HEWA washing machines

Our HEWA models are washing machines for lettuce, vegetables, herbs, fruit and other foods and boast an optimal hygienic design. Their design ensures maximum hygiene and easy cleaning, for example the fact that the machines have no horizontal surfaces whatsoever, thus allowing the water to optimally discharge and avoiding the formation of biofilm. What’s more, the machines can also be easily dismantled for fast and thorough cleaning. 

Like their predecessor models, the GEWA PLUS washing machines, the HEWA models use the innovative HELICAL washing system and offer a flexible range of accessories and attachments. They are used for the continuous, gentle and effective pre-washing, washing, disinfection, mixing, treatment and rinsing of products such as lettuce, fruit and vegetables. All of the machines can be integrated into processing lines.  

Washing solutions for high capacities

For higher capacities of up to 5,000 kg per hour, KRONEN offers its GEWA PLUS washing machines, which can also be flexibly used for pre-washing and washing products such as lettuce, vegetables, herbs and fruit. HEWA machines for higher capacities are currently being developed.

GEWA PLUS washing machines


Complete lines from a single source

KRONEN is also a reliable partner when it comes to creating automated processing lines. With a high level of planning and consulting expertise, the company provides the right solution for every customer requirement. KRONEN offers complete lines from a single source and integrates suitable machines from partners as required. 

Processing lines for lettuce, fruit & vegetables

SMART Solutions for intelligent, networked production

With the SMART option, KRONEN makes communication-enabled machines and processing lines possible. Wherever production managers, technicians or supervisors may be, they can check the production status of the machine or line on their laptop or mobile device at any time. The collected data can be used to make production processes even more transparent and efficient, for example in terms of productivity, flexibility, quality and safety. Do you have any special requirements? We can develop an individual, custom-fit solution especially for you.

SMART Solutions