Research project for the development of an innovative washing process for fresh-cut lettuce based on non-thermal plasma technology to increase product safety, quality and sustainability (SPLASH).

Objective: To examine the efficacy of the innovative disinfection technology using plasma-treated water (PTW) with regard to the disinfection efficiency in the washing water, resource conservation & the optimization of the transportability and shelf life

Project contents:

  • The procedure for the hygienic treatment of the salad is intended to reduce the risk of contaminated packaged salads with microorganisms.

  • A resource-saving washing process for cut salads is being developed, in which the product is gently hygienized using a non-thermal plasma process. 


Project duration: November 2019 - October 2022

Funding: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture by decision of the German Bundestag



Andreas Ell, Head of Project Management - KRONEN
Römerstraße 2a
D-77694 Kehl am Rhein

A comprehensive hygiene concept for food technology

Ever since KRONEN was founded, we have constantly developed our hygiene guidelines and continuously adapted our machines and processing lines according to the findings of the latest technical developments and current research in terms of hygienic design.

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