Research project for the development of an innovative washing process for fresh-cut lettuce based on non-thermal plasma technology to increase product safety, quality and sustainability (SPLASH).

Objective: To examine the efficacy of the innovative disinfection technology using plasma-treated water (PTW) with regard to the disinfection efficiency in the washing water, resource conservation & the optimization of the transportability and shelf life

Project contents:

  • The procedure for the hygienic treatment of the salad is intended to reduce the risk of contaminated packaged salads with microorganisms.

  • A resource-saving washing process for cut salads is being developed, in which the product is gently hygienized using a non-thermal plasma process. 


Project duration: November 2019 - October 2022

Funding: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture by decision of the German Bundestag



Andreas Ell, Head of Project Management - KRONEN
Römerstraße 2a
D-77694 Kehl am Rhein