Peeling, Preparing, Cutting

HGW manual grid cutter

Many different cutting inserts are available for the HGW manual grid cutter for cutting and coring fruit and vegetables. A multitude of special punching forms are also available (e.g. decorative shape inserts).

600 cuts/hMax. capacity
Manual grid, dividing and cutting machine HGW for cutting, peeling and form cutting fruit and vegetables

Your benefits

  • Simple operation
  • Versatile use due to a large selection of grid cutting inserts
  • Low-maintenance machine with a robust stainless steel design
  • Quick cleaning due to an open design

Product groups


Versatile application options and particularly user-friendly

The HGW manual grid cutter can be adapted for the processing of different products thanks to the wide range of grid cutting inserts available. It is suitable for various application options and cuts, peels, punches and cores fruit, vegetables and lettuce. In addition to the standard cutting types – slices, cubes, sticks, chunks or segments – many inserts are also available for special punching forms such as corers for cabbage or peppers, corers for kiwis or cauliflowers and mango corers. With the inserts for cutting to length, peeling, coring and slicing, a wide variety of products such as pineapple or cabbage are processed efficiently. Inserts are also available for special cuts such as diamonds, boats and disks in various sizes. as well as decorative shapes (stars, hearts and many more). 

The product to be processed is positioned manually on the mounted knife. By operating the lever, the product is cut into the corresponding shape according to the knife used. The cut product falls down – either into a prepared container or onto an optionally available conveyor belt.

In the standard version, the HGW is a tabletop device; a mobile base frame is optionally available.

The HGW is particularly easy to operate, quick to clean and requires no maintenance at all, which makes it particularly user-friendly.

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KRONEN benefits

Flexibly adjustable to process different products

Thanks to the adjustable height and the variety of grid cutting inserts, the HGW can process a wide range of products with different punching forms. In addition to the standard types of cuts, many special punching forms, including customer-specific designs, are available.

KRONEN benefits

Quick change of product or cutting form

Cleaning of the HGW and changing the inserts can be carried out very quickly. No additional tools are required to replace the knife insert, pusher and pusher plate.


The mobile base frame ensures greater mobility of the cutting machine.
Mobile base frame for mobility and flexibility

A stable base is a prerequisite for the safe and optimal operation of the HGW. The mobile stainless steel base frame also simplifies the flexible use of the machine and the cleaning of the work areas. 

Every cutting insert consists of a knife insert including insert plate and ram including ram plate.
More than 200 different grid cutting inserts

The HGW is suitable for a wide range of products and cutting shapes due to a large selection of grid cutting inserts. The inserts consist of several components such as the knife insert including the insert plate and the pusher including the pusher plate. Cutting inserts can be made in individual shapes according to a template for customers on request.

A discharge belt guarantees continuous transport of the cut products out of the machine.
Mobile conveyor belt for the continuous discharge of cut products

The conveyor belt ensures the continuous discharge of cut products, which can then be further processed or packaged. The conveyor belt including the control cabinet is available with fixed or infinitely variable speed and with a standard length of 1,500 or 2,000 mm (individual lengths and widths available on request). Other product chutes or conveyor belts for fixed installation are also available.  

The stand allows for easy storage of the cutting inserts.
Accessory storage stand

Knife inserts and pushers are stored clearly and safely in this stand. The stand is suitable for cutting inserts for products with a diameter of up to 170 mm. 

400 - 600 cuts/h

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Dimensions LxWxH 950 x 900 x 483 mm
Dimensions Weight 36 kg
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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