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06.11.2023 - News article

Sharp blades made by KRONEN

KRONEN has made huge progress in the area of knife and blade production over the past five years. We have been manufacturing our own knives and blades since 2018 and have been constantly improving our expertise and quality ever since.

Here at KRONEN, we have invested in modern machines and test equipment to produce the best blades to meet our customers’ needs. We have also increased our amount of stock to guarantee quick and reliable delivery. Despite the challenges currently in place in the procurement market, we are therefore now in a better position than ever before.

KRONEN has not only optimized its own production activities but also established strong partnerships with other knife and blade suppliers. We work in close cooperation with these partners to develop and produce innovative solutions that fulfill your requirements.

Our knife and blade production activities involve an exciting challenge and modern technology that is constantly being further developed. When successfully tackling this challenge, KRONEN uses its knowledge from the past while looking ahead to the future. We are always willing to explore new developments that enable us to offer special knives and blades for our customers’ products.

In addition to production, we also take care of customer service. After all, it is important to sharpen knives and blades to preserve their high performance and long service life. We have been offering this service to our customers in Germany for a number of decades and have constantly improved our sharpening quality thanks to advancements in cutting techniques. In other countries, our representatives handle such tasks depending on the market in question.

Our main aim is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our knives and blades. We are happy to help our customers with their questions and comments at any time – and not only love to receive orders but are also delighted to read your feedback!