DECONWA Prep with belt outfeed

The KRONEN DECONWA Prep prepares whole fruits and vegetables for further processing through a treatment process. The product surface is decontaminated by washing with fresh water with the addition of hygienizing additives as required.

This prevents cross-contamination since no germs are passed on between products and transferred from the product skin to sensitive cut surfaces. Thus the shelf life of end products, such as fruit salad, improves.

As a solution for the transition from "low care" to "high care" production areas, the DECONWA Prep ensures optimal hygiene right at the start of the production process. The DECONWA Prep is generally suitable for all applications in which raw products should be decontaminated before further processing, as e.g. peeling and / or cutting, to avoid cross-contamination.
Different setting options enable easy adaptation to different products and production requirements.

As an ideal introduction to processing raw products, the DECONWA Prep can be optimally complemented with the diverse and proven vegetable and fruit machine range from KRONEN. For example, pineapples and melons can be peeled with the AMS 220 pineapple and melons peeling machine, apples can be peeled, segmented or sliced with the AS 6 apple peeling and cutting machine, and the processed products can then be treated with the KDB 120 dipping bath.


  • Intelligent flow regulation
    DECONWA Prep washing apples

    The flow behavior in the wash tank is controlled via a flexible baffle. When processing floating products, it is placed in the wash tank and provides propulsion on the water surface in the wash tank, so that the products float in the direction of the discharge belt.
    The use of the baffle is not necessary for the washing process of heavier, sinking products. The water flow in the lower area of the wash tank then transports the sunken products.

  • High safety through separate operation of the outfeed belt

    The DECONWA Prep is ideal as a connection between "low care" and "high care" production areas. In order to guarantee the safety of the employees in the spatially divided production areas, the washing machine has a separate control of the discharge belt, which can be used by the employee working on the outfeed belt if required. The employee at the belt can thus e.g. stop the belt regardless of the employee working in the wash tank area.

  • Overhead water shower with flexible placement

    During the washing process, the integrated overhead water shower ensures that even floating products at the surface of the washing tank come fully into contact with washing water and the hygienizing additives it contains. A screen that can be moved sideways is placed under the overhead water shower, making it possible to adapt to different product sizes. In addition, the staggered arrangement of the holes in the screen guarantees complete irrigation of the wash tank area underneath.

  • Fresh water shower at the product outfeed

    The overhead fresh water shower above the product outfeed belt ensures that any disinfectant residuals are sprayed off from the washed products. At the same time, the wash tank is constantly refilled.

  • Easy cleaning

    Due to the provided suspensions for e.g. the baffle plate, the rain shower screen and the fresh water shower, cleaning of the washing machine is simplified since these removable components can be placed on the outer wall of the wash tank which leads to easier accessibility of the machine interior.