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05.10.2023 - News article

October: For and with the industry

Customer Day is a special event for KRONEN and the management.

Who: In addition to Rudolf Hans Zillgith, who took over the company 25 years ago, and his son Stephan Zillgith, who became a Managing Director in 2010, Johannes Günther and Eric Lefebvre also joined KRONEN’s Management Board as Management Directors five years ago. With this top management team, KRONEN has consolidated expertise to put itself in a perfect position for the future. 

Like: KRONEN has been organizing its own Customer Day every two years since 2008. Only during the pandemic was the event suspended once and held exclusively online. KRONEN is also, of course, a regular exhibitor at trade shows all over the globe. Nonetheless, being able to welcome the industry, customers and partners from locations worldwide to its own home in person and provide them with an insight into its facilities, methods and projects is very special indeed for KRONEN.

Rudolf Hans Zillgith:
"The fact that more than 100 customers from 37 different countries all over the globe visited our KRONEN headquarters in Kehl am Rhein together with our KRONEN representatives symbolizes the interest in and appreciation of the innovations and technical solutions provided by KRONEN in the fresh-cut industry. This gathering of the fresh-cut world at our KRONEN facility was certainly a stand-out moment of 2023 for both our customers and us as a company. I am delighted that our event was such a huge success and received such excellent feedback and I am proud of the wonderful team that made this possible!"

Stephan Zillgith:
"KRONEN has yet again showcased its best qualities to its customers and sales partners from all over the globe. I would like to thank everyone involved in the event, who put a great deal of effort and commitment into making it such a huge success. We experienced a number of excellent presentations providing practical insights into the industry. Interesting workshops also enabled us to demonstrate our machines in use for various applications to our partners. On Friday, we enjoyed another successful Customer Day featuring live presentations of many large systems, while the industry experts in our forum provided insights into new scientific and research findings. Our evening events proved to be legendary highlights yet again. All in all, I think the event can best be summarized by a statement made by our KRONEN representative Anne from Faitec Finland: “That was the best Customer Day and Sales Meeting ever!."
Johannes Günther:
"Our Customer Day events in 2023 were a tremendous success. More than 180 guests from a huge variety of countries and the presence of our partners at the venue enabled us to provide an intensive communication platform for everyone involved. In addition to a multitude of new and established stand-alone machines, we were also again able to demonstrate our solutions for large processing lines containing a recipe weighing belt, two washing machines and a K850 spin-dryer. The combination of networking (for example a deal concluded between a German customer and a raw produce supplier from Malaysia), an exchange of experiences between customers, interesting expert presentations and the opportunity to discuss individual topics with KRONEN partners was well received by both our customers and partners. This year’s event also outdid our previous events in terms of its smooth and unproblematic organization. I would like to say a huge thank-you to the entire team behind the event."

Eric Lefebvre:
"The Customer Day – our first in-house exhibition for five years – was a successful event. We were able to share ideas and experiences with customers, representatives and research partners. Products and customer-specific applications were tested on stand-alone machines, with demonstrations of processing lines and washing technology proving to be special highlights. Two washing machines in one line and a special washing machine, the RT machine, allow users to control the washing process extremely precisely. Water quality and how we guarantee that it always remains consistent throughout the washing process was also a central topic at the event. After these exciting and interesting days at KRONEN, we are already looking forward to our next event."

Impressions: Customer Day 2023