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01.06.2020 - News article

HOW TO DO JUNE TIP: Changeable GEWA vibration screens for optimized product outfeed

Ideas for your production:

KRONEN TIP - Changeable GEWA vibration screens for optimized product outfeed

Changeable GEWA vibration screens for optimized product outfeed

Aim: Dewatering of the product and separation of undesirable fines from the end product
Machines: GEWA washing machines with vibration outfeed, e.g. GEWA 2600V ECO, GEWA 5000V ECO, GEWA 3800V PLUS, GEWA 4000V PLUS and diverse vibrating tables
Available hole sizes of vibrating outfeed plates (varies with type of machine): 1.5, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12mm round perforation and diverse sizes of square perforation
Result: By choosing the optimal hole size for the respective product, the dewatering capacity and the separation of undesirable byproduct can be improved:

  1. For roughly chopped products or whole leaves, the size of the holes can be increased, whereby fines and water can be removed even better.
  2. For fine cuts, products with fine stems or small product as e.g. chopped cabbage, raisins etc. a smaller size of holes is used to avoid loss of product and to optimize product flow.

Capacity: The capacity varies with the type of machine and processed product
Using the GEWA 3800V PLUS with vibration outfeed, up to e.g. 1.000 kg of white cabbage, 700 kg of iceberg lettuce or 750 kg pepper strips can be processed per hour.
Using the GEWA 5000V PLUS with vibration outfeed, up to e.g. 2.500 kg mixed salad, 2.000 kg Chinese cabbage or 5.000 kg of tomato cubes can be processed per hour.

Basic conditions for the process are:

  • Selection of the size of holes of the vibration plate adapted to the condition of the respective product. For the selection, size of the product or product pieces and delicate elements as stems, which can get caught in the holes or be torn off, need to be considered
  • Examples of suitability of hole sizes: for tomato peppers 12mm, for chopped salad 5mm and for chopped cabbage 3mm
  • Insertion of the respective vibration plate into the vibrating table
  • Easy fixation of the vibration plate using the available tensioners
  • Check if the vibration plates are positioned well by shortly turning on the vibration

Additionally, extended vibration plates are available as retrofits for all GEWA ECO washing machines. For GEWA PLUS, upon ordering the machine, a vibration table extended by 500mm can be ordered optionally.
Such an extension improves the effects of dewatering and pre-sorting and can as well be used to deliver the product from a low care area to a high care area.
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