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01.07.2024 - News article

WHAT´S NEW: A new hall at the production site in Kehl

Perfect conditions for the production of high-quality machines with long service lives

The KRONEN site in the German city of Kehl am Rhein recently welcomed the construction of a new hall designed to ensure efficient production processes and the high-quality processing of KRONEN machines. The hall acts as a logistics center between the various stages of work involved in building the machines. It provides a location in which the components and machines can be safely stored away from the elements and arranged in a system for the subsequent stages of work.

As soon as the components and machines have undergone sheet metal forming, they already have their final shape but are still a long way away from becoming the machines supplied to customers. After all, a work step that is essential for the durability  and hygiene of the machines only takes place after the welding work is complete: glass bead blasting. 

Quality and durability thanks to professional surface finishing

This surface treatment method removes any metal residues that may rust and form an oxide layer from the stainless steel. Blasting the machines cleans and  compacts the material on the surface of the stainless steel, which in turn increases its hardness and scratch resistance. This higher resistance to scratching significantly improves the hygiene of the machines because scratches are a potential magnet for germs and dirt, which are then harder to remove during cleaning processes.  

The concept behind the new storage hall optimizes the logistics and production processes involved in the glass bead blasting of the machines.  The machines can be placed in the new hall ready for blasting before being temporarily stored in a protected environment after treatment. This stage is necessary because the surface is particularly sensitive directly after blasting, and the rust-proof passive layer is only formed once the surface has reacted with the oxygen in the air. Once this has occurred, the treated machines and components for subsequent assembly are made available in the hall in an organized system. 

KRONEN’s experience and expertise in surface treatment are also used by other metal-processing companies that do not have their own glass bead blasting facility. These companies rely on KRONEN’s high quality standards and bring their components or machines to be blasted by our qualified employees.

This extended logistics space adds yet another building block to KRONEN’s impressive modern production site in Kehl. With its revised concept, it contributes to the further optimization of the company’s production processes, thus resulting in shorter delivery times and guaranteeing a constantly high processing quality.