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16.11.2023 - News article

A presentation at the GDL e.V. Symposium on processing vegan products

On November 17, KRONEN attended the symposium on “Technological aspects of the production of vegetarian and vegan foods” held by the Society of German Food Technologists (GDL e.V.)

At the event, experts from the worlds of research and industry provided fascinating insights into the production, processing and use of vegan foods. In their presentation on the topic of “Vegan meat substitutes – processing and finishing vegan products with KRONEN machines”, Heiko Schönbroich, who supports several customers with vegan product ranges as part of the KRONEN sales team, and KRONEN’s Managing Director Stephan Zillgith shared their wealth of experience in processing vegan products with the help of KRONEN machines. 

KRONEN first began to test its modern-day machines, some of which are also used in the meat and fish industry, several years ago. These tests revealed that various machines from the company’s portfolio, for example its belt cutting machines, washing machines and spin-dryers, are ideal for cutting, washing and spin-drying vegan substitute products. 

Since then, KRONEN has also adapted some solutions especially for processing vegan products made from soy, wheat, peas or mushrooms (protein). As a result, we now offer a diverse range of processing methods, especially for cutting and pulling vegan substitute products.