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DECONWA Prep decontamination and washing system

The DECONWA Prep prepares whole fruit and vegetables for further processing by means of wet decontamination. The germ load on product surfaces is reduced by hygienizing additives in the wash water.

The decontamination and washing system DECONWA Prep is used for the wet decontamination of whole fruits and vegetables.

Your benefits

  • Optimal hygiene by reducing cross-contamination
  • Controlled retention time in the wash tank
  • Suitable for a variety of sinking and floating products with diameters from 20 to 400 mm
  • Automatic product outfeed by means of a link belt

Product groups


Decontamination of whole products with a guaranteed retention time

The DECONWA Prep is used to reduce the germ, virus and bacterial load on the surface of whole fruit and vegetables. For this purpose, hygienizing additives such as chlorine or peracetic acid are introduced into the wash water. The wet decontamination prepares the raw products for further processing. The cross-contamination of products with each other, as well as during peeling or cutting, is reduced and the shelf life is improved. 
During transfer from low-care to high-care production areas, the DECONWA Prep ensures optimal hygiene right from the start of processing.

The construction of the machine is compact and has a low filling height and a small footprint. It can be adjusted to suit different products and production requirements by means of various settings and options.
The capacity depends on various factors – for example, approximately 1,000 kg of apples can be processed per hour with a cycle time of 4.5 minutes (1.5 minutes for filling, 30 seconds retention time and 2.5 minutes for discharge). 

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DECONWA Prep - treatment of whole products
The KRONEN washing and decontamination system DECONWA Prep ensures optimal hygiene right at the start of processing whole fruits and vegetables through a washing process. The video shows the process using different products - floating and non-floating - such as melons, pineapples or avocado.
DECONWA Prep washing and decontamination system
The KRONEN DECONWA Prep prepares whole fruits and vegetables, for example apples as shown in the video, for further processing via a washing process. The bacterial load on the product surface is reduced by washing the product with fresh water with the addition of hygienizing additives as required.
DECONWA Prep washing machine for disinfecting whole fruits and vegetables such as apples
The KRONEN DECONWA Prep prepares whole fruits and vegetables for further processing through a washing process, as shown here in the video using apples as an example. The microbial load on the product surface is reduced by washing with fresh water with the addition of hygienizing additives as required. More information at: https://www.kronen.eu/de/maschinen/deconwa-prep


KRONEN benefits

Intelligent flow control for adjustment to sinking or floating products

The flow behavior in the wash tank is controlled via a flexible baffle plate. When floating products are processed, it is inserted into the wash tank and provides propulsion on the water surface in the wash tank so that the products there float in the direction of the outfeed belt.
The use of the baffle plate is not necessary for the washing process of heavier, sinking products. The water flow in the lower part of the wash tank transports the settled products.

The separate control of the discharge belt ensures high work safety.

High degree of safety due to separate operation of the outfeed belt

The DECONWA Prep is ideal for use as a link between low-care and high-care production areas. To ensure the safety of the employees in the spatially separated production areas, it is equipped with a separate control of the outfeed conveyor, which can be used as necessary.

In the case of floating products, the integrated rain spray and the optional air system of the DECONWA Prep ensure that the whole product surface comes into contact with the washing water.

Rain shower with flexible placement

The integrated rain shower ensures that even light products floating on the surface come into full contact with the wash water and the hygienizing additives contained. A sliding strainer is placed underneath the water supply, enabling adjustment to suit different product sizes. The staggered arrangement of the holes in the strainer guarantees complete sprinkling of the wash tank area below.

KRONEN benefits

Fresh water shower at the product outfeed

The fresh water shower above the product discharge conveyor ensures that any possible residues of hygienizing additives are sprayed off the washed products. At the same time, the wash tank is constantly refilled.

Whole products such as melons can be disinfected using the DECONWA Prep.

Easy cleaning

The provided suspension elements for removable parts such as the baffle plate, the rain shower strainer and the fresh water shower make the washing machine easier to clean by increasing accessibility to the inside of the machine.


The control for the dwell time can be hung on the edge of the wash tank.
Retention time control for reliable decontamination

An additional control unit enables a batch-wise washing process (batch process) with individually adjustable retention times. Here, the products are filled into the wash tank and the program is started after setting the desired retention time. After the set washing time has elapsed, the outfeed belt starts automatically. When the belt comes to a stop, the machine is ready for the next batch.
Thanks to the flexibly adjustable retention time, it is ensured that the products in the wash tank achieve the desired contact time with the wash water.

The pipes of the air system in the wash tank of the DECONWA Prep.
Air system for increased turbulence in the wash tank

The air system generates air bubbles in the wash tank by means of a blower through a pipe system with a large number of perforations. The intensity is adjustable, thus increasing the movement in the wash water and supporting the complete wetting of the products. As a result, in the case of floating products, the system supports the rain shower in ensuring that the entire product surface comes into contact with the wash water. 

KRONEN accessories
Measuring and dosing system for a constant concentration of washing additives

The measuring and dosing system continuously measures the condition of the water and doses the required washing additives in the respectively desired quantity so that the dosing and quality of the wash water remains constant.

The DECONWA Prep can be equipped with wheels for flexible use .
Mobile version

The mobile version of the DECONWA Prep ensures easy mobility for use in different locations. The machine can be easily moved for cleaning purposes, presenting a solution for the transfer from low-care to high-care production areas.

Wet disinfection

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 2.9 kW
Voltage 3~400 V N/PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Water Fresh water connection 2 x 3/4 inch (GEKA coupling)
Water drainage 2 x 2"
Total volumes 885 l
Dimensions LxWxH 3399 x 1178 x 1559 mm
Weight 390 kg
Infeed/placement height 887 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 979 mm
Belt width 550 mm
Miscellaneous kg per batch approx. 70 kg (apples)
Belt speed 0.05 m/s
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

Machine illustrations can include special accessories.