We see ourselves as a think tank that delivers innovative, tailor-made solutions for the benefit of our customers. With this aim in mind, we also work with our partners to research solutions that are completely new to the market.
KRONEN processing/food technology: research and development

The success of our customers counts

For us, being innovative means exactly understanding any new requirements of our customers and finding a customized solution by applying new approaches. For us, being innovative also means working jointly with our partners in research and industry and focusing our energy on finding groundbreaking solutions for processing fresh products.

Our goal is to thus support the business success of our customers and to ensure the production of fresh and healthy food. And we seek to create a better, safer future for our sector together with our partners.

Do you need a customized solution? Our project team is here for you.

Research projects

A comprehensive hygiene concept for food technology

Ever since KRONEN was founded, we have constantly developed our hygiene guidelines and continuously adapted our machines and processing lines according to the findings of the latest technical developments and current research in terms of hygienic design.


#WHAT'S NEW - News & tips about our solutions

We place high value on constant development and progress. At KRONEN, we continuously optimize our solutions in close cooperation with the industry and our project partners. Our online section #WHAT'S NEW provides you with the
latest information on new developments, innovations and advice for our solutions.