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07.11.2023 - News article

November: knives and blades manufactured in house

In addition to our cooperation with our suppliers, our own production activities enable us to further develop our food cutting technology.

Who: Robin Häbe began his apprenticeship as a industrial mechanic at KRONEN in 2017. After successfully completing his vocational training, he moved to our site in Achern, Germany. Here, he specialized in the production of knives and blades and now constantly develops and improves our materials and sharpening techniques to further optimize the cutting results of KRONEN machines. 

Like: “We have acquired our skills and expertise in the manufacturing and processing of knives and blades as a team and now constantly further develop these products based on comprehensive tests with different materials and sharpening techniques. This is what makes this topic so interesting – not only for us, but also for buyers of our cutting machines, because we can better cater to their special requests.”

Some knives are still sourced from suppliers of high-quality products, with which KRONEN actively exchanges constructive ideas and experiences to constantly further develop its cooperation.

Nonetheless, its own improved skills and expertise now enable KRONEN to respond to its customers’ special requirements more flexibly. What’s more, KRONEN also handles service elements: Customers can send their knives to KRONEN to be sharpened in a sustainable process that improves both their performance and lifespan.

“We aim to offer perfect solutions for cutting all kinds of different foods. To achieve this, we have purchased various grinding machines, a laser for marking blades and various testing services to make us fully equipped to guarantee top-quality and reliable knives and blades for our customers.”

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