Vegan products

We are the leader when it comes to cutting or pulling soy and pea protein plates: with perfect quality, a wide variety of cuts, and the highest standards of hygiene and cleaning.
KRONEN food technology: process vegan products, e.g. cutting or tearing soy and pea protein sheets

Perfect & flexible cutting of vegan protein products

At KRONEN, we offer special solutions for processing extruded soy and pea protein blocks as well as other vegan products. Our machines can, for example,

  • pull protein plates into fibers with a handmade look or
  • cut in perfect quality and with varying cuts as well as
  • spin-dry other ingredients for vegan products - e.g. mushrooms for vegan pizza or cucumbers for vegan tzatziki,
  • wash soy beans,
  • and disinfect packaging, containers and (packaged) food using UVC.

You will also find everything from A to Z for washing, spinning and cutting vegetables, salad leaves and fruit.

Your benefits

We can do what others cannot: Among other things, our solutions are optimized for the production of sliced or pulled soy and pea protein products - our cutting machines ensure a result with perfect quality. Afterwards, the cut products can be processed directly where they are usually garnished and packed in “trays”.

The GS 20 belt cutting machine can process tofu and other vegan protein plates. With an infeed belt 250 mm wide, it is perfectly suited to processing blocks. Alternatively, for smaller capacities and products up to 125 mm width, the GS 10-2 belt cutting machine can be used. With a large selection of high-quality knives, both belt cutting machines offer the possibility of a wide variety of cuts. The tearing knife can also be used to pull the plates.

Processing takes place in a continuous process - and is therefore 100 % efficient without any loss of time.

The machines meet the highest hygiene standards and are quick and easy to clean - KRONEN is your partner for the production of healthy food.

Our application-optimized machines for processing vegan products are more cost-efficient than conventional universal machines - i.e. optimally economical for a specific application.

Solutions that interest customers from vegan product processing

GS 20 belt cutting machine
Versatile, efficient and proven: the multifunctional machine for the precise and gentle cutting of a wide variety of food products including lettuce, vegetables and fruit, in very large quantities
  • Capacity up to 4,000 kg/h
  • Loading: Automatic
GS 10-2 belt cutting machine
Used in thousands of applications, successful worldwide: the multifunctional machine cuts almost all food products – including lettuce, vegetables and fruit, of course - effectively, precisely and gently.
  • Capacity up to 1,500 kg/h
  • Loading: Automatic
UVC Lock disinfection lock
With UVC surface disinfection, packaging materials, tools and food products are disinfected quickly and reliably – in a dry process without heat exposure or unwanted additives and residues.
  • Dry disinfection
KS-100 PLUS vegetable and lettuce spin-dryer
As the top model of the KRONEN vegetable and lettuce spin-dryers, the KS-100 PLUS offers an ergonomic design, a counter-rotating centrifuge cycle and 99 program memory locations for the efficient drying of lettuce, vegetables, fruit and many more food products.
  • Capacity up to 1,250 kg/h
  • Batch Loading type
DEW 200 dewatering press
The DEW 200 dewatering press removes excess liquid from pickled or defrosted vegetables or canned vegetables. The products are therefore drained gently, and draining times are reduced.
  • Capacity up to 1,600 kg/h
  • Batch Loading type
Disinfection, Washing, Mixing
GEWA 2600 PLUS washing machine with vibration or belt outfeed
A universal washing machine for the continuous pre-washing, washing, disinfection and treatment of both cut and whole lettuce, vegetables, herbs and fruit, among others
  • Capacity from 50 to 600 kg/h
  • Wet disinfection
The multifunction machine GS 10 from KRONEN for the precise and gentle cutting of a wide range of different foods such as salad, vegetables, fruit, herbs, meat, cooked meats, fish, vegan substitute products and baked goods in very large quantities.
Belt cutting machine GS 10-2 for the perfect and gentle cutting of salad, vegetables, fruit, herbs, vegan substitute products, meat, cooked meats, fish, bakery products, cheese and nuts in industrial applications.
With the UVC Lock disinfection lock from KRONEN, the surfaces of packaging material, tools and food products are disinfected quickly and safely in a dry process, without heat, undesirable additives or residues
Spin-dryer for spinning cut vegetables, salad, fruit, caviar or tinned products for industrial food processing.
The dewatering press DEW 200 removes excess liquid from pickled or defrosted vegetables.
The washing machine GEWA 2600 PLUS from KRONEN for the effective, gentle and economic washing of cut and whole products (salad, vegetables, herbs, fruit etc.) up to 600 kg/h.

Our customers are manufacturers of vegan products

Do you supply the retail trade, the food industry or the hospilality industry? Or would you like to offer high-quality vegan products the end consumers? Then KRONEN is the right partner for you. We are a family-run machine manufacturer and deliver our products to over 120 countries around the world - global yet locally.

Application examples

With the GS 20 belt cutting machine or the GS 10-2 belt cutting machine and varying knife options, products (e.g. tofu) can be produced in excellent, uniform quality. Extruded soy and pea protein blocks can also be cut into different slices or cutting patterns - and processed in different thicknesses. They can also be pulled with the tearing knife: different fiber widths and lengths are possible.

The GS 20 has the following advantages: It enables higher capacities of up to 1 ton per hour and, with an infeed belt 250 mm wide, is ideally suited for processing soy and pea protein plates. 

The KS-100 PLUS vegetable and salad spin-dryer is ideal for spinning all kinds of herbs, vegetables and salad, as well as defrosted pieces of peppers or onions that have been washed beforehand. The draining times for canned products can be considerably reduced, e.g. mushrooms, pineapple, shrimps, tuna, etc.

Do you process salad leaves, vegetables, herbs or fruit for your products?

Then we have the optimal solution for every application: KRONEN is a leader in machines and entire processing systems for processing salad leaves, vegetables, herbs and fruit in industrial applications. With  over 40 years of industry know-how, we enable hygienic, safe, sustainable and efficient processing of fresh food.