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01.10.2021 - News article

SPECIAL Application in October: Washing and preliminary dewatering large quantities of broccoli

Machine type: GEWA 5000 V Plus with extended vibration system


Broccoli is often processed in large quantities e.g. for the frozen food industry. It is important to note that the florets are delicate and very light, i.e. floating product. Thanks to the extended vibratory discharge system of the GEWA 5000 V PLUS it means that on the one hand high level preliminary dewatering can be achieved and on the other a huge amount can be processed. Using the gentle GEWA´s Helical washing system ensures that the product remains intact whilst being thoroughly cleaned. During this process it would be advisable to use an insect removal system with carriers which keeps the broccoli florets under water. In 12 seconds approximately 8 kg of product (large broccoli florets) can be discharged from the washing machine via the extended vibration table and be optimally pre-dewatered (setting at 60 Hz and 70% weight or 50 Hz and 100% weight).

Capacity: approx. up to 2.4 t / per hour.