05.04.2023 - News article

Interview: the further development of KRONEN’s hygiene concept

In this interview, Eric Lefebvre, Technical Manager and Managing Partner, provides an insight into the constant further development of KRONEN’s hygiene concept and how its solutions are adapted based on the findings of new technical developments and current research.

KRONEN processing/food technology: research and development

Eric Lefebvre is KRONEN’s Technical Director and has additionally been a Managing Director since 2018. In his role, he is also responsible for the company’s hygiene strategy and manages a multitude of research projects conducted in close cooperation with universities, research establishments and the industry.

Since when has KRONEN been exploring the topic of hygiene?

Eric Lefebvre: “Hygiene has been an integral part of KRONEN GmbH ever since day one. It is one of the most essential requirements that the machines and systems used for food processing are expected to meet. Our high quality standards not only help our customers using these solutions to ensure the consumer safety of their products but also serve to secure the freshness and long shelf lives of the products processed. We constantly follow the latest developments in terms of technology and science and remain in close contact with relevant experts. In 2017, this led to the establishment of our own hygiene regulations, which specify the special requirements for hygiene processing and hygienic design.”

What are the concrete benefits of hygienic design for food processing companies?

An important aspect that we have continuously optimized is guaranteeing the simple, efficient cleaning and hygienization of our machines. This is where hygienic design plays a decisive role. Another essential factor is good accessibility when cleaning the machines and the option of dismantling parts of the machine. Time plays a central role in the production activities of food processors. We therefore aim to maximally reduce the time and effort involved in cleaning our machines while ensuring optimal, thorough hygiene at the same time.”

Does a hygiene concept provide an advantage in economic terms?

“Of course – if you reduce the cleaning and hygienization cycle, you can also produce more, meaning that you increase the capacities of your machines or lines and in turn improve your performance and yield. In addition to the fact that hygienic, safe food production is an absolute must that needs to be ensured, such factors also make a hygiene concept a clear economic benefit too. On the other hand, the fact that we here at KRONEN can use it to support our customers on a sustained basis gives us a competitive advantage. Our solutions represent high quality and maximum hygiene, which are valued by our customers all over the globe.”