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06.06.2023 -  Communiqués de presse
KRONEN Customer Day: September 28 + 29, 2023
Concentrated expertise in processing lettuce, fruit and vegetables – live and on location at KRONEN in Kehl am Rhein.
05.04.2023 -  Communiqués de presse
Interview: A comprehensive hygiene concept for food technology
In this interview, Eric Lefebvre provides an insight into the constant further development of KRONEN’s hygiene concept and how its solutions are adapted based on the findings of new technical developments and current research.
06.03.2023 -  Communiqués de presse
Business Report 2022
KRONEN GmbH achieves a historic sales record in the business year 2022
Messepremiere der Schneidemaschine KUJ HC-220 auf der Fruit Logistica 2023
13.02.2023 -  Communiqués de presse
Fruit Logistica 2023
KRONEN presents its KUJ HC-220 and its new website as world premieres.
09.01.2023 -  Communiqués de presse
KRONEN at Fruit Logistica 2023
This year, KRONEN GmbH will present a variety of new products and well-established solutions for processing salad leaves, fruit and vegetables at the Fruit Logistica 2023 trade show.
Le nouveau centre de transformation de Madrid transforme les produits frais sur place en repas sains
08.12.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
New processing center for the Santander Group City in Madrid
A sustainable food service concept and new processing center for the production of thousands of meals for the Santander Group City in Madrid.
28.11.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
KRONEN expands its solar plant for its production activities in Kehl
The family-run company from the Goldscheuer district of the German town of Kehl has firmly integrated sustainability as one of the core values of its corporate philosophy. In line with this focus, the company recently expanded its solar plant.
GEWA AF et XL de KRONEN : goulotte d'alimentation très efficace qui immerge le produit en douceur et sans contrainte mécanique supplémentaire
06.10.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
Live demonstration: KRONEN presents its new processing line to the fresh-cut industry
A rare special occasion: within the scope of a major order, the company KRONEN is manufacturing four processing lines, one of which was recently demonstrated live to an audience of interested guests invited by KRONEN. et KRONEN travaillent main dans la main pour réduire le gaspillage alimentaire
20.09.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
Cooperation of SPRK.GLOBAL and KRONEN
Further processing of excess food in the supply chain: the cooperation between and KRONEN delivers positive results.
La banque alimentaire « Foodlink » aux États-Unis utilise des coupeuses et un système d'hygiénisation de KRONEN pour transformer ses ingrédients
05.07.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
USER REPORT: Fighting hunger with thousands of meals a day
Foodlink New York relies on KRONEN lines for processing fruit, vegetables and meat.
04.05.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
Review of the Anuga FoodTec 2022
Innovative food processing technology from KRONEN impresses international trade show visitors
11.04.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
Review Fruit Logistica Food 2022
KRONEN AT FRUIT LOGISTICA 2022 – A REVIEW: KRONEN is delighted to attract keen interest in the fresh-cut sector
28.03.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
Business Report: KRONEN GmbH looks back on a successful year 2021
Despite the challenging circumstances, KRONEN GmbH, the globally operating food technology manufacturer based in the German town of Kehl, recorded positive results in the previous business year.
09.03.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
Two Food start-ups use KRONEN machines to process vegetables in the production of Kimchi and other vegetable products
Rising demand is met by increased production capacity: In fermented vegetable products, such as kimchi, lactic acid fermentation makes the processed vegetables last longer and alters their taste.
21.02.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
Anuga Foodtec: KRONEN introduces advanced drying system and its large capacity processing line
LARGE CAPACITY DRYING SYSTEM AND EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES: At this year´s Anuga Foodtec trade fair the KRONEN GmbH stand will be displaying the K650 respectively K850 as part of its extended product range of large centrifuges.
09.02.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
The KRONEN Team is working at full speed to ensure a first-class presentation at Fruit Logistica 2022
LATEST INNOVATIONS LIVE AND IN THE VIRTUAL SHOWROOM:Although Fruit Logistica 2022 is taking place under unusual circumstances, KRONEN are doing everything possible to offer visitors a highly informative, exciting trade fair appearance.
11.01.2022 -  Communiqués de presse
Hygienic washing results due to flexible adjustable retention times und weigh-in function
KRONEN further develops the washing process of whole or halved products using cleaning agents: The washing process is one of the most important areas for ensuring maximum hygiene in food processing.
02.12.2021 -  Communiqués de presse
Research Project “SPLASH”: Successful Testing of New Disinfection Technology
Research Project “SPLASH”: Successful Testing of New Disinfection Technology
15.11.2021 -  Communiqués de presse
Optimum hygiene achieved during processing of carrots, onions and cabbage.
02.09.2021 -  Communiqués de presse
Online Customer Days 2021 – Programme of Events
Choose from 11 workshops in four languages and numerous live machine demonstrations
20.07.2021 -  Communiqués de presse
KRONEN integrates machines into the apple processing line of a fruit producer
Higher capacity and improved product quality
11.06.2021 -  Communiqués de presse
Novelty: The CRC200 Chicory Root Cutter
19.04.2021 -  Communiqués de presse
New: The PDS4L for decoring and cutting bell peppers
PRODUCT INFORMATION - NOVELTY: De-coring and cutting bell peppers with the PDS4L system
03.03.2021 -  Communiqués de presse
New packaging machine MINI
NEW PACKAGING MACHINE MINI: Versatile packaging machine with space saving footprint is optimized for small packages
11.02.2021 -  Communiqués de presse
Business Report in the Corona Year 2020
KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik looks back on an eventful year 2020, increases the vertical range of manufacture with the takeover and uses the year for the ISO 9001 certification
11.01.2021 -  Communiqués de presse
International demand for special solutions for kosher washing
After successful hybrid product acceptance, KRONEN delivers an additional washing line