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11.06.2021 - Communiqués de presse
Novelty: The CRC200 Chicory Root Cutter

With the chicory root cutter CRC200, KRONEN GmbH offers a new type of solution specially developed for processing chicory. The cutting machine removes the root and separates it from the product in just one processing step and with a capacity of up to 80 pieces per minute.

The specific construction adapted to the shape of the chicory enables efficient, automated processing with a clean cutting result. The design of the cutting machine aims at a high level of work safety and ergonomic operation. The interior of the CRC200 is accessible via a large hood, so that easy cleaning and hygiene are ensured.

Operation of the chicory root cutter CRC200
The chicory is manually inserted into the product holders on the entry chain and then automatically transported, while remaining in the optimal position, to the subsequent cutting process. After the cut, the separated root falls directly into the waste chute and the chicory as a good product is carried out of the machine on the discharge belt.

The speed of the product entry is adjustable and enables adaptation to different production requirements with a capacity for processing between 40 to 80 chicories per minute. The CRC200 processes chicory with a maximum length of the good product of 200 mm.

Optionally, the CRC200 can be equipped with nozzles for automatic cleaning of the discharge belt, the entry chain and the knife. The nozzles spray the inside of the machine during the production process. The cutting machine can be supplemented with a waste belt to transport the cut roots.

Benefits of CRC200:

  • High processing capacity: The CRC200 processes up to 4,800 chicories per hour. In just one work step, the root is cut off from the product and discharged separately so that the chicory can then be packaged.
  • Optimal cut quality: The product holders on the entry chain ensure that the chicory is transported to the knife in its fixed position, thus enabling a clean cut.
  • Ergonomics and work safety: When designing the machine, the focus was not only on optimal cutting results and hygiene, but also on ergonomic and safe operation.



Max. size of chicory:

Infeed/outfeed height:

Speed of the infeed chain:

80 pieces / min

Max. length 200 mm
Max. diameter 100 mm

860 mm / 1340 mm

0,04 – 0,11 m/s