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11.01.2024 - Press information
KRONEN: Fruit Logistica 2024
A premiere at the trade show: a fully automatic robotics solution for processing avocados and other types of fruit
KRONEN processing/food technology: research and development

Not all of the new products that KRONEN GmbH will showcase at the Fruit Logistica 2024 in Berlin are going to be revealed in advance. In fact, one world premiere will not be uncovered until its launch at the KRONEN booth on February 7, the first day of the trade show. Nonetheless, the food technology manufacturer has already provided information on the following premieres:  The Robot Avocado Line will be showcased for the first time at at trade show at the event. Another brand-new innovation being presented in Berlin is the MMC 150 melon chunk cutter. Like all other solutions for lettuce, fruit and vegetable processing at the KRONEN booth, these two new products will be demonstrated live in full product-processing operation.

High reliability, temperature independence, maximum hygiene, flexible use and capacity planning are just some of the advantages provided by a fully automatic robotics solution for processing fresh produce. KRONEN developed this robotics solution for processing avocados, namely peeling, halving and pitting them both gently and efficiently. It can, however, also be adapted to process various types of fruit suitable for robotic processing in the middle segment. 

Pit, halve and peel avocados reliably, hygienically and efficiently

The avocados are placed in an inlay tray by an employee. The system then uses its one or more robots to perform the individual processing steps of pitting, halving and peeling the avocados in a fully automated procedure. Finally, another employee checks the product for skin and stone debris and natural damages as it leaves the system. The line can also be optionally extended by adding solutions such as the GS 10-2 belt cutting machine to further the process the avocados by cutting them into chunks or slices.

The system features integrated Stäubli robots with specially treated surfaces for optimal cleaning. The system has its own separate housing and is equipped with remote maintenance technology, allowing users to make the most of rapid, direct support from the KRONEN service team. 

The number of robots can be adjusted to increase or decrease its capacity as required, with one robot able to process up to 400 avocados per hour, two robots processing up to 800 avocados per hour and three robots handling up to 1,000 avocados per  hour. Furthermore, a wide variety of additions can also be introduced to further extend the line. To be suitable for processing, the avocados must have a degree of ripeness that corresponds with a pressure value of 0.2 N/mm² to 0.8N/mm² (hardness measured with a penetrometer).

Bite-sized melon chunks: cut cleanly in a flash

The manual melon chunk cutter enables users to cut fresh melon into bite-size chunks in a quick and easy process. The MMC 150 can cut melons up to 150 mm in diameter and up to 200 mm long. Beforehand, the melon needs to be peeled, halved and deseeded. The machine comes with a dividing insert for six and eight segments. It is a tabletop device able to process up to 360 melons per hour.

First, the prepared melon is placed on the machine plate. When the lever is pulled down, the melon is cut into even slices that are 15 or 20 mm thick. In the next step, the melon slices are fed through a dividing insert with the help of a pusher. The result: perfectly cut melon chunks that are ideal for use in fruit salads or as melon snacks packed in portions. For fruit processors, the MMC 150 represents the perfect addition to the MPC 100 manual pineapple chunk cutter, which was first presented in 2023.

Tailor-made machines for lettuce, fruit and vegetable processing

In addition to its innovations, KRONEN will also yet again demonstrate a multitude of well-established machines live and in full product-processing operation at this year’s Fruit Logistica. At the event, the KRONEN booth will be run by an international team together with KRONEN representatives, providing support and advice for interested visitors from all over the globe.

“Here at KRONEN, we are committed to continuously learning, making progress and developing new innovations to meet the needs of the industry and our customers. We will therefore be presenting more innovative solutions in 2024. A special highlight is sure to be the avocado robot solution, and another impressive solution will celebrate its premiere at our booth on the first day of the event – so it’s definitely well worth paying us a visit,” declares Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of KRONEN. “Furthermore, a multitude of machines from our portfolio that are already being used successfully around the world will also be presented at the event. All of these systems have been optimized for their respective applications and are therefore tailor-made to guarantee maximum quality and hygiene in processing activities.”

  • HEWA 3800 Washing machine
  • GS10-2 and GS 20 belt cutting machines
  • KUJ-HC 220 and KUJ V cube, strip & slice cutting machines
  • AS6 and AS4 apple peeling and slicing machines
  • MINI, FLEX M and FLEX L packaging machines
  • MPC 100 manual pineapple chunk cutter
  • S021 vegetable spiral cutting machine
  • PDS4L pepper coring and segmenting machine
  • UVC Lock disinfection lock
  • KS100 Plus and KS7 Eco lettuce and vegetable spin-dryers

Visit us at the Fruit Logistica: at stand A-20 in the new Hall 1.1!


KRONEN is a family-managed globally operating producer and supplier of stand-alone machines, special-purpose machines and high-tech processing facilities for the fresh-cut industry. The product program of KRONEN and its partners covers fruit, vegetable and salad leaf processing: from preparing, cutting, washing, drying, dewatering, peeling and sterilizing right through to packaging. KRONEN additionally offers technical solutions for meat and fish, baked goods, ready meals, dried and frozen products, and pet food.
The company, which is based in the German town of Kehl am Rhein and has a second production site in the nearby town of Achern, currently employs more than 130 members of staff, has representatives in over 80 countries worldwide, and supplies its products to more than 120 nations all over the globe.
With more than 40 years of experience in food technology, KRONEN preserves traditional values such as quality awareness and relies on a sustainable, holistic approach for the hygienic and reliable production of healthy food. KRONEN considers itself to be a think tank that provides innovative solutions to benefit its customers and meet all their needs. It guarantees top-quality advice and planning expertise in close cooperation with the industry and research establishments.

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