We focus on long-term customers relationships. 100% quality is our claim: for our solutions and for our customer service. Our customer service offers fast and comprehensive support.
KRONEN Customer Services: comprehensive service

Qualified service, internationally available

Direct, personal contact cannot be replaced even by the most modern technology. With service personnel trained to a high standard, we ensure the best possible availability and efficiency of your production facilities. 

Competent contact partners are always available in your vicinity and can be reached quickly. A network of KRONEN representatives in over 80 countries worldwide is at your disposal, guaranteeing comprehensive service .

Our services

KRONEN Customer Services: consultation and planning

Our systems are characterized by a high performance and long life service . During their use, however, the customers’ wishes change and with them the demands on our machines. In order to adapt or maintain your equipment at the optimum level for you, we are happy to offer you technical advice and product know-how from our experienced technicians and food technologists.

KRONEN Customer Services: start-up

With professional commissioning, the foundations are laid for optimum use and a long service life of the machine. Even if you have good technical competence in your own company, it is advantageous to have an experienced specialist by your side, especially before and during the first hours of operation.

They will help you to avoid initial errors, answer questions of the operating and maintenance personnel, explain how to handle the technical documentation and show what to consider when ordering spare parts. The support of a service technician is also always recommended for recommissioning after overhauls, conversions or longer downtimes.

KRONEN Customer Services: maintenance and repairs

The implementation of our maintenance recommendations forms the basis for a long service life of the machines and the achievement of as many trouble-free production years as possible. We are happy to assist you, whether it is just about the supply of spare parts, the performance of maintenance together with your or a full service regulated by the service contract .

With our flexible maintenance concept, we can adapt to your requirements . Through the integration of service partners, we are able to react to your needs at short notice .

KRONEN Customer Services: spare parts service

The fast supply of spare parts is crucial for ensuring your production. We keep over 80% of the parts you need in stock so that we can deliver them to any place in the world at any time.

However, it is usually the customized parts that can cause interruptions in production. Together with you, we analyze these parts and make suggestions for smart stocking. Efficient logistics partners support us in getting well over 5000 deliveries a year to our customers as quickly as possible.

KRONEN Customer Services: technical documentation

Our technical documentation is essential for the safe operation of the machines. If you are missing any technical documentation, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with the preparation of a new copy.

Contact partners

Absolutely customer orientated, absolutely reliable

At KRONEN, we are here for you personally - in Germany and around the globe. We also see it as our responsibility to qualify our customers so that they can use and operate KRONEN products optimally and profitably, which is why we also offer service and user training.