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01.07.2021 - News article

User report: KRONEN integrates machines into the apple processing line of a fruit producer

Higher capacity and improved product quality:

An apple processing line with a capacity of up to 3000 kg per hour at a fruit producer and sales company from Germany has been composed of perfectly coordinated machines from KRONEN and existing machines. In preparation, the KRONEN project team carried out an intensive coordination process with the company to ensure that product transfers between the machines are coordinated, technical compatibility is ensured and centralized system control is possible.

The installation of the new line enables a significant increase in processing capacity and improves the product safety of the cut products.

The apple processing line consists of five apple peelers, that transfer the apples to a conveyor belt with two belts, the upper belt transporting the good product and the lower belt transporting the waste. This is followed by an inspection belt with pre-vibration including a rain shower for spraying the products. The vibration unit transfers the apples to an inspection belt with adjustable speed, which is designed for five people. Further components of the line are a cutting machine and a KDB dipping bath specially tailored to customer requirements.

In the dipping bath, the dwell time can be adjusted by controlling the belt speed, with which the products run through it. The guaranteed retention time and an optimal mixing ratio of water and washing additive, which is continuously regulated by the measuring and dosing system, were of great importance to the customer. Another criterion was the lowest possible consumption of water and washing additives. For example the dipping bath is fully operational even when the water level is low and thus small amounts of washing additives are used. The post-treatment of the sliced apples in the dipping bath increases the shelf life and quality of the products.

The line also improves the ergonomics for the employees in production, as the workplaces were planned in a way taking ergonomic working heights into account. These optimizations have come in effect since the line was commissioned a few months ago.