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01.02.2024 - News article

WHAT'S NEW: Accessories for the user-friendly cleaning of washing machines

In order to make daily food production operations even more efficient when cleaning KRONEN washing machines, a special cleaning trolley for the lateral fine particle removal drum is now available. One example of how suggestions from the industrial sector are transformed into practical solutions by the KRONEN team.

Hygiene in food production requires thorough cleaning of the machines used for this purpose. As with all KRONEN machines, great importance is attached to the hygienic design of the GEWA and HEWA washing machines, including the easy dismantlement of machine parts for efficient cleaning. On washing machines equipped with a lateral fine particle removal drum, this is disassembled for cleaning. The newly developed cleaning trolley facilitates the cleaning process, as the lateral fine particle removal drum can be optimally transported and cleaned on the trolley. This prevents damage to the fine particle removal drum and prevents it from being placed on unsuitable surfaces such as the floor.  

The optionally available lateral fine particle removal drum makes the GEWA and HEWA washing machines even more effective and ensures the filtration of the circulating wash water: it filters small particles from the water, thus enabling continuous operation without blocking the filter - for optimum washing results for products that foam or contain many small particles.

Inspired by the real challenges that our customers face in the food industry, KRONEN actively focuses on the findings gained from practical experience. The cleaning trolley is a direct result of customer feedback, which has been transformed into a practical solution that simplifies and improves food production processes.