At KRONEN, we take ecological responsibility and promote social and cultural projects, particularly in our home region.
KRONEN commitment: At KRONEN, we take ecological responsibility and promote social and cultural projects, particularly in our home region.

We act responsibly

We assume responsibility: towards our employees and customers, and also for the environment. It is important for us as a company to make our contribution to reducing CO² emissions. Our solar system, installed in 2016 and expanded in 2022, can generate a peak of 200 kW. This enables us to generate a large part of the electricity we consume ourselves.

In 2018, the first charging points were set up where, in addition to the first e-company car, employees' e-vehicles can be charged. For us, sustainability or course also means keeping energy and water consumption in mind as well as the durability of our machines and systems when developing our solutions. 

Cooperations and sponsorships

In addition, we support social, sports and cultural projects in the region. After all, they make our society, and thus our lives, a little bit better and more pleasant. In addition to our daily business, this is our contribution to a better future in which people treat one other in a responsible manner.

SOS-Kinderdorf: Donations have a long tradition at KRONEN

Due to our family values and the bond with our homeland, we have been supporting the SOS Kinderdorf Schwarzwald in Sulzburg for more than 20 years. With our donation, we help children and adolescents with a difficult start in life who have a future perspective in the SOS Kinderdorf in our region thanks to individual care and encouragement.

More information about the SOS Kinderdorf Schwarzwald

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Support for sports clubs and other associations in the Ortenau region

By means of our donations and sponsorships, we regularly support  sports clubs and other non-profit organizations or events in our region that are associated with our employees in order to maintain the diversity of the offers available.

School fruit project: fruit for kindergarten children

We have been involved in the school fruit project for several years: We sponsor three kindergartens in Kehl, which receive regular deliveries of fresh fruit for the children  within the scope of the project - so that every child in the kindergarten gets delicious and healthy fruit.

More information on the school fruit project

Cultural sponsorship: Partner Musik ohne Grenzen

Even before the pandemic, we were sponsoring creative artists from the region and continue to do so. Therefore, we are an official partner of Musik ohne Grenzenin 2022/2023.

Cooperation for further processing of surplus food from the supply chain

KRONEN, its partner enterprises and the foodtech company are committed to resource and climate protection with their cooperation, which has existed since February 2022. Any surplus fresh and high quality goods are made available to food processing companies. In this way, supply chain actors cooperate to reduce food waste. The processing companies benefit from reduced purchase prices for tasty fruits and vegetables, making their businesses and products more sustainable.

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