Machines for preparation

A wide range of product-specific solutions enables the preparation of fruit and vegetables for further processing steps by removing roots, cores or seeds, or by splitting products.

MULTICORER grid cutter for coring and cutting salad, cabbage, bell peppers
Preparing, Cutting
Multicorer (4B/2B)
The Multicorer for the automated coring of large quantities of lettuce, cabbage and other products with a maximum diameter of 240 mm considerably reduces the personnel requirement in preparation.
  • up to 2,400 pieces/h
  • Semi automatic
Bell pepper de-coring and segmenting machine for the semi-automatic, cost-saving preparation of bell peppers with a high capacity and quality – from KRONEN’s partner Hitec Food Systems
Preparing, Cutting
PDS4L pepper coring and dividing machine
Ideal for the effective preparation of peppers – with high-quality results and a minimal personnel requirement. The semi-automatic, compact machine is optimized for coring and halving or quartering bell peppers.
  • Capacity from 3,100 to 3,360 pieces/h
  • Semi automatic
The water bunker belt from KRONEN precleans potatoes and other types of tuber vegetables and transports them automatically via a sloped conveyor for transfer to the peeling machines
Peeling, Preparing, Facilitate
Water bunker belt
The water bunker belt is ideal for pre-cleaning unpeeled potatoes and all types of tuber vegetables and for automatic transferring them to the downstream peeling machines.
  • Capacity from 500 kg to 1500 kg/h
The sturdy cabbage stem corer KSB-2 from KRONEN is ideal for the professional stem removal from whole cabbage heads.
Preparing, Cutting
KSB-2 cabbage corer
Cabbage processing made easy – the KSB-2 cores up to 600 cabbages per hour precisely and quickly.
  • up to 2,000 kg/h
  • Semi automatic
Preparing, Cutting
CRC 200 chicory root cutter
A unique machine especially adapted to the shape of chicory for efficient removal of the root with optimal cutting quality. The cutting machine is characterized by its ergonomic design and high level of work safety.
  • up to 4,800 pieces/h
  • Semi automatic
Top and tail machine TT 450 from KRONEN for ideal use in automatic salad preparation – high yield thanks to intelligent cutting technology with a processing capacity of up to 3600 kg per hour.
Preparing, Cutting
TT450 top and tail machine
Ideal for use in automated lettuce processing with a low personnel requirement – the top and tail machine is designed for automatically cutting the stalk and leaf tips of frisée, endive and romaine lettuce
  • up to 3.600 kg/h
  • Semi automatic
The grape destalking machine GDM 35 from KRONEN guarantees the clean and gentle destalking of grapes, cherry tomatoes, kiwi berries and dates
Preparing, Facilitate
GDM 35 grape destemming machine
Gentle and precise removal of grape stems in seconds – the grape destemming machine is ideal for preparing fruit salad.
  • up to 500 kg/h
  • Semi automatic
Manual cutting insert from MST from KRONEN for tabletop attachment, ideal for cutting long vegetable products into segments
Preparing, Cutting
MST manual lengthwise cutting appliance
A threefold cutting appliance for tabletop mounting: for dividing long vegetable products such as cucumbers, zucchini/courgettes, leeks, carrots or smaller aubergines
  • Manual
Manual pineapple top cutter MAK from KRONEN for evenly cutting off the top and tail of the pineapple
Preparing, Cutting
MAK manual pineapple top and tail cutting device
A manual tabletop device for even top and tail removal of pineapple end pieces (blossom and lower end piece).
  • up to 300 pieces/h
  • Manual
Safe, fast cutting of cabbage and melons using the practical cabbage and melon cutter KT-80 from KRONEN
Preparing, Cutting
KT-80 manual cabbage and melon cutter
The KT-80 is a practical tabletop device for the professional processing of cabbages and melons in smaller quantities. Cabbages and melons can be safely and quickly divided into halves, quarters or eighths.
  • Capacity from 60 to 120 cabbages or melons/h
  • Manual