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02.09.2021 - Communiqués de presse
Online Customer Days 2021 – Programme of Events
Choose from 11 workshops in four languages and numerous live machine demonstrations

This year due to the ongoing pandemic situation, KRONEN invites you to a purely virtual international Customer Days Event. The comprehensive programme exceeds in variety compared to KRONEN face-to-face Customer Days or trade fair appearances. Indeed, it offers ample scope for interaction and individual one-to-one dialogue. The event is scheduled from 4 to 7 October. Interested parties can choose from 11 video workshops and a wide range of live machine demonstrations. Appointments can be booked online.  Amongst other highlights, a small Fresh-cut processing line will be shown live and in action.

The programme is divided into three main areas: Video workshops followed by a question and answer session, public live machine demonstrations and individual live machine demonstrations tailored to the participant´s specific products and needs in a one-to-one dialogue. New products as well as the popular classic models from the KRONEN portfolio will be presented. Naturally this will be enhanced by expertise and innovative proficiency in processing technology of salad, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, vegan substitute products and baked goods.  Customers can also utilise the individual advice service.

“Having not been able to offer an event for quite some time, we maximized our efforts preparing online Customer Days for October. Our aim is to offer an exciting, interactive programme – something for everyone.” Said Stephan Zillgith, Management Spokesman at KRONEN. “The online format opens up even more new possibilities: We can show many more machines than at any trade fair. And with video workshops we can provide a new kind of offer exhibiting a vast amount of knowledge and in-depth detail for example in exact operation instruction, many benefits, special features and important tips on application, cleaning and maintenance.”

All programme details and dates can be found on the online registration page and programme document. (, below is a selection of the topics.

Selection of workshops

Workshops are offered in German, English, French and Spanish.

  • Simply efficient: bell pepper preparation with the PDS4L
    The PDS4L is a new development for semi-automatic coring and segmenting of bell peppers. When using this machine, the required manpower in the product preparation area can be significantly reduced. Depending on the bell peppers' quality, the yield (good product) is about 85 percent.
  • Washing on a grand scale with the GEWA AF prewash and with the Helical GEWA XL
    With its large-scale washing machines, KRONEN is setting new hygiene standards on the market: The GEWA AF is a pre-wash machine that uses the newly-developed "Active Flume" washing system. The GEWA XL is equipped with a Helix washing system, suited especially for large processing capacities. With the GEWA XL, up to 5 tons of iceberg lettuce can be washed per hour, or up to 3 tons with the GEWA AF. The two machines can be ideally combined in one line.
  • Automated drying process with the K650 centrifugal system
    Fully automatic, efficient and hygienic dewatering of up to 2.8 tons of product per hour: Sliced vegetables and fruit as well as cut lettuce or whole leaves - the K650 processes all of the above on an industrial scale, by means of which it can be optimally integrated into a lettuce and vegetable processing line. Buffer belt for continuous processing, volume control, cleaning mode - the workshop will explain the system in detail and list its capacities and special features.
  • The chicory root cutter CRC200 – efficient, safe & ergonomic)
    New - the CRC200 offers optimal cutting quality, with up to 80 chicory / minute: The newly-developed machine will be shown in a presentation, including its set-up and function. The workshop will show the automated step of cutting and separating the root - which has been specially adapted to processing chicory. However, upon request, the solution can be adapted and used for other elongated products.
  • Maximum flexibility in packing with the new GKS MINI for small package sizes
    For small pack sizes and up to 65 bags per minute: Packaging in small pouch sizes and with frequent product changes - what is important and what is possible? Thanks to its compact design, the GKS MINI is ideal for packaging a wide variety of products in pouches with a width ranging from 40 to 160 mm wide, for example, also ingredients or by-products.
  • Application of robotics in Fresh-cut using avocado, for example (New)
    Pit, peel and halve 400 to 1,000 avocados per hour: KRONEN offers a fully-automated line for avocado processing. For this, a special robotics solution was developed in cooperation with the German Institution for Food Technology: an absolute novelty. It can also be adapted and used for other product varieties. The workshop will demonstrate how the robotic solution works and present its benefits when compared to conventional processing methods.
  • Solutions for hygienization of products and process water with the CITROCIDE® System (New)
    We develop innovations for more food safety: As part of a research project, KRONEN and its partner, Productos Citrosol S.A., from Spain have developed a novel system for the hygienic washing of fruits and vegetables. The goal and result is to provide an alternative to chlorine-based disinfection, while at the same time optimizing the amount of water used. The system is suitable for uncut fruits and vegetables, as well as for the hygienic washing of freshly-cut products. It can also be retrofitted to existing washing machines. This presentation and an animated film will demonstrate its benefits and how it works.

Selection of public live machine demonstrations

The public live machine demonstrations are in English.

  • Machine demonstration small processing line
    Are you new to the fresh-cut business? We will demonstrate a small processing line, from preparation, right up to packaging - live and in operation. Our experts will explain what is important and what you have to bear in mind - and they will answer questions asked by you and the other participants.
  • Machine demonstration GS 10-2 belt cutting machine
    Tried-and-tested a thousand times over, and a real multi-talent: The GS 10-2 cutting machine is optimized for cutting lettuce, fruit, vegetables and herbs, but also meat, fish and sausage, as well as for grating bread, cheese and nuts. It convinces with its perfect cutting quality and functionality - and a maximum capacity of up to 1.5 t/h.
  • Machine demonstration KS salad and vegetable spin-dryers
    With the KS series, KRONEN offers a selection of different, manually-filled spin-dryer models with 40-liter baskets. For example: the KS-100 PLUS, the TOP model among vegetable and lettuce spin-dryers. It is suitable for smaller production quantities of maximum 10 kg of product per spin cycle and is ideal when frequent product changes are required. Up to 900 kg can then be dried per hour (at 10 kg filling and corresponding bulk density).
  • Machine demonstration CP 350 PLUS packaging machine
    Versatile and compact, the CP350 is designed for packing flowing bulk and non-food products. For pack sizes ranging from 75 to 350 mm and a capacity of up to 30 bags per minute, the packaging machine is flexible in both industrial and in small production areas.
  • Machine demonstration KUJ V cube, strip and slice cutting machine
    Precise cuts of even the smallest cubes, sticks and slices - in a single operation, the KUJ V processes vegetables, fruit, cooked or frozen meat, ham or fish. Finest cubes with 3 mm (Brunoise), vegetable rice e.g. from broccoli and cauliflower stalks with 3 x 3 x 5 mm, or fine sticks in 2 mm for dips, soups, sauces, lettuces - these are merely a few examples of applications. It also provides optimum results with sensitive products (such as strawberries, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini or frozen products). Depending on the product and the cut thickness, the capacity ranges from 300 to 3000 kg per hour.


Individual live machine demonstration

The individual live demonstrations are in English but can also be conducted in German on request and subject to availability.

Machines that can be reserved for a 1-to-1 demonstration:

  • Spin-dryer KS-7 ECO
  • Spin-dryer KS-7 Plus
  • Belt de-watering system BDS 3000/800
  • Pepper decoring and cutting system PDS4L
  • Apple peeling and cutting machine AS 6
  • Disinfection lock - UVC-Lock
  • Experiment setup robotics for avocado
  • Salad and delicatessen mixing machine K120
  • Packaging machine CP350
  • Belt cutting machine GS 10-2
  • Belt cutting machine GS 20
  • Manual grid cutter HGW
  • Pneumatic grid cutter PGW
  • Cutting machine TONA-Rapid S145
  • Cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V
  • Washing machine GEWA 3800V Plus
  • Pre-washing machine „Active Flume“ GEWA AF
  • Hygienization system Deconwa Prep
  • Spin-dryer KS-100 Plus

Important Information regarding participation:
The International Online Customer Days will be conducted in English however all workshops are offered in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

On a technical note, the online Customer Days will be transmitted via Microsoft Teams which participants can simply download as an App on to their PC or Smartphone.  Each registered participant then receives an individual link from KRONEN which they simply click on when the respective workshop starts.  So, all that is required is a PC or mobile device, the Teams App and possibly a web camera.

All programme details including online registration are available at

The deadline for registration is 24 September 2021.