10.01.2023 -  News
Fruit Logistica: welcome to KRONEN
This year, KRONEN is yet again showcasing live demonstrations of its machines and solutions in full product-processing operation.
09.01.2023 -  News
January: KRONEN likes vegan
In January, Stefan Köbel, Export Area Manager in Sales, reports on solutions for vegan products.
The manual pineapple chunk cutter MPC 100 is a further development of the manual pineapple slicer
01.12.2022 -  News
NEW PRODUCT: The MPC 100 manual pineapple chunk cutter
Two work steps in one compact tabletop device: This new additional processing solution for pineapple combines two work steps in one compact tabletop device: the new MPC 100 manual pineapple chunk cutter first cuts pineapple cylinders into slices and then cuts these into even chunks in the second step.
The new processing center in Madrid processes the fresh products on site to make healthy meals
01.12.2022 -  News
Freshly prepared, healthy meals for thousands of employees
Sodexo uses KRONEN processing solutions to provide food services for the Santander Group City in Madrid A wide range of healthy meals with freshly prepared ingredients, more sustainable production, and a reduction in costs were the main objectives of the food processing concept center constructed by Sodexo, a globally successful provider of services in areas such as company food service and facility management, which is based at the huge headquarters of the Spanish financial group Santander on the outskirts of Madrid.
Product of the month pumpkin - peeled and unpeeled butternut
01.12.2022 -  News
Product of the month December: Pumpkin
They come in colors ranging from orange, yellow, and green to a grayish blue, white, or even patterned and are available in all kinds of different shapes and sizes: pumpkins and squashes are varied, decorative, and suitable for longer-term storage. The many different edible varieties of pumpkins and squashes can be used to prepare a multitude of dishes.
28.11.2022 -  News
KRONEN expands its solar plant
KRONEN has firmly integrated sustainability as one of the core values of its corporate philosophy.
25.11.2022 -  News
Donation to the SOS Kinderdorf Schwarzwald
Also this year KRONEN supports the SOS Kinderdorf Schwarzwald with a donation.
Start-up for the salad processing line
07.11.2022 -  News
Salad processing as a success factor: a Mexican wholesaler goes into processing
Given the strongly growing demand for cut, ready-to-eat salads in Mexican supermarkets, a salad wholesaler recently decided to join the fresh-cut sector. This was certainly a successful decision: even before going into operation, its new processing line already had plenty to do for several weeks thanks to the multitude of orders already received. The line is now up and running and is able to reliably process up to 700 kilograms of lettuce leaves per hour. Planning for an extension is already underway.
Cut cabbage
01.11.2022 -  News
Product of the Month November: Cabbage
Cabbage is cultivated in many countries all over the world and is a healthy ingredient in all kinds of different cuisines – be it raw, pickled or boiled. Here in Germany, it is best known in its fermented form: as the famous “sauerkraut”. Given its suitability for long-term storage and its long shelf life, pickled or fermented cabbage has been one of the world’s most important vegetables for centuries. In fact, tons upon tons of its leafy heads are still cultivated and processed in many countries all over the globe in the present day.
The KRONEN team explained how the processing line works to visitors
06.10.2022 -  News
Live demonstration: KRONEN presents its new processing line to the fresh-cut industry
Most of the live demonstrations held in September took place on site at KRONEN’s facility in Kehl and welcomed participants from Germany, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, and Poland. What’s more, an online demonstration via a live broadcast was provided for representatives of around 50 companies from Latin America and the USA, who were unable to attend in person.