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30.11.2023 - News article

Video: A processing line for up to 4,000 kg/h of salad leaves and vegetables

KRONEN recently delivered a new system for washing and drying – and now you can see it in action in a video! 

In October, KRONEN delivered a new processing line for salad leaves and vegetables. The system was ordered by a customer from Belgium who wants to use it to process baby leaf lettuce and rocket. 

The line, which contains two GEWA 4000 PLUS HELICAL washing machines with band outfeed and a K850 drying system, can be used to process up to 2,500 kg of iceberg lettuce, up to 700 kg of baby leaf lettuce and up to 600 kg of rocket per hour.  
The system can process a maximum total of 4,000 kg per hour (for example onions or carrot sticks). The integrated K850 large-volume centrifuge even offers a capacity of up to 5,000 kg/h when processing such products. 

The machines in the lines are also fitted with additional options. The GEWA washing machines, for example, feature a water management system that enables central filling and emptying and thus reduces water consumption. The K850 offers volume control to regulate the quantity of product that leaves the washing machine. As a result, the drum is filled evenly and to the fullest possible extent to achieve high performance and an optimal drying degree. The K850 additionally features a regenerative drive system that helps to save energy.