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11.01.2021 - Communiqués de presse
International demand for special solutions for kosher washing
After successful hybrid product acceptance, KRONEN delivers an additional washing line

There are already several washing lines in use around the world that are specially adapted to the requirements of kosher washing. An additional washing line is now being delivered, whose suitability for kosher washing of salads and other products has been tested in a mixture of online and in-person product inspection.

In recent years, KRONEN has built up an internationally sought-after competence in adapting washing machines and lines to the requirements of kosher washing. The washing machines are suitable for the production of washed kosher lettuce, for example, thanks to specific filtration systems and other special adaptations. The products processed with the washing machines meet the strict criteria for kosher food - compliance with which is checked by rabbis before delivery or commissioning of the machines.

Such a check by rabbis and the product inspection by the customer now took place as a hybrid event due to the current situation. For this purpose, two rabbis were present at KRONEN for a trial run, who checked the raw products processed before and after processing. In addition, the employees of the North American customer and the responsible KRONEN representation as well as the representative from Israel joined via video call so that the KRONEN team could demonstrate the functionality and operation live and answer questions. As part of the product inspection, tests were carried out with all four products to be processed by the customer. The rabbis present checked the raw materials before and after washing to ensure that the washing result meets the requirements of kosher production.

The three GEWA 3800 PLUS washing machines, two of which are equipped with vibration discharge, the middle machine with an immersion belt and all three with air blower and other options, are part of a complete production line. The line is used to cut, wash, spin and pack kale and romaine lettuce, as well as wash, spin and pack rocket and spinach ready for use. Further components of the line are a GS 10-2 belt cutting machine with belt extension, combined with a 4-person trimming table, two KS-100 PLUS vegetable and salad spin-dryers and a UP 350 servo packaging machine with 14-head scales including an infeed belt, platform, outfeed conveyor and turntable.

After these tests, the customer accepted the production line and it is now being delivered to North America. By connecting the employees of the North American customer company via video call, they were able to be informed extensively about the function and operation and also see the function tests live despite the current situation. Both the customer and the KRONEN representations were very satisfied with the way the appointment went, and thanks to the KRONEN team's steadily growing experience with the use of digital formats, details on function and operation could also be conveyed via video without any problems.