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02.11.2021 - News article

UVC-Locks for quick and reliable hygiene

Three processing lines disinfect vegetables at UK customer:

By installing three UVC disinfection locks in processing lines, a customer from the UK ensures optimal hygiene of different vegetables, both unpeeled and peeled, before further processing*.

The three lines have been specially adapted to the processed products: two lines are used for disinfecting unpeeled carrots and peeled onions whereas the third line decontaminates the surface of whole cabbage. The first two lines consist of a bunker conveyor, a horizontal conveyor and a vibration table (to spread the products) which feed the UVC-Lock. The third line consists of a horizontal conveyor and an UVC-lock, as a bunker conveyor and vibration table are not needed for spreading for large products such as cabbage.

All three UVC-Locks have 16 special hybrid tubes, the number of which has been adapted to the requested processing speed and application. They are equipped with the latest UVC technology by KRONEN partner sterilAir ® and enable a highly effective, quick and reliable disinfection. Germs on the product surfaces are killed, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination or premature spoilage of the end product. Neither heat nor undesirable additives are used, which is an important benefit when processing foods.

In the production of the UK coleslaw and ready meals factory, the UVC-Lock lines are used to ensure a hygienic condition of the vegetables before further processing steps such as peeling (for the carrots) and cutting. After the UVC treatment, the disinfected products are discharged directly into the high care area. Thus, each line enables an automatic processing of the vegetables with a capacity of approximately 2000 kg/h of carrots or onions and 3000 kg/h of cabbage.

Here you can find videos of processing carrots, cabbage and onions in the UVC lock lines.

*Use with food depends on the legislation in the country of the user.