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Become part of a strong team. Joining our innovative family company is a worthwhile decision. Why? Because we offer our employees a multitude of benefits!

Your satisfaction is our goal: We rely on our strong team!

Here at KRONEN, we are defined by our openness and tolerance. We are looking for applicants who are a good fit for our team. Communication and team spirit play an essential role at our company and outweigh formal criteria. We welcome new employees who are motivated, happy to contribute and ready to develop their skills together with us.

People as individuals are our top priority, and we want our employees to successfully work with us as a united entity on a long-term basis. This is why we offer you a multitude of services and benefits. We want to be a value-oriented employer for the future and work hard every day to achieve this – together with our entire KRONEN team.


Our benefits for you

An appreciative working atmosphere

Time at work plays an integral role in life, and people who work at KRONEN value their cooperative relationships with their colleagues and supervisors. We are a team you can rely on. We treat each other with respect and place value on fair play with our appreciative, loyal, open-minded and down-to-earth approach. When confronted with challenges, we tackle them in an objective and solution-oriented way.

Performance-related remuneration 

We offer fair remuneration based on the collective agreement of the German metal industry. Our employees also receive vacation and Christmas bonuses, as well as benefiting from profit sharing once a year in the case of positive business development. 

Social benefits & company pension scheme

We promote team spirit among our employees by holding regular company events and trips and thanking them for their commitment. We also contribute to their company pensions or capital-forming payments by making extra employer payments.

Corporate health management

The health of our employees is important to us. We therefore offer health days focusing on specific topics and support from the occupational health organization BADin the areas of occupational health and safety, occupational medicine and employee counseling. Our company also covers the costs of yoga courses and Nordic walking courses for our employees and supports and promotes company sports groups for tennis and running.

Work-life balance

To guarantee a harmonious work-life balance, we offer you flexible working models, allowing you to make the most of the flextime option and take compensatory time off. Depending on your area of activity, you can also choose to work on a mobile basis on certain days. 

Careful, systematic onboarding

We ensure that you are thoroughly introduced to your field of activity and our corporate processes and we constantly support our employees with tailored and target-oriented external training and continuing education measures.

Talent promotion and succession management

We think in the long term and want to give our employees the opportunity to work their way up if desired. Internal recruiting and structured career planning are an important foundation for mutual success at KRONEN. An example of this success story: from an apprentice to a master craftsman

Long-standing training experience

Here at KRONEN, we have been training apprentices in house for more than 20 years and offer high-quality apprenticeship positions. The success of this approach is clearly demonstrated by the achievements and results of our qualified apprentices. Training at KRONEN

Further development and continued education

Annual appraisals held between our employees and their supervisors help us to come together to look back at the year gone by and forward to the year ahead. In these discussions, we identify potential and determine our employees’ continued education needs. We are committed to promoting and supporting our employees and want to develop together.

The 25-Plus Club

The fact that a multitude of our employees have been working for our company for many years underlines the fact that we take our claim to be a good employer very seriously indeed. We thank our employees for their long-standing commitment by awarding them loyalty bonuses. KRONEN employees who have been working at the company for more than 25 years are invited to join our 25-Plus Club, which offers highlights such as group excursions.

Excellent future prospects in a family-run company

"We are an value-oriented company that allows everyone to contribute their own individual strengths. We aim to be a future-oriented, consistent employer,” states Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of KRONEN GmbH. With the concentrated expertise and experience of its five managers, KRONEN is in the perfect position to master the future and handle the wide variety of topics involved in securing the development of the company.

A secure, modern workplace

Here at KRONEN, we invest in innovations and quality and constantly develop our operations and processes. These are just some of the key factors behind our success. We want to provide our employees with a modern working environment in which they can make the most of their abilities and expertise. We are also already working at a high level in terms of digital development.

Commitment & sustainability

KRONEN takes ecological responsibility. As a company, we place value on contributing to a reduction in CO₂ emissions. We also support social, cultural and sports projects, especially those in our local region. Commitment

A success story for more than 45 years

As a family-managed medium-sized company with highly qualified employees and more than 45 years of industry expertise, we are your contact for innovative food technology – on a global level. We our current total of more than 130 employees and representatives in more than 80 countries worldwide, we offer personal support for our customers and deliver our solutions to around 120 different countries.  About KRONEN

What’s important to US at KRONEN

We aim to maintain a cooperative corporate culture in which employees, customers and partners work together as equals. To find out more, you can read about our mission & vision here. And these are our values:

We consider sustainability to mean taking ecological and economic responsibility when developing our solutions, for example with regard to energy and water consumption or the longevity of our machines and systems. For us, sustainability also involves establishing customer relationships on a long-term basis.

The development and success of KRONEN mainly depend on our employees, their individual abilities and potential and their team spirit. We value, use and promote the different strengths of our individual employees, all in line with the motto of “Purposefully using existing potential to tap into new potential”. What’s more, both KRONEN employees and our international representatives are responsible for qualifying our customers so that they can use and operate KRONEN products in the best and most profitable way, for example by running training sessions on servicing and using our machines.

We create a synthesis of products, services and expertise that enables us to meet every customer requirement. When confronted with limits, we find ways to overcome them, even if it means transcending boundaries between countries and cultures.

For us, being innovative is all about precisely understanding our customers’ new demands and using new approaches to find a customer-fit solution. We also consider being innovative to mean using our own resources when working together with our partners in the worlds of research and industry to look for ground-breaking solutions for the processing of fresh produce. In cooperation with our partners, we want to provide our sector with a better, safer future.

As a family company, we place high value on fair play. KRONEN is appreciative, loyal, open-minded and down-to-earth. We consider ourselves to be a partner for our customers and our suppliers, who put their trust in KRONEN, rely on us and expect us to do the same with them. We approach everyone involved in our company, both in-house and in the field, in the same way – working together as equals. When confronted with challenges, we tackle them with an objective and solution-oriented approach. We are a cooperative, committed, reliable and responsible team. All in all, KRONEN is defined by its friendly working atmosphere, fair treatment and culture of dialog.

We take a responsible approach to our staff, our customers and the environment. We strive to always provide our customers with services and machines that are consistently of the highest quality. In addition to function, we also place a strong focus on safety and hygiene. KRONEN keeps its promises. If we make mistakes, we admit to them, correct them as quickly as possible and learn from them. We are driven by our commitment to supporting the production of healthy, fresh foods.

What employees have to say about KRONEN:

Working for an internationally active company with state-of-the-art production is a very diverse experience. I find it exciting to tap into new markets and communicate with other cultures, and I enjoy working with qualified, motivated colleagues with a strong sense of team spirit.
Azizah Schmeiser
Sales, Export Area Manager
I like the variety; every machine at KRONEN is individual. I enjoy new things, being creative and coming up with a solution or developing a concept – as well as getting to work in a super team, too!
Kai Rohrer
Construction, Electrical Designer
I feel connected with KRONEN as part of a highly professional team. I am proud because we get bigger and better every year. What I enjoy most is working on challenging machines or assemblies, which gives me the chance to learn something new every day.
Philipp Wollenbär
Work Preparation, Industrial Mechanic
A lot has changed during my 22 years at KRONEN. I am proud to be involved in such a future-oriented and employee-friendly company. I still love working here and appreciate the work-family balance that is possible in my position.
Sennur Hepting
Construction, Technical Draftswoman
I love working on machines that are used all over the world and I value my cooperation with my colleagues, many of whom have become my friends. Glass bead blasting is indeed strenuous, but I still enjoy it. KRONEN also does a great deal for its employees.
Stephan Münch
Production, Glass Bead Blaster
Sales activities at KRONEN are fun because our flexible and dynamic team is able to find innovative and customer-oriented solutions time and time again. I particularly like the friendly and social atmosphere, the excellent opportunity to take individual responsibility and the trust that the company places in us.
Stefan Köbel
Sales, Export Area Manager
Here at KRONEN, I appreciate the friendly and welcoming setting, the working atmosphere and the flexible working hours. Our customers’ requests pose new challenges for us day after day, and as a result, my work is extremely varied. I really enjoy learning new things every day.
Manuel Fehrenbach
Assembly & Service, Industrial Mechanic
My work at KRONEN is extremely varied and can never be planned – and that’s the way I like it. I also have a fair amount of free rein when it comes to finding and implementing solutions for imminent problems. That’s what I really enjoy doing!
Frank Wickersheim
IT, Manager
I like working with people who interact in a respectful and empathetic manner, especially given that these colleagues know a lot about their job and use their creativity to flexibly and rapidly develop the solutions that enable us to progress as a team.
Bernd Konstanzer
Construction, Designer
I think it’s excellent that the work here is so varied and exciting and takes place in such a pleasant working atmosphere. I also love the internationality and diversity of both our team and our customers. With its Customer Days and trade show appearances, KRONEN also enables us to meet our contacts from all over the globe in person.
Sevdeger Ünler
Sales, Support Specialist
The fact that the company moves with the times and therefore develops prototypes is always an exciting challenge. It feels good to design machines based on our customers’ requests, install them at their facilities, and see them live and in operation. I also like getting to know our customers and their production facilities in person.
Andreas Gelbling
Service, Customer Service Technician
KRONEN quality: Quality We strive to always provide our customers with the highest possible and most consistent quality of services and machines. In addition to the function, the focus is also placed on safety and hygiene.
I like the fact that my work at KRONEN is extremely varied. I find interacting with international delivery companies particularly interesting and I get to work in a super team, which I find extremely important.
Tobias Rose
Logistics, Deputy Logistics Manager
In the thirteen years that I have been working for KRONEN, there have been a number of changes that I wouldn’t want to forgo and that created a strong bond. For me, a positive aspect of my role is that I can influence many areas – that motivates me.
Christian Sälinger
Quality Assurance Officer, DGQ Quality Assurance Specialist
I like the varied work involved in project management, for example in the case of new developments or when it comes to improving internal processes. I accompany a project from the idea to the market launch and therefore come into contact with all departments, which I find particularly exciting.
Benjamin Keske
Project Management
Over the past 32 years, my time at KRONEN has never been boring. I tackle new challenges and learn something new every day. When working with employees, customers and partners, it feels like we’re one big family, which offers plenty of creative scope.
Gunter Herbert
Head of Customer Service

Friendly, responsible and innovative. Does that sound like you? We look forward to hearing from you.

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