäten GmbH has been improved, which was previously associated with long draining times, high personnel costs and large space requirements. With the DEW 200, 140 t of mushrooms per year can now be efficiently prepared for further processing as sausage filling.