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01.06.2021 - News article

New: CRC200 Chicory Root Cutter

Efficient, safe and ergonomic chicory processing:

The CRC200 chicory root cutter was specially developed for the automated processing of chicory. With specific adaptations to the shape of the chicory, the CRC200 ensures efficient and clean removal of the roots, so that the good product and the roots can be discharged separately in one step and the chicory can be packaged directly.

Functionality of the CRC200

The chicory is manually inserted into the product holders on the entry chain and then automatically transported, while remaining in the optimal position, to the subsequent cutting process. After the cut, the separated root falls directly into the waste chute and the chicory as a good product is carried out of the machine on the discharge belt.

The speed of the product entry can be adjusted from 0.05 m / s to 0.11 m / s and allows adaptation to different production requirements. The CRC200 processes chicory with a maximum good product length of 200 mm.

Specialized and easy to use

With a capacity of up to 80 pieces per minute, the CRC200 ensures efficient processing of chicory with optimal cutting quality. The cutting machine is also designed for ergonomic and safe operation and enables thorough and quick cleaning, as the interior is accessible through a hood.

The illustration shows a CRC200 that has been adapted for integration into a customer's existing production line with an elevated structure and a specific product discharge. This machine has been in use successfully for several months and has improved processing capacity and work safety in the customer's production.

Chicory is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy vegetable in France, Belgium, Germany and many other European countries and can be processed all year round thanks to its storage capabilities. The CRC200 is used in companies that store chicory under special conditions and then deliver it to food retailers in packaged form.