Kronen is granted a patent
The tools and methods that the avocado robot solution uses to pit and peel avocados have now been granted a patent.
NEW: Cutting machine Tona V
Premiere at Fruit Logistica: The Tona V cuts fruit and vegetables into slices, segments or sticks.
NEW: MMC 150 manual melon chunk cutter
A manual melon chunk cutter as a tabletop model: for lightning-fast cutting of prepared melons into uniform chunks.
A major order for the Al Hatab Bakery
Representatives from the​​​​​​​ company based in Saudi Arabia recently visited the KRONEN headquarters to view and approve the new equipment.
Interview: Our hygiene concept
Gain an insight into how we are constantly developing our hygiene concept at KRONEN – and how we adapt our solutions according to new technical developments and the latest research findings.
In-house production of knives
KRONEN has made huge progress in the area of knife and blade production over the past five years. We have been manufacturing our own knives and blades since 2018.
Gentle processing of the avocados by the robot as if by hand
Die Tona V schneidet Gemüse und Obst in Scheiben, Segmente oder Sticks.
 The result: perfectly cut melon chunks that are ideal for use in fruit salads or as melon snacks packed in portions.
KRONEN processing/food technology: research and development
KRONEN: in-house knife production
The Crown for Freshness

Innovative food technology from Kehl for the world

The quality claim and the unrelenting endeavor for the best possible solution are experienced every day at KRONEN. It is particularly important for us at KRONEN that the fresh foodstuffs that are processed in our machines and systems are also of optimum quality after processing. In this sense, KRONEN stands for safety, hygiene and a long shelf life of fresh food.

As a family-run company, we stand for innovative food technology with our highly qualified employees and over 45 years of industry expertise - worldwide. We are personally there for our customers with agencies in more than 80 countries and supply our solutions to around 120 countries. 


Our solutions - machines & processing lines:

GS 10-2 belt cutting machine
Used in thousands of applications, successful worldwide: the multifunctional machine cuts almost all food products – including lettuce, vegetables and fruit, of course - effectively, precisely and gently.
  • Capacity up to 1,500 kg/h
  • Loading: Automatic
Disinfection, Washing, Mixing
HEWA 3800 washing machine with vibration or belt outfeed
A universal washing machine optimized with regard to hygiene and cleaning. For the continuous pre-washing, washing, disinfection and treatment of both cut and whole lettuce, vegetables, herbs and fruit, among others.
  • Capacity from 100 to 2,500 kg/h
  • Wet disinfection
Disinfection, Washing, Drying, Mixing, Conveying, Weighing
Processing line for lettuce and leafy vegetables
A networked, fully automated system for weighing, sorting, washing and drying salad leaves – e.g. baby leaf or mixed lettuce – and leafy vegetables: For maximum hygiene and efficiency, gentle processing and high product quality.
  • Capacity up to 2,000 kg/h
  • Loading: Automatic
  • Wet disinfection
  • Continuous Loading type
K850 drying system
By means of a large-volume centrifuge with a diameter of 850 mm, the fully automatic, continuously operating unit is used to dry cut lettuce and whole leaves as well as cut fruit and vegetables. The system sets new standards in terms of hygiene.
  • Capacity up to 5,000 kg/h
  • Continuous Loading type
Tona V cutting machine
The Tona V is used to cut fruit and vegetables into slices, segments or sticks. It is easy to clean and comes with several cutting inserts that are easy to change, thus making it ideal for frequently alternating between different cutting types and products.
  • Capacity 3,600 pieces/h
  • Loading: Semi-automatic
Peeling, Preparing, Cutting
Robot Avocado Line
A robot-assisted, automatic system for pitting, halving and peeling avocado and various types of fruit: for maximum reliability and hygiene, flexible use, capacity planning, very gentle processing and high product quality
  • Capacity up to 1,000 pieces/hour
  • Loading: Automatic
  • Knife-peeling
KUJ HC-220 cube, strip & slice cutting machine
High capacity of up to 8,000 kg per hour: for cutting large quantities of vegetables, fruit and other food into cubes, strips or slices. Even large products with a diameter of up to 220 mm are processed with the highest cutting quality.
  • Capacity up to 8,000 kg/h
  • Loading: Automatic
MMC 150 manual melon chunk cutter
A manual melon chunk cutter as a tabletop model: for lightning-fast cutting of prepared melons into uniform chunks.
  • Capacity up to 360 chunks/h
  • Loading: Manual
Disinfection, Washing
GEWA AF pre-washing machine with belt outfeed
With the innovative "Active Flume" washing system, floating products are pre-washed without additional mechanical stress, and the product flow is standardized. The GEWA AF sets new hygiene standards and reduces water consumption. It is ideally combined with a GEWA XL or GEWA 5000 in a processing line.
  • Capacity from 500 to 5,000 kg/h
  • Wet disinfection
KS-100 PLUS vegetable and lettuce spin-dryer
As the top model of the KRONEN vegetable and lettuce spin-dryers, the KS-100 PLUS offers an ergonomic design, a counter-rotating centrifuge cycle and 99 program memory locations for the efficient drying of lettuce, vegetables, fruit and many more food products.
  • Capacity up to 1,250 kg/h
  • Batch Loading type
FLEX L packaging machine
The FLEX L is suitable for continuous packaging of free.flowing food and other products, integrated into production lines. Bags with a maximum width of 350 mm are produced at a high working speed.
  • Capacity up to 50 bags/minute
  • Bag size: Width 75–350 mm
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Belt cutting machine GS 10-2 for the perfect and gentle cutting of salad, vegetables, fruit, herbs, vegan substitute products, meat, cooked meats, fish, bakery products, cheese and nuts in industrial applications.
The washing machine HEWA 3800 from KRONEN for the effective, gentle and economic washing of cut and whole products (salad, vegetables, herbs, fruit etc.) up to 2.5 t/h.
KRONEN processing line for salad and leaf vegetables up to 2 t/h: connected, fully automated line for weighing, sorting, washing and drying salad – e.g. baby leaf or mixed salad – as well as leafy vegetables
K850 drying system from KRONEN: large-scale centrifuge plant for up to 5 t/h – for products including salad (salad mixes, lamb’s lettuce, iceberg, rucola etc.), herbs, spinach, cut vegetables (e.g. carrots and cabbage) as well as fruit and mushrooms
Die Tona V schneidet Gemüse und Obst in Scheiben, Segmente oder Sticks.
KRONEN Robot Avocado Line for up to 1,000 pcs/hour: robot-supported, automatic line for the pitting, halving and peeling of avocados
Cutting machine for dices, sticks, and slices KUJ HC-220 for cutting large quantities of vegetables, fruit, and meat – large capacity, precise cuts, even with the tiniest of dices, strips, and slices, even with delicate products
Manual melon chunk cutter as a tabletop model: for lightning-fast cutting of prepared melons into uniform chunks.
Prewashing machine GEWA AF from KRONEN: prewash floating, particularly leafy products (salad and vegetables) without mechanical stress and absorb production peaks – up to 5 t/h
Spin-dryer for spinning cut vegetables, salad, fruit, caviar or tinned products for industrial food processing.
FLEX L packaging machine for the continuous packing of salad, vegetables, fruit and other products in pillow bags (further bag shapes available as options).

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WHAT´S NEW: A new hall at the production site in Kehl

Perfect conditions for the production of high-quality machines with long service lives

Gentle processing of the avocados by the robot as if by hand
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Patent for the equipment and method for pitting and peeling avocados

Automated avocado processing using robotics and patented processing technology

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KRONEN bids farewell to a long-standing employee as he enters into retirement

At the end of June, a highly valued member of our Management Board, Robert Lankhart, will bow out into well-earned retirement. He has accompanied KRONEN’s growth over many decades and played a significant role in key milestones. We say thank you for 28…

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