Belt cutting machines

Be it for cutting – and in some cases, pulling and grating – salad leaves or lettuce, vegetables, fruit, herbs (e.g. parsley, chives), vegan protein blocks, baked goods (e.g. bread rolls or baguettes) or meat, fish and sausage, the automatic belt cutting machines are multifunctional solutions. Thanks to their large selection of different knives, the belt slicers can be used for a huge variety of different products in food processing and the food industry. The belt cutting machines allow continuous processing of high capacities and are equipped with an infeed belt. They can be used as stand-alone machines or in processing lines.

What’s more, our cutting machines and punching machines offer further application options to meet your needs.

Complete lines from a single source

KRONEN is a reliable partner, even when it comes to implementing automated processing lines. With a high level of planning and consulting expertise, the right solution is implemented for every customer requirement. KRONEN offers complete lines from a single source and integrates suitable machines from partners as required. 

Processing lines for lettuce, fruit & vegetables

SMART Solutions for intelligent, networked production

With the SMART option, KRONEN makes communication-enabled machines and processing lines possible. Wherever production managers, technicians or foremen are located, they can check the production status of the machine or line on their laptop or mobile device at any time. The collected data can be used to make production processes even more transparent and efficient, for example in terms of productivity, flexibility, quality and safety. Do you have any special requirements? We can develop an individual, custom-fit solution for you.

SMART Solutions