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06.10.2023 -  Press
Press article: Customer Days at Kronen GmbH

With 110 customers and 70 representatives from 34 countries, Kronen GmbH celebrated its successes and long-standing partnerships at the Customer Days. 

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02.08.2023 -  Press
Press article: Fair, organic and sustainable
Asia and Middle East Food Trade online

With the aim of providing a smallholders’ cooperative in the Ugandan sub-county of Kangulumira with future prospects, a fair income and a sustainable increase in prosperity, the Austrian company Twiga Sun Fruits GmbH recently launched a project for the production of solar-dried pineapple: organic, fair and meeting European quality standards. 

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05.07.2023 -  Press
Press article: French lettuce cultivator Voie Verte benefits from new Kronen washing line
Produce Processing online

"French company Voie Verte, which specializes in lettuce cultivation and sales, has installed a new washing line from Kronen to help optimize production."

06.06.2023 -  Press
Press article: German machine manufacturer to host in-person showcase of fresh produce machinery
Freshplaza online, 06.06.2023

"After the last Customer Day in 2021 had to take place solely online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kronen GmbH is inviting customers and interested parties to experience the event in person again this autumn at its headquarters in Kehl am Rhein, Germany."

08.03.2023 -  Press
Press article: Kronen achieves historic €19.4 milllion sales record in 2022
Freshplaza online

"For the previous business year, Kronen has recorded a sales record of €19.4 million euros. It achieved this despite the fact that the general global circumstances are anything but easy following the Covid-19 pandemic and in the light of rising costs and challenging supply chains."

14.02.2023 -  Press
Press article: KRONEN presents its KUJ HC-220 cutter and launches its new website at Fruit Logistica
Potato Pro online

"At this year’s Fruit Logistica 2023 trade show, KRONEN unveiled its latest highlight: the KUJ HC-220 cube, strip & slice cutting machine. This new solution was presented to the global industry for the first time at the event in Berlin. It can process fruit, vegetables and other foods with a high capacity of up to 8,000 kg per hour."

07.02.2023 -  Press
Press article: New HEWA 3800 washing machine
Freshplaza online

"This year, KRONEN GmbH will present a variety of new products and well-established solutions for processing salad leaves, fruit, and vegetables at the Fruit Logistica 2023 trade show. The machine manufacturer will showcase products such as its new HEWA 3800 HELICAL washing machine, which has been optimized in terms of hygiene and rapid cleaning."

23.01.2023 -  Press
Press article: Starting a processing line
Produce Processing

"Washing, slicing, dicing, chopping and peeling are just some terms that come to mind when talking about frozen and fresh produce processing. Buto do you knwo how to start and what you need to do before you chop, dice and slice. We spoke with produce specialists from Kronen..."

09.12.2022 -  Press
Press article: Processing center for thousands of meals for the Santander Group City
Asia and Middle East Food Trade online

"A sustainable food service concept and new processing center for the production of thousands of meals for the Santander Group City in Madrid -Healthier, fresher, and more regional: Sodexo provides the employees of the Santander Group with meals prepared on-site using fresh ingredients. The new food service concept does away with frozen and convenience products to the greatest possible extent."

29.11.2022 -  Press
Press article: KRONEN expands solar plant for freshproduce processing
Produce Processing online

"The plant was already installed back in 2016 and was expanded in August 2022. The expansion enables KRONEN GmbH to meet a substantial proportion of the power requirements for its sites in Kehl-Goldscheuer and Achern itself.

The new additional panels were installed on the roof of the company’s building in Kehl in the summer. The building includes part of KRONEN headquarters, which is home to both its administration department and the production activities for the food machines that KRONEN manufactures itself and delivers to around 120 countries worldwide."